Hellblazer cheating at the eton event

You can see in the video that Lord of the ping spawned in there.

how he spawn on textures?

Lag + Alpha game = Bugs

what not prof

The videos are posted, and lord want admins to take a look. So instead of blaming eachother for stuff that is not part of the original post, wait for @RexXxuS response.

If someone have proof of other players cheating, make a new post.


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Lord in the texture its fact. How he’s get in?

Watch video from start, and you can see he respawned in there.

no say how lord spawn on textures and what he do it on textures ? why he come out ?

Angel you know what you use glith ? and why you dont show what Rex?

Bugs made him spawn in there. And he didn’t go out because he was recording what Hellblazer was doing.

what you lose? 100 rp becouse RED cheating? maybe you forgot what you UT and OPG use to pgdown for put core,

Bug make him spawn in their???

We hqve never done that. If you can prove otherwise feel free to make a ticket.

ok he recording but if he have weapon he kill Hell?

It’s pointless discussing this here @Dr.Dark
This can easily turn into toxic, heated debate & makes RexXxuS’ work harder.
I’d suggest U-T to stop responding.

@Darkside I’m not Russian if you refer to the picture of core. It’s not my picture, I’ve no idea who took it. And apparently it’s unrelated if it wasn’t inside the ground.


Angel who give you picture ?

The player has committed acts prohibited by the rules of the server. This was captured on video. If the player who shot the video in your words was in the textures while shooting the video, did he use it to gain any advantage in combat or he just shot the video?. If you do not have any evidence of illegal actions against you, then do not throw a bunch of words that are worth nothing. This behavior is typical for young children.

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And you guys said playing by rules?

It was (briefly) posted in our ally channel & later reposted in a different channel by U-T member. No idea who originally took the picture (Russian text).

However I’ve seen this happen various times even to myself though, I’m not entirely sure how to replicate this… Probably just a 3rd person view when characters head is close to the ground?

Either way this is all the evidence we have. There is no point to ask further questions (or reply to them) I don’t want to make RexXxuS’ job any harder.

who would talk about breaking the rules. hwat you make sayu about ammo 400 rocket. dont say what you dont know and all questions to ice