Hellblazer cheating at the eton event

@Davian lord in the texture its the fact. Don’t say he go to the texture only for video

You’re lying now friend. you know who do it what screen

The picture is removed from our alliance channel, I have no name to give.
OPG member who posted the picture can tell himself.

Final reply before getting sucked into this argument.
@Darkside I can’t answer on behalf of Lord of the Ping. He didn’t do anything wrong after spawning in textures. I have no reason to assume he would have.

and you dont answered if he have weapon he kill Hell? destroy ammo box or fuel tank?

Angel mess in your discord:). And you make alliance whit the cheaters! You don’t think so

This does not apply to the issue under discussion. All your charges you can outline in a new topic and Rexus adopts decision. And now your team member will have to answer for his actions. Do not try to shift the responsibility from the “sick head to a healthy one”

Davian just stop replying. It’s hopeless. Just wait for Rex to come online.


“ alliance whit the cheaters “ it’s fact! Sv whit 400 ammo from opg , screenshots from alliance, …

I’m still waiting for the punishment for your faction members. but for some reason they have not yet been punished/ You also break the rules in the game like everyone else. I will not forget the fact that you have personal insults on hellblazer and in any incomprehensible situation blame him

And now U-T in texture. :)))

Have much more players and still cheating

  • In the video, the cosmic_d3vil flew around the metropolis under the attack of the hovers and turrets of the base. During this time, he received minimum damage. The explosions of the blocks on the SV are visible, but he was practically unharmed. Used cheat? Something else?
  • You can also see the tactics of UT and OPG - HV glich. They use gatling guns inside blocks. What would cause damage to the internal blocks when gliched? (on 1m 43c)
    Video cosmic_d3vil

Nice examples of whataboutism in this thread, i have to buy new popcorn now. :roll_eyes:

Seriously guys, the ticket system isn’t that hard to understand, is it?

I have one question: you record all event or just this moment? if only this moment, then I have all the assumption that you intentionally through texture and recording

Hello everyone involved in this drama,

Background story:

3 days ago RED guys wrote me in Discord stressful

I was lucky enough to login instantly and saw how @Anubis1 from OPG was inside blocks and killed players from there

He is banned until Eleon fixes any texture / block glitch exploit.

Now I see the same happening from @Konstantin, a RED member. So he is banned as well until these exploits are fixed!

The thing is: yes there are glitches and bugs in Empyrion. Yes you can spawn in blocks. BUT to USE them to KILL other players (or damage the game in any other way) is a shame.

Side note:

  1. to use page down for the core is not illegal. Everyone can do it. I saw someone drilled below the thin bedrock layer almost every day now. It’s a stupid hide and seek game but for Alpha 10, Eleon hopefully take care of my ticket to prevent this stupid page down button.
    I can’t make a rule about it because it would mean someone with godmode power has to check every structure on the server and if it’s placed that way or not. => We don’t have the time and resources to do that.

  2. I repeat: to experience a bug / glitch can happen. But once your greed / anger or what ever takes control over you and you abuse it for your advantage - be it duping resources or damaging other players, you will be punished. U-T just showed the issue, they did not abuse it. If they do, they get also banned.

  3. This ticket is no placeholder for every drama happened between you. Make a separate ticket with proofs and I take care of it.