Help on a couple of pvp elements

Hey guys - me and a few friends have started playing on HWS - massive thanks to the devs/admins for making a server like HWS possible!

So we’ve got a base (with a little help from admins and the police - thanks!) and we’re now ready to have a crack at some pvp and getting (hopefully) some of the resource riches in pvp space.

We’re designing our SVs and obviously don’t expect anyone to gift us some BPs but what would be awesome is some general guidance to help us on our way.

We’ve reviewed loads of resources and tried to learn as much as we can (lag shots/redundancy systems etc) but there’s a couple of things that we’re still unsure on.

Which weapons should we focus on - a full compliment seems a bit useless as we would be unlikely to use all weapon types in a skirmish. Should we focus on kitting our SVs out with homing/plasma/gats?

Also what is generally deemed to be an ‘acceptable’ yaw/roll/pitch and acceleration amount to guide us on how many thrusters/RCS we need (I appreciate this is situational and subjective to play style but just looking for a general steer when hopping into pvp play fields for resource mining and being able to hold our own should we be attacked).

Thanks for reading and any help would be greatly appreciated!

I would use homing rockets, rail and pulse. Only things you can hit reliably with, and if you practice you can cycle through all 3 during their cool down times. There is a new config file coming out though, and it will majorly change PvP so that all weapons will have a use - so be ready!

Nice, thanks for the tips

It also depends on what you’re doing with the ship. I would recommend swapping out rail guns in favor of dumbfire missiles with the current config, in the situation where the enemy ship stops moving, lags for a second etc. Things will change with the new config and based on what I’ve seen so far I’d recommend Pulse, Homing, and rails for that setup, but I also haven’t had a chance to test those changes yet.
As far as pitch/yaw/etc goes it really depends. If you’re planning on fighting on GG you’ll need to design a ship that’s capable of the high gravity and also falls under the restrictions, which means you’re going to have to make sacrifices somewhere. I would suggest a minimum 42 thrust in either going up or forward so you can get off of the planet. Everything else you is up to your playstyle and what you’re willing to sacrifice. More mobility = less armor. More armor = less mobility.

That’s really useful thanks - from the sounds of death zone that is GG we will probably wait til were a little less fresh meat before we head there! Useful info though!

RCS count will depend on the size of the ship. Assuming the recent slim pvp standards, that is a class 1 with 3k blocks max. For that I would recommend no less than 30 RCS, although most people fly with more. Redundancy is important as well. You need to make sure there is no single point of failure for any direction thrusters, fuel tanks, ammo, etc… FYI when fighting with SV’s you can up your DPI on your mouse and get by with a LOT fewer RCS and still have the same maneuverability. Empyrion doesnt really maximize the use of them with standard settings.
If you want a decent example of redundancy, check out the tearcatcher 2. Just updated the blueprint this weekend to take advantage of the current meta.

That’s perfect mate thanks - i’ll get dissecting and learning!