Help Ships gone

My 2 ships ive spend al week on have been deleted for some reason on wipe yesterday named survival ship 1 and warp drive i had them parked in nyo something orbit which at that time still was pve now suddenly pvp not that that matters cause on the site it says they have been deleted. ??? plus that i now spawn only with a constructor and no resources what so ever how am i supossed to start up again even though i shouldnt have to

to start over type cb:restart

there is a pvp / pve rotation so someone might destroyed it. After they destroyed or core replaced hws connect says its deleted for you. Read more here:

Can you provide more information?

  1. what ship ID / name?
  2. Did you mean the weekly wipe of Milky Way?
  3. Did you miss the warnings before about Xerult Orbit? NA Xerult Orbit WIPE!

it was in neytone orbit and yes i meant the weekly wipe for milky way ive parked it away from there didnt see any warnings on neytone and the ship names were SV survivalship 1 and CV Warpdrive