Help with AM: setup

I have read what I could find and tested with the info from some old forum posts. But in the long run I am still unable to get the AM: commands to actually do anything.

AM:info returns a box with just player-am-info in it.
AM:fuel:all:all says thinks for fueling, but nothing of course gets fueled since it can’t seem to find any auto miners

My logs directory for EAH is empty, was hoping there would be something in there to see what the issue may have been. Though I do have the Detailed Logs, Item Exchange Logs, and Connection Logs buttons checked.

Any ideas what else to look at is greatly appreciated.

Except I am asking about the EAH tools, not the HWS server :slight_smile: So in that tool, are you saying that only works then on the HWS server and not on other servers using that tool to admin it?


just one question first about the logs: How is your folder of EAH called. Do you have the Version number in it, like “EmpAdminHelper V 1.x.x”
Not sure, but somehow I have the feeling all those that have NO logs had that fodlername. Maybe thats the reason. If so, let me know then I will check that.

About the Autominer:

So in the Config "Autominer is activated and also sett all the values, ores?

What does he say when you type AM:Info, AM:Buy:xyz (the ore) or AM:Fuel… Can you send a screenshot?

Are you using the lite or full version of the tool.

If you open Functions/features/Autominer does it list you any fuel, ore amounts?

Yes it has the version number in the folder name EmpAdminHelper V01.43.1.0 Full

Yes it is enabled and the values are set only change on mine is rare ore I have set to 1 and costs at 0

Full version

Function/features/autominer shows nothing at all


Ah ok.
Could you change the folder name and take the version out. Does it then create logs? (The tool will work as before, no path has to be changed in the config).

Did you activate the Chatbot?

Could you let me know what the chatbot says, when you type one of the AM commands?

Oh and: Do you have any other mods installed?
Could you check the following folder please: …\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Dedicated Server\Content\Mods

There should be only one folder called “EPM”.
If there are multiple, then we have to look at the other mods. Sometimes they set the default port to EAH port which causes an issue.

Changed the folder name and it is creating logs now

Yes Chatbot is active

When I did the CB:fuel:all:all it said thank you for fueling

I do have other mods installed. ActiveRadar, AdminToolsMod, CommandCrate, SpotGuard, HelpCommand, Inventory Sorting, and VirtualBackpack.

There is only the one EPM folder

Ah ok. fixed the Log thing now.

Ok I think the Mods are the problem. Well you could check, send me the log in the EPM\Log forlder. then I see if the port is the problem.

Di you buy an am before you fueled it? AM:Buy:IR or example. After you buy it it should appear in the Autominer list

Changing the folder name seems to have fixed most things, I can now buy and fuel and they are showing up in the inventory now. Thank you very much.

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