Home spawn option has vanished

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What happened: my respawn option on homebase doesn’t appear anymore when i die. I had it set to my cv on penthouse west, but the option to rerspawn at that spawn point is now greyed out and unavailable
Player(s) with issue: gr0undzero
Server: Eu
Time (cb:time): Write here
Playfield: penthouse west
Structure Name(s): Bc Intervention
Structure ID(s): 28264768
How can we help you now: Can you reset it as my home spawn please

Did you
1 … set something else as home spawn
2 … change the structure to private / faction ?
3 … CSW with that home structure (if it was a CV)

These things can untick the box on a medbay.

For some reason, clone chambers are more reliable. Maybe have both devices on your home spawn

Nothing else was set as home spawn, it was showing when i died until earlier this morning, then was greyed out after my death around 10 am when red killed me

Structure hasn’t been changed since it was built

I’ve never changed server, always been on Eu only

It was the clone chanmber i had set as my spawn, i have both on my cv


I responded to this similar here already:

Yes I’ve a ship nearby, just liked my homespawn being set on the cv for emergency situations so i don’t get stranded

I can’t set your homespawn. I can only warp you.

not sure if it helps any with the bug tracking, but I’m wondering if its related to losing the ‘spawn at closest’ option.

My spawn was set on my cv in another system, I was on a base in another, with no spawn set at it, but could respawn there if killed because of the ‘respawn at closest’ option.
Until this morning any time i died i had the choice of spawn points available.

The only thing that changed was my base being destroyed.

So I’m wondering, is it possible that losing a base with the ‘respawn at nearest’ option on it, is causing not just the ’ respawn at nearest ’ option to be removed, but is also resetting the homespawn option, instead of just removing the nearest option?

Interesting observation! Thanks.

Couldn’t verify my own yet but it must be something weird like that.

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