Homeworld was in PvE but behaving like PvP

Hey Rex,

I left my CV on Homeworld Planet - according to server time it wasn’t 9am (PvP time) and the map shows PvE, but for some reason it behaved like PvP.

I lost a CV, HV, Epic Mini-gun and 4 AM cores due to this glitch.

Hi Ranzeth,

We will look into this and let you know.


Thanks Achilles, it was kind of weird to find your CV taken by an enemy faction during a PvE time :stuck_out_tongue:

Achilles in case it helps, even OCDs behave weird (this was in 5.0 too), like even when Gabriel flipped to PVP on weekends , I could access OCD just fine

I’m pretty sure @lovepack told you it changes at different times… We stumbled upon it and our turrets lit it up. I thought all the home world planets were PVP tbh. XD

It was in PvE at the time as per both the map and the schedule. This was a bug.

Hey Ran,

so two scenarios here:

  1. it would be very suspecious but 9AM was meant for the EU server … on NA it is actually 8 AM… since this is bound to a server restart…

With the next restart all text should be clear stating (EU: 9AM/NA: 8AM)

.2. however I am a bit confused about your screenshots and time announcement… if it was really PvE and you logged back to a PvE planet then no enemy faction but the Large Drone Base Attack which is set on Homeworld could killed you?! No other explanation on PvE normally possible (except from intern faction sabotage)

Hi Rex,

I flew back over in a throwaway SV and was shot down by Op4s mini-gun or cannon turrets. Kash flew by and attacked them and was shot by their turrets as well.

Colin (Op4) even mentions in this thread that they shot at it because their turrets fired on it. So I’m more inclined to think it was Point 1, and some kind of bug with the times.

I at the time of the attack didn’t know home world switched between PVE/PVP. This bug has happened on other servers with experimental test. Ranzeth called out in global that it was PVE and I checked, it actually said PVE but my turrets were still laying waste. A friend of ours told me it switches at certain times so I just continued the attack.

I think part of the NA server problem/confusion is caused by the polls that were originally for 8 AM/8 PM server reset and playfield switch overs was meant for the EST (-5 UTC) timezone. But as of right now the NA server is on EU time (+1 UTC). At least when I do cb:time the sever time appears to be 6 hours ahead of EST.

So instead of the server restarts/playfield switchovers happening at 8 AM/PM EST like everyone was expecting, they are switching over at 2 AM/PM EST (6 hours ahead of the expected time). My suggestion would be to rollback the server time 6 hours or if you are going to keep it on EU time, shift the playfield switchover times up to 4 AM/PM EU time so they line up with the original EST poll times.

Well I thought about it a long time but in the end I wanted to go the road with ONE master clock.
No timezone shifts anymore and you basically know exactly what is going on when you type cb:time. Doing a little 1 Class math is the worst part of it but better for you to be honest than for me rewriting every playfield info, thousands of parts in guides and what not (summer time, winter time…)

So yeah all times you will see are always server times, not local times.
Please get used to it


Although I still don’t really think it makes any sense to have a NA server time set to an EU time zone, that wasn’t the bigger issue I was poorly attempting to communicate.

If you look at the poll you made the times were listed at -5 EST:

So when 8 PM EST rolls around currently, no restart is happening, it is happening at 2 PM EST instead, which was not what was voted on by the poll. If the times were listed as +1 UTC, ppl would probably have voted different I’d guess. At the end of the day, its obviously your prerogative, but I guess I don’t see what was the point of the poll for NA then.

Might I also make a suggestion to add a new chatbot command so ppl can query their current playfield’s rotation like:
cb:nextrotationtime - The current playfield ‘Homeworld’ will reset to PvE (or PvP) in x hours and y minutes.

Might be a suggestion for @Jascha

And sure, a Poll is a poll / democracy, hm!?

But hands down: only for the playfield info text you see on the bottom right I set over 2 days… now I have to sit again 1-2 days only on the PDA and then 1-2 days for the whole guide. I really want to get rid of legacy info and too much overhead.

Maybe a new poll would make sense with server time options!?

Yeah, everyone would have done the same.

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