Hotel System for ECC [reworked:15/SEP]

ya galax city knocked me down to 12 frames. very beautiful tho.

I have made a separated topic to help fix your complains. you can check it out here:

Its still cherry picking to add Zones to a Hotel and nobody needs an overcrowded Playfield on ECC. If 50 People live there, they want to park there. Taking single people out of the tax because they sit in a hotel where they dont even need to step out of the door to do their business, how lazy are you? Its “Empyrion - Galactic Survival” and not “Empyrion - Enjoy the view”…

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  • Overcrowded playfield?
    • Would be the same as suggesting that the playfield should be illegal to have any size CV, or even update the whole playfield to have scalar tax base, paying more expensive each hour cycle for the WHOLE playfield.
    • Anyone already can own, CV class 1.49 parked anywhere in the ECC System by paying (excuse me) a laugh-full cheap system taxes.
  • Taking single people out of tax?
    • What does that even mean? the hotel is paying heavy costs, so their hosted dont need to calculate, and then (again laugh-full cheap playfield costs), so they can focus only their RENT costs, while the owner is paying.
  • Dont need step out of the door to do their business?
    • Why not ? they still need leave the building to do anything else in the game, lots of players who go to EGS HQ
    • No different that anyone already can do again as heaving CV near the zones right now.
    • It is still “Empyrion - Galactic Survival” : you need to work to pay your rent, sides that why is wrong to have the freedom to do what you want in a space game? you can just keep doing what you enjoy best in the game and trade your efforts for profit, i myself hate farming water, i am always buying water from others.
      • Add features to the game, increases reason to continue playing Empyrion and share your enjoyments with any others or either the ones you like, period.
      • PS: I Believe any one has the right to enjoy anything in the game, including the view (either from their bases, ecc structures, rented hotels, and even their vessel windows)
    • The hotels would go been supporting HWS, as managing it as a feature, improving performance in HQ, with less load time.

i think of ecc like a shopping mall. we travel there to do our business, hang out with friends, and leave. we do not live at the mall. there are plenty of pve areas to plant a flag. i just don’t see the point of having ships that only sit and collect digital dust. there is a huge galaxy out there to explore. ecc system is just the central hub that guides us. i remember talk of a 7day wipe of non hws structures that are not for sale. what happened to that plan?


I would say, let this Thread die… Spaw has only 4 votes.