Hotel System for ECC [reworked:15/SEP]

Hello, fellow Space Survivors

I am opening this discussion as a request of help to make a working way to have Hotel Bases in ECC, by developing a fair and solid mechanic and restrictions that would prevent it to be overrun, as well not to pollute the awesomeness view of the masterpiece ECC dream structures.

GOAL: Allow a player to have a Hotel Base on ECC to host one or a group of players in single apartments, so they could share common areas and by doing so saving a lot of space, unnecessary amount of duplicated devices, and make it cost affordable.

  • Restrictions:

    • 1km+ distance between structures, so no other is loaded same time (prevent view pollution)
    • Maximum of 10 Hotels
    • Illegal (/exploit) use of the Hotel Feature to make a base only for yourself or exclusively for your faction, after been reported and revised by the Police, it ll suspend you from your hotel permit for the currently and next season. All faction members might receive the suspension as well.
  • Main Concept:

    • Hotel Permit (Grant a player the right to have 1 base in ECC Planet or ECC Space)
      • Permit Lvl 1 - class size 1 to 6 & up to 4 parking slots = 100M & 10 RP
      • Permit Lvl 2 - class size up to 7 & up to 8 parking slots = 10M & 20 RP
      • Permit Lvl 3 - class size up to 8 & up to 12 parking slots = 15M & 30 RP
      • Permit Lvl 4 - class size up to 9 & up to 16 parking slots = 20M & 40 RP
      • Permit Lvl 5 - class size up to 10 & up to 20 parking slots = 25M & 50 RP
        ##Costs are not so high so it dont screw with the hotel deploy time earlier in season, otherwise would be too late to get anything from rents.
        ##Permit Lvls are wiped per season
  • Suggested Donation Hotel Tuning Features:

    • Hotel Lobby Zone : (grants semi-automatic room rent)

      • hotel:addroom:“room-number”:“room-code”:(d/w/s):“credits cost”
        ##d = daily, w = weekly, s = season
      • hotel:rmvroom:“room-number”
      • hotel:parking:“room-number”
        ##allocates amount of parking slot number to this room, 0 = no free parking
      • hotel:checkin:“room-number”:(d/w/s)
        ##d = daily, w = weekly, s = season
        ##msg: This room XX will cost you “weekly” xxxx credits, are you sure?
        ##msg: Welcome to “hotel-name”, your room numer is XX, and your room code is XXXX, enjoy your staying!
        ##msg: I am sorry this room XX has no “weekly” costs set up, try checkin for daily or season tax?
        ##msg: I am sorry this room XX was already rented by other player, try checkin another room that might be empty?
      • hotel:checkin:“room-number”:(d/w/s):“room-code”
        ##by typing the room code shared from the first who made checkin at end, new friends may join the same room and automatically split it costs.
      • hotel:checkout:“room-number”
        ##msg: Make sure you empty your room before leaving, are you sure?
        ##msg: Your checkout at “hotel-name” is done, good time having you, please come back again!
      • Each hosted player name is saved with checkin command, so his private SV is free from parking fees when parked inside Hotel area (anti grief device zone area ?), if his room have avaiable parking slots, when have multiple players inside same room.
    • HWS Links: (require Lobby) - only work with players who made checkin

      • HWS Bank Link
      • HWS Market Link
      • HWS EGS Link
      • HWS Garage Link
    • Suggest Donation pack/prices:

      • [seasonal] Hotel Lobby Zone = 5.00 €
      • [seasonal] HWS Bank Link = 5.00 €
      • [seasonal] HWS Market Link = 5.00 €
      • [seasonal] HWS EGS Link = 5.00 €
      • [seasonal] HWS Garage Link = 5.00 €
      • [seasonal] AIO Lobby + HWS Links = 20.00 €
      • [Permanent] Hotel Permit Lvl 1 = 20.00 €
      • [seasonal] Hotel Permit full to Lvl 5 = 25.00 €
      • [seasonal] Hotel Permit Keep your lvl = 15.00 €
        ##This is just a suggestion, if this feature(s) comes to HWS, only RexXxuS can know how to set it right.
  • Seasonal Contest Event:
    To promote the top best hotel dealers, who made sweat effort to own and manage a structure in the ECC proudly with the best Performance, Popularity, Beauty, Accessibility and Environment Friendly. Each with only 1 winner.

    • Performance:
      The Owner that host more players in a season run. (rent command record)
    • Popularity:
      The Owner with the more players that visited their Structure (has been touch for more players)
    • Beauty:
      Top 3 (admin/player designers) to judge and give a score for each Hotel.
    • Accessibility:
      Evaluation of how well is the cost of the apartments are affordable. (evaluated by community)
    • Environment Friendly:
      The top Hotel who donate to HWS the highest hidden amount of Bio Fuel. (hotel:fuel:xxx command)
    • Rewards: (applied to next season)
      • Win 1 contest: [seasonal] Hotel Permit to Lvl 2
      • Win 2 contests: [seasonal] Hotel Lobby Zone + All the above
      • Win 3 contests: [seasonal] One HWS Links of your choice (Bank, Market, EGS or Garage) + All the above
      • Win 4 contests: [seasonal] Hotel Permit to Lvl 5 + All the above
      • Win 5 contests: [seasonal] AIO Lobby + HWS Links + All the above
  • Best Critics:
  • Other thoughts:

    • Possible conflict with Penthouse Planet since the Hotel would be even shorter way travel to ECC, even thought it has it owns portal link to EGS HQ.
    • #Hotel
      • in ECC Planet, provides a good support for players from other servers by providing rotation accessibility.
      • in ECC Planet, Less total devices since many players can share at the hotel
      • in EGS HQ Less SV/HV parked near it, hosted players ll be far away in a hotel
      • in EGS HQ Less CV parked near it, mostly CV devices is provided withing the hotel
  • Downsides:

    • Coded Devices
      • Currently you always have to type the code from each device
        even thought you already typed it right once
        game should not asked you the code again, unless the code is changed
      • To improve Hotel automation system , Eleon Devs could add console command that easily help you change and/or request the coded for specific devices or either set a random number trough a command.
        or “random” higher than 0000
      • We need a [Eleon] vote tread to improve this feature of the game.
    • Grifers may attempt to reach public devices inside rooms protected with just coded doors.
    • Even thought it has less visual load lag, having more players in ECC might increase lag from server calculation activity, not sure if it ll be much, since it is not possible to use the drill, i believe crop plots causes lag and should be only used in a hotel as a decoration, still the hotel total limit and the performance version improvement should handle it.
  • Open discussion: please share your ideas, do you have any suggestion as a formula or either restriction that could make this hotel system concept to work ?


My opinion, and it’s just my opinion, is that we’ve already learned how much of an issue it can be with people basically living in ECC and littering vessels all over the place. It can get extremely taxing on the PC’s of people just trying to play the game to the point it causes them to be incapable of playing and get stuck in a crash/timeout loop eventually because it gets so bad.

I do like the idea. It’s been pitched a few times in the past by other members as well. I just feel like it will more than likely end up causing more issues for the majority of players in the long run.

It’s just my opinion. If it can be done without causing lag and other issues for players then I’m all for it.

Well, we already have the Penthouse Planet next to ECC and enough people living at the EGS HQ, we dont need a hotel next to it. People like jon dont care for Tax as long as their Furnaces and Constructors are working 24/7. Also we’ve added the 7-Days timer for despawn to avoid to much Crap at the EGS HQ. I dont think that a hotel is a good Idea.

It’s always a good plan to be busy with creating stuff that ads to the gameplay .
I like this hotel plan , but think there only should be one hotel , at least per playfield or even per server , hotel EU and hotel NA . And somehow i think cross server warp resource dealers could be the ones that will use this hotel function . Hotel lobby could have some connection’s to marketplaces and more ( free wifi :wink: ) . Maybe the hotel manager should be a job like policeman ? Or a dedicated player selected after some selection procedure set up by HWS or votes from community . Players that apply would have to deliver a BP hotel and write there motivation to become the Hotel manager for one season , including Spaw_Morpheus his rules of engagement .
I do not think hotels should be a open function to all players , the risk of grief and abuse is to match to keep it under control , garreth and friends will be to busy chasing criminal hotel managers to do anything else . ( could be fun to watch do :wink: ) .

GG , greets TargeT

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Dear Spaw_Morpheus,
That would be pretty cool as it cannot build foundations in the ECC system, so it would help a lot because if you need something you have ways to do it, and the good thing is that it separates by reputation thus motivating players to increase reputation more and more.

It could work maybe if the hotel was on the Penthouse Planet, just an idea…

For me this is a great idea! Another way for players to be at a bigger part of the game!
Not sure how to make it all work, since players at the given hotell need to be tax free!

Maybe a way to let the hotel owner register addr staright to the admins? This way players and ship will go tax free! Same as owning a penthouse now!

Also… Make the hotels a bit more expensive than the penthouse, and with main admin admission to build it!

I belive there is a way to make this work for the players!

Could always use the Meta planet and not have to charge taxes, because honestly, your “tax scale” would cost far too much. Or, you can try to implement the Hotel on Meta planet, and see how many people use it. The only possible way that the a hotel on ECC would be used, by me personally, would be if it had all the normal zones like the EGS HQ, along with a lot more amenities that aren’t easily available. The biggest issue with the taxation is that I can live on ECC, at the HQ, for the rest of the season and not touch a million credits lost due to the taxes. 1.75 million per day is a lot of money, roughly equaling the tax if I left a 2 Class 7 SV’s and 2 C1 CV’s.

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Great point you have here, thank you for the feedback!
So, what about the big picture of the idea above?:

  • more vessels not parked directly on ECC HQ, but instead at their Hotel far away from the structure so far it is not even loaded on the screen, having even less to load at HQ, also less CVs since the hotel ll provide their CVs device in a shared way, so less total amount of devices.

Thank you so much for your point of view, that is a amazing argument.
If you allow me, i would love to share you my view about the PentHouse Planet:

  • Not so sure, about the admin main goal for this planet, but i think it would be to allow single players to own a massive luxury big bases with astonishing decoration, with a short way travel to ECC Planet, totally free from grief-er, exploiters and EVEN taxes.
  • Hotel System for ECC idea concept is trying to promote a good reason to allow some how a heavily expensive taxable structure, that runs with community sharable areas with very limited expansion space (except ground to the sky #Hotel), for players to have a rotation accessibility with their rented apartments while they are actively running around ECC for too long, or even maybe living there the whole season on compact apartment withing room buddies, and also with the down side to have coded device access.

Thank you for the feedback, by trying to be a little more fair with other players than just have a unique exception allowance, update the main ideas bases on your posted idea:

  • What if we have a limit of 10 Hotels per server and run a Season Contest to know which of them can keep their granted Hotel Permits ?

Thank you for the like. If you have any ideas, add to discussion and try to make as solid as possible (real working without breaking any other feature from the server), since i believe that HWS goal is to be the best server EVER period. So, probably is always open minded for new ideas(maybe as long as they are playable and dont crash the game economy, mechanic, or even previous hws-features, than it could be more close to be real one)

  • About the reputation: some how the Hotel Dealer would have indeed increase a lot his reputation to keep alive from the crushing suggested tax, probably some hotels might not get any profits at all, so if work as stated would be a very risky investment.

Thank you a lot for your feedback.
Not sure if it is possible, but not to bee too much over power:

  • What about if the registered hosted players at the hotel could be free from taxes for one SV, as long as they are parked withing 1km or closer to the Hotel Structure?
  • Or even better if this power above is a Hotel Dealer Donator Boost that can be only be acquire donating X amount, or paying X HWS Ingots (admin decide),

Thank you for sharing your view as well for the feedback.
about these ideas, cant be so sure if i am right to say, but i think:

  • The whole goal of having a hotel for anything would be to use a very restricted space, contributing enough that makes it value its location since it ll save you the travel time many times in the same day, otherwise would be nothing more than just bases for many players, no reason to stay together and save space and share devices, and again with the downside of coded devices.
    If that wasn’t the case, why don’t u just :
    #Go_For_Megazord_Power_Ranger each CV Class 1 combined to make a big stationary griefer hotel anywhere you want with no restrictions, just the regular tax daily tax for about 4 or more Class 1 CV (depends on your faction member size)?
  • The taxes is to be payed from the Hotel Dealer Only, the hosted players pay only a rent to the structure owner.
    Ok i agree with you that the tax is a little heavier, at the start would actually rip guts off to pay with probably no promising rents on the first weeks.
    But what about the idea i told @dQgnflua just above?
    if the Hosted players are allowed to be free from tax for one SV parked at least 1km near the hotel to be tax exempt regardless its class size?,
    then it ll be like (limited: class 7 * 2 = 14 total vessels) free from tax with this conditions) so it justify for you the actually 3.75M daily tax with a class 7 hotel and 1000rp owner(Hotel Dealer)?
  • I think the EGS HQ Zones (Market, Bank, EGS, Garage) as you mentioned could ONLY work on a Hotel if it was each zone a Donation Support Package for Hotel Dealers, and be also restricted only to hosted players on the zone to be able to use it inside the Hotel, all other players would have to go to EGS HQ. (love the idea btw, even though i think admins might not like it)
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Agree with you, in my opinion, that is a great ideia! This going to help lots of people who travel big distances just for trading and this person has to come back the same big distance.

I am still against this Idea, and adding Zones to a Hotel makes it even worse.
The ECC is still overcrowded, even with a 7 Days Timer. The whole Playfield would take longer to load when 50 People live there.
This whole Post sounds to me like pure Cherry Picking. Living in ECC without even leaving the building to get your Business done. Horrible…
@MadierH travelling is part of the Game.

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Play, support, & vote long enough to convert RP to HWS ingots for an Astral Supergate

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Leave ECC for Banking and economy Things like Garage and market place . We dont need people living there causing lag and issues . I do however think it could be more a of huge city environment . That way more people see each other . Verses having bases all over the planet make one big city to talk around in . Getting rid of all the portals might help

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I do like the idea of a big city to explore and meetup. However the limitations of the game engine hinder creating large complex structures. As it stands we can have a large plain world or a smaller more detailed one. The portals help work around this by making several smaller detailed pods to travel between. The classic visuals vs performance war. Finding that happy medium is rough :frowning:

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Yeah that is true maybe making the buildings not as big to get them together would be possible . Like the Garage this season for example . It is huge and not many vehicles there . That could become smaller to help with loading issues of a bigger city

@Bob & @Bronco40 If you want to try out what impact a big city on the game has, test this here:

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haha I have seen these before . I wasnt meaning to this extreme . But it does load fine on my PC … Not saying it would on all players pc’s lol

Just wait till you load up a private server and turn the Nexus Station into a huge explosive block lag-fest… Even my “decent” PC went down to 1 FPS and lost connection to server 30 times :wink: