How can i Change my Origin?

As the Topic says how can i Change my Origin ?

You pick your origin when you first join the server (freelancer, lawless, alliance, prototype) and it can only be changed by resetting your character. You can do this yourself in game by using the cb:reset command in chat and then confirming that you want to reset.
It will then kick you from the server and the next time you rejoin you will start from the beginning and pick your origin again.

Be warned that when you do this you will lose everything, including your structures, and if you’ve already claimed your faction supply in the last 7 days then you’ll still have to wait for that timer to reset too.
Your character can only be reset a certain number of times then you have to wait.

Prototype is a special origin in that it’s not really an origin. It’s a very hard start and once you progress to a certain point you will have to reset and pick your final origin from the other three.

Hope that helps.




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