How does the decay work EXACTLY?

Lost another HV by decay. It was even warped within those 7 days (docked to CV) but seems not to count…

So what are we required to do to reset the 7 day limit and where can we see it? So some questions:

  • You either open the P menu or use a device (cockpit, shutter, open cargobox, etc.) to extend it by another 7 days. True or false?
  • Being close to structure or even standing on top of it it not enough. True or false?
  • Even warping a powered-down HV along with your CV is not enough to refresh the 7 day limit (experienced this myself…). True/False?
  • Another player can/cannot refresh the 7 day limit for my structures?
  • Server lag/desynchs/disconnects/rollbacks/etc that occur at the exact time you visit/use a structure shortly to refresh it may not count it as being ‘refreshed’ because the server did not register it?
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so far we also did not get a very clear answer (until days ago we thought a distance of 100 meter to core was enough).
The answer we got from Devs was: "You have to WALK on it"
So some noticed that even opening a tank or the P menu (without touching the ship) does not count (no prove).

Therefore you have to walk on each individual ship and best also interact with it by opening a box/tank or pressing P.
Then it should be safe for sure.

Opening the ship via registy does not count at all.

If you get a disconnect then it might not work, but when you relog you should notice if its the time before you touched it or not.

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So short answer: “You have to WALK on it” (kinda hard in space w/o grav gen but I guess touching it counts)
Longer answer: “Walk on it AND interact with it to avoid sketchy cases”

There is always this server lag when it’s crowded so you may walk on it but I’m unsure if the server registers it as me walking on it for smaller structures like tiny SV’s.
Therefor I take it that it is adviseable to enter the cockpit of such small structures for 1-3 seconds twice a week (can’t do it once a week because you may JUST miss the 7 day limit)?

Pressing P can also be done without touching the structure and then there is the registry that can be accessed remotely (I assume that this also does not count for the refresh?).

God I really hope that soon we will be able to see the decay of our structures (preferably in Structure Commander) especially now that the decay time has been shortened so much.

Don’t want to lose more stuff in plain sight of me just because I didn’t “touch it”. Mmmm decay timer for my wife for when she hasn’t touched me in 7 days she get’s deleted… Mmmm… Idea… I will pass it on to Trump… :smiley:

And a hint to devs: if the structure warped… Obviously it should count as a refresh!


it is not decay time it is wipe time

I have lost yet ANOTHER batch of ships to this. Did they make a change to the definitions as well as your wipe time change? because honestly three quarters of our faction resources on our donor planet have been wiped since then, even with it all being packed tightly into an area and us usign them every day. We had a storage SV that I used daily for HV ammo, I opened boxes, sorted items, etc. Then come on yesterday and it was gone. Because I didnt WALK on it?!! I am not trying to demand special attention, but surely we all see that people are losing stuff left and right ever since this change was made. Can we PLEASE get this adressed. And I dont mean a ship returned, what is the use of returning one when we lost thirty yesterday. I mean get it so that render distance counts as visited. Or up the timer.

In the future, as far as we know even for 6.0 we will implement a view with “last touch time” in HWS connect. That should make it much easier for you guys. We just have to wait for devs to implement it.

So I’m curious, did the mechanics change or just the time? I would imagine all things being equal except for time to wipe, this is exactly the same as with a 15 day wipe. So what did we do differently to keep our ships safe in 15 days that’s were not doing in 7?

Also, @Jascha, in the spirit of getting one whole week for holiday, do you think it would be reasonable to make it 8 days? This would help account for the folks saying they took a week off with the fam coming back to nothing. Understanding the balance of performance vs player comfort, of course.

Just a Thought.

  • Hops

Same minds thinks alike ;). I already put this up for “review” so to say.

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I love your brain!

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