How long will the wipe have the server down?

Hi there, new player. first time playing on an HWS server(reforged eden). i’d like to say that I’m really enjoying myself. but as always I have joined right at the end! so I guess my question would be…when the server gets wiped, how long does the server go down for? i ask out of curiosity, and because I have a couple of friends wanting to play on this server with me. i really appreciate any help or if somebody could point me in the direction of the info I was looking for, I’m sure its out there, i just haven’t been able to locate it :slight_smile:

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welcome to the madness!. usually the wipe is announced in discord. a specific time will show up closer to the ETA. typically as long as things go smoothly a wipe can last 1-3hrs. there have been times where Murphy has thrown his laws into the equation though. discord is your best place for first-hand information on specific times.

if you’re just starting, you can use this as practice round and learn what you shouldn’t do next season.

if you’ve been playing for a while and leveled up your ocd, start stuffing things now.


Good evening…
HWS goes through a 3 month cycle pending major updates…
the next one for eu and na is around the 25 th of december (kinda…)
patreons will have early access for testing and it’l go live early Jan (pending results…)

On RE it is unknown as this is Raviens call to make… but he’s thinking of early next year (Jan to March…)

EU and NA are pretty quiet atm as ppl are playing on the RE server as atm is holds alot more content, but when HWS+ hits ppl will migrate back to the EU /NA as the new update will include knew mysteries…

But to answer your question… who knows…
in the past there have been issues migrating to a new system, but long story shot… when updated prob early evening / late afternoon

There is nothing stopping you playing on the EU / NA server as you can stockpile resources using our OCD so that the new experience will be easier to get started on…

thankyou for you interest :wink:

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For RE, this is the most recent info we have on upcoming updates from the creator of the scenario.
This was just posted on Thursday of this week, so guessing 3-4 months from now, plus some more time for Rex to make any necessary changes specifically for HWS too.

" A large scenario update is planned in a few months (early 2022):
The scenario should still work fine for now and you can resume your existing save games but you will not get most of the changes from the Empyrion 1.7 update until the scenario is updated.
You may encounter unexpected issues in the meantime."

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so it will be playable within a couple of days “usually” I understand there are always hiccups. just trying to get the feel for things. I am really really enjoying this server, more than any other I’ve tried and I’ve tried a few, anvil and spanj’s servers for reference, and id really like to get back at it again as soon as one can :slight_smile: thanks for the replies. I greatly appreciate it!

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Great responses everyone love the information!

The future success (or failure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )of HWS+ in comparison to HWS RE depends a lot on the structure of “HWS+ 2023”. A dream would be an interesting world like the RUST devs managed to implement.

Rexxus and Jascha tend often to be “too creative”. “Less is More” sounds not only valid for the number of planets, sectors and supergates… but also for the quantity of origins. 3 should be absolutely enough for now and ever.

Origins, not planets :stuck_out_tongue:

I would suggest not to bring more than 3 different starter planets. It is very motivating to see bases & ships just when you enter the fantastic new world as a noob.

Furthermore it should be allowed to players to keep their starter bases as main bases. So please abstain from “one-way-portals”, this demotivates players. I understand the lag issue, but if possible allow them to stay and explore the universe from where they set their first foot into the new world.

For the universe : In general place Erestium and Zascosium into PVP space. And gold, of yourse. You can allow very small deposits on PVE planets, but to become really rich & famous players should venture far into unknown waters.

Please keep the universe small, so that multi-players can meet in this multiplayer universe.