How Should I Do This?

I have a CV full of cargo. I have a large CV cooking in the factory. When finished I want to spawn it and transfer most of the cargo (probably take about 15 min). Where’s the best place to do this? I have a base on Destany but you can’t have 2 CV’s there. And when done, I’d like to keep one in a safe place (PVE) so I can switch from time to time. But every time I do that, I’ll have 2 CV’s in PVE.

Best is to have a friend with you who helps out.
You have i think at least 45 minutes, but i think actually even 75 minutes (dont take my word on 75 for now :wink: until the system takes your ship. You will be warned accordingly and see how many warnings (every 15 minutes) you have left.

So just put all your stuff in there and then take a sv with you to fly back.

U can hold 1n CV on Planet, and one in space.

Rules, 4.1:

  • Each faction / player is limited to have 2 CV and 1 BA per PvE orbit
  • 1 CV and 2 BA per PvE planet

This rule has been updated. (just now) Only 1 CV in the Peacekeeper 4 orbit.
Goto another peacekeeper and you are fine.

CVs are given 5 - 45min warnings. (got this from RexXxus)

5 Warnings a 15 minutes = 75 Minutes ;).

I Vang tones of requests/topics tomorrow… Such things, as rules, couldnt be changed without any announcement, and time to move them out. A lot of people today, lost their ships. And mb all stuff…

They don’t cause the rule is not active yet.

Yesterday, all of us got warnings for it. With count.

Block and Device Count is not active. But the Warnings for amount of Vessels shpould be still turned on.

Rule - Work, or not? Or WHEN it gonna work? How many time I had, to solve my problems with CV on PK4 ?

The Rule for how many CV/Bases are allowed is ACTIVE. You can see what is active on HWS Connect.
Only Block and Device limit is INACTIVE since the devs have a bug there.

Where I could find this information?

For now, I see:

Name of Structure Structure ID Structure Type On Playfield E/W position Height position N/S position Device Count Block Count Deleted

No position about activity (That mean - turn on/off power, or had core?)

See HWS Universe on HWS Connect

If u talking about count of CV/BA, than what about this:

Rex meant something else. The Device/Block count is not active

No big drama. If your ship got R6J just let us know.
Otherwise start to fly your ships out of PK4.

yesterday I hide it in PvE Start system… And now thinking where move it next…

When I said rex updated the rules I wasn’t meaning the Script. The script was already in place. Yesterday he updated the TEXT to match the rules.

Like they said all those Script limits are listed in HWS Connect.

U rly think, that EVERYONE watch HWS Connect every 5 min ?.. I read rules once, and than just watch for updates by forum. I couldnt remember ALL the rules by myself, and I couldnt find changes by 1st look on it…