Hunter faction got attacked by Trader

Hi there, I’m from MBH, and I got attacked by StT, a trader faction, and got all my items stolen (which was about 350 blue crystal, 4 stack of neodymium, 2 stuck of copper, and a few other stuff as well). As far as I understand, Traders can attack just Lawless and Pirate faction members (according to this post: Faction IFF Rules)

StT are going around like pirates in a group of about 4-5…with ships that are made to destroy. just another bunch of people trying to bring the server down by not playing fair. If they would just change to StP no one would care but the fact they are abusing the ‘No cooldown’ whilst being basically pirates is so sad. I don’t understand peoples need to cheat to get somewhere…

I really hope they are going to get punished at some point…

Theres a thread in Trader board and I think they have already been reported.

Also our freshly spawned CV got destroyed by them, but they keep saying that our CV attacked them (there was no ammo inside or whatever, also I think it didn’t have any weapon either. Also I forgot to mention the names who attacked us:

  • Teutobold
  • Helmut89
  • Haro
  • mom…bowl

If you would check my intruder stats, it is clearly there that we never attacked them.

They are not traders, there name is traider, they were originally StP and attacked my trader faction and half way through the fight changed there name to StT. There is no rule that I have read that says traders cannot attack hunters, the only rule I have seen is traders cannot attack other traders. Hadn’t seen that other link.

In reality traders shouldnt really go looking for fights. I work on the basis of if I am off jollying with PvP I am not doing things which make me Credits so I make my decisions accordingly. If I see a fight happening and there are other traders or alliance in there I am more likely to go assist if I am in the mood or if someone attacks me (especially other traders :smiling_imp:) then I will take the time to at least have a go at teaching them a lesson

Like I said tho they are not traders, they have spelt there name like that to trick people, they are lawless another faction has done the same, bonobo traider there abbreviation is BoT not to be mistaken with Boss of trader who’s abb is BOT who are actual traders and only defend themselves when attacked. Those other factions with there name spelt traider do not get the perks of a trader as they are classed as lawless.

Yup we get it :smiley:

There is a post Traders - or people who abuse this Faction Tag here that logs those who abuse trader faction tag.