HWS 1.0 mod list rework discussion

HWS has been ahead of the curve for a long time with EGS, however the game has now developed to the point that a lot of old functions of HWS are either obsolete or in conflict with the games intended loops.

The following features I would suggest be either removed or radically reworked from the ground up:

  1. HWS scan/global scan: with the advent of detector tech, this is not really needed anymore. if anything it just closes off the encouragment to build in pvp or enter it at all, which we should be encouraging not discouraging.
    right now elite pvp’rs just sit and monitor core counts on playfields and go kill anyone goes into a new playfield, since the detectors have a 25km range theres no cat and mouse anymore, its just a slaughter trap for noobs.
    suggestion: total removal

  2. o:supply/ daily loot/hws skillpoints
    these are all viewed as just giving people free stuff and weakening the emmersion and challenage for practically everyone I’ve asked about them.

the server giving us handouts messes with the market economy also.

suggestions:serious nerf/ make it a 1 time shot use/ replace with another system such as a loan based one we have to repay or something/ total removal.

3.HWS garage sell your own ships. this is currently limited to 1 per faction as to not crowd ecc, i get that, but it means that larger factions have 5 dozen people trying to sell their ships and only 1 slot. as well as smaller factions and one man bands not able to put up a range of ships for sale if they are dedcatied builders.

suggestions: purchasable “ship shops” that have several “slots” for selling ships, could do different size shops to include capital size sales also.

  1. HWS orbital autominers:
    basically a joke now, might as well take them out.

any other suggestions or thoughts on this please feel free to comment below:

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I agree somewhat with most you wrote but thisI don’t. OAM isn’t made to be overpowered or anything (and it isn’). It’s made to help thode who don’t like mining, or just can’t play empyrion more than 15-30 minutes daily.


While it was once a decent feature, I agree the global scan is now vastly conflicting with the in game scanner. While the scanner does still need work, the core counting just seems like a “fish finder” and does nothing more than encourage laziness. There is no “Loot Scanner” why is there a “Prey Scanner” still?

The freebie handouts will always be a “Goldilocks issue” being too much or too little. Trial and error over time will give us a true balance. What seems worthless to some is super valuable to others.

Autominers are on the same topic of balance. I don’t feel they are “not needed” but defiantly need adjustments.

As for the garage, a ship can be sold as private. There are also 2 places these ships can be sold. It allows for 1 faction and 1 private at each if I recall correctly. There are also 2 servers that can be used. This leaves the possibility for each player to sell 4 ships. That seems like a fair enough number with the traffic sales at the garage I would imagine.

Does anyone really use it for that?

Cheaper to buy the ores directly than the autominer cores to fuel OAM now.

If a bunch of people suddenly comment “noo I use that all the time and it’s super fair and useful” then sure, but just outlining it’s intended function doesn’t make it suitable for it.

Right now it’s just confusing.

I’d also hazard another ongoing suggestion for balance:

Either turn on autominer depletion, or stop letting people have resource deposits in their private planets.
It’s an unfair advantage vs those who haven’t got the money to buy a 70 euro supporter package.
The extended core limits in a playfield is enough of an insentive to buy one.

I’d also then remove the limits on how many playfields and reduce the cost 50% to make things more level.

Nah, I have at least 10 people who have over 5 ships each they want to put up for sale, and that’s content the server is loosing because of arbitrary limits.

No reason people shouldn’t be able to own a ship shop using the same mechanic.
Just a core or package or something they buy to set an area as a shop, or even just preexisting ones laying around like the old mansions that people can just buy or rent out.

Could even be a server purchasable.

Garage traffic is low because theirs hardly anything nice looking to buy and the rest are mostly impractical consept peices (no offence to the creators) that get one shotted.

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5 ships at once seems pretty excessive. Unless there is a high amount of sales, i don’t see anyone requiring that many ships be in play collecting dust for most of the season. You can easily have a showroom online and then spawn is sales on an “as needed basis” to keep the structure count down. Remember, more structures spawned = more lag issues :frowning:

Also this is only true if they were each in their own faction separate.
Else its just 2.

You missed that there are 2 garages on each server. one at ECC HQ and the other in space with the HWS garage ships. Also private ships have no affect on faction ones. Each player can sell 2 ships on each server. No need for more than that. The HWS garage is the only one that “needs” an in game showroom. As we all should know the game cannot handle a vast amount of ships at one time. Allowing each player to have 5 more ships spawned in would severely hinder server performance.

“Remember, more structures spawned = more lag issues”

Which is why I’m suggesting controlling it with a limited slot shop, rather than the draconian 1 per person per server or people Just going crazy and building millions of spares.

I somehow doubt this due to the fact you can already have near unlimited cores in private space and the current universe has hundreds of thousends of cores for the planets poi, the DSL unloading takes care of that.

The server limits on cores in pve should also be changed imo to combine with the global limits from pvp.
Removing one of the things that stops a lot of people playing on hws, the arbertry core limits in pve.
Which many see as a bit of a con and needlessly punishing mechanic now, left over from pre DSL days.

the proof is in the size of the database and all the wonderful errors we have had this entire season. increasing the structure limits would be a disaster. there is no need to have that many ships just to be on display. it is very easy to work around the current limits for your request. there is opportunity for each and every player to put up to 4 ships for sale between the 2 servers. once they are sold, they can be replaced with another. if you would like to have a showroom, you have the opportunity to post and online gallery of sorts using discord, YouTube, and various other outlets. there is no need for more things in this already jam packed full toy box.

I have been using the OAM for two seasons now.

The rare resources are too slow for me to consider it worthwhile to always refill the OAM, while the common resources fill up the maximum limit very quickly.

Grabbing the ore from OAM is also too expensive from me unless I am in ECC. I have seen that certain support packages allow the OAM overfill to transfer to OCD, but It didn’t seem to be transferring for me.

I do however still like using the OAM. It is fairly cheap for me to place a core or 2 in the common ores and always have 10k of each common ore to pick up when I travel to ECC.

I know it isn’t much ore, but it created just another reason to come to ECC when I could play, grab my ore, and play a few of my favorite instances.

This season I mainly chose to always keep the rare ores filled with autominers to get just that little bit extra every time I came to ECC. And I haven’t compared the costs of ores to autominers or sold that much on market to have a good feeling for price, but I do agree it is probably a waste of autominers compared to the little amount of return.

Especially this season where there was always a distant planet that had plenty of rare asteroids in orbit.

Firebeard, Why do you consider private planets to be such an advantage?

The return doesn’t seem to be that much different than OAM.
Private planets have a limit of 2 common ores, and you have to place autominers, fuel, and fly around to the different deposits. Each T3 autominer can only return 6 or 7k every 15 hours? Then you have to travel around and pick up your ores while fueling them.
I know with motivation and time this can lead to more resources, but with the amount of planets and resources out there, this doesn’t seem too imbalanced.

The larger asteroids and the ability to quickly mine them with CV’s can return quite a bit of RSS in a small amount of time though and this did seem to be a bit much.


the proof is in the size of the database and all the wonderful errors we have had this entire season. increasing the structure limits would be a disaster. "

that proves nothing, we know that was a memory leak, in no way related to player core limits.

rather than the oppressive 2-3 cores per playfield limit in pve.
it should mirror pvp, and have a global limit, that would cause there to be LESS total core on the server, rather than more. particularly for the smaller factions, which are the majority, as for the ship shops, perhaps you’re confused because we already do it, so theres already those cores in the server, we’re just asking for the mechanic to change to suit what people are doing.

the global limits should also be increased a bit, about 50 -100%, the current system is the most commonly cited reason people dont come to this server, second only to the way cheaters are dealt with so gently.

actually the game has had many memory leaks in the past for various different issues. the sole reason for ship limits is to enhance performance. those that circumvent these limits are only adding to the problem. more things to process and keep track of ALWAYS equals more drain on server resources. the per person ship limits are fine the way they are at present. i do not see any need for any individual player to NEED more than 3 of each spawned in. the blueprint factory can hold an unlimited amount (as far as i have tested) of premade ships. that is your personal storage shed for all ships.

as i stated, personal showroom gallery can easily be done online and ships can be spawned on a per sale basis. there is absolutely zero need for an in game showroom littered with server draining structures that will stay till purchased.

imagine if there were 30 players with 5 ships for sale in this showroom. that is 150 structures in one sector. this would be a huge lagfest for anyone entering that system. the FPS drop @ HWS space garage is all the proof needed. this currently less than 30 structures. the rebuttal of making more sectors is not much of a workaround either. there is an in game limit to allowed structures per playfield. this is to prevent major resource drain on the serve end.

maybe one day we can have our giant houseboats and deployable army within. sadly, today is not that day. great idea once we are able to surpass our current hardware/software limitations.