HWS 10 | Patreon validation & big Goal reached | Current TODO list

Hi HWS Community,

this is just a little information about few things but important for some nevertheless.

Patreon revalidation

As you can see, the new HWS Connect takes care of almost everything automatically now :slight_smile:
However that means that the old HWS Patrons are not always correct validated in our tool.
Until now we had to first rely on you contacting us with your details and then inserting it manually in our tool and check manually all the time if you deleted your pledge or not, etc.

That is history now :partying_face:
It means though that we will force a re-validation of every “old” HWS Patron in HWS Connect on Monday throughout the day!
Every legit HWS Patron should just follow these little steps then:

The 1000’ Goal!

The recent Goal was reached in no time! :scream_cat:
A very first experimental but high requested feature is live!
A kind of Cross Selling between Patreon and the HWS Support Packages.

We appreciate HWS Patrons, so we want to give you a little discount back for your generous support!

Once again, thanks for every HWS Patron out there. The recent days were a blast!

Current TODO list

Beside the HWS Patreon Event in 1,5 hours on EU and 4,5 hours on NA, which consumed a bit of time to update it, there are still tons of stuff on my todo list I just want to communicate it with you, so you know what is going on (and I don’t get the same questions all day long :wink: )

  • Fixed the FPS Event
  • Fixed Eton Metropolis - but Alpha 10 somehow changed the blast damage. Saw it also by the Patreon Event preparation. Not good. Have to investigate.
  • Reported some issues you found to Eleon

  • HWS Survey Reward - tomorrow
  • Prepare the HWS PDA for the upcoming patch - after more than 3 years it will be able to click on a link within the PDA! Very convenient for new players to jump directly to HWS Connect for example :slight_smile:
  • Fix some POIs
  • Readd Details for Support Packages
  • Process some Supporter packages
  • Recheck the HWS Config regarding feedback about Volume & Mass
  • Start to work on HWS Connect v5 redesign
  • Start to work on more POIs + Missions + Events
  • Check all HWS Garage submissions so far
  • Improve the HWS Guide and more

That being said, I haven’t got any pause the recent… months by now. Hence I’m quite done I have to say.

Once that TODO list is half way tackled I will probably leave to vacation for a bit. Just as pre-info :wink:

Thanks for such an amazing HWS 10 season start - seeing 177 players again made my day!

All the best and take care!
Your HWS Team