HWS 10.X Announcement | New Feature & Reworked Gameplay

Hey HWS Community,

finally, after 3 months a new season is about to start!
But let me make this clear: the rework for the Invader vs Defender II for the Official Eleon Servers / Eleon took almost all my time. It was necessary and I’m happy I did it finally.
HWS however couldn’t shine with all my ideas I had. I am fully motivated for the next season though :see_no_evil: And let me tell you as well: it will be a rework of the whole universe and more!

Anyways, here we go as quick as possible

New Daily Loot

@Hayawen once again helped me with my crazy idea to rework the Daily Loot.
The old one was not intuitive and too simple for such a cool feature in my opinion.

The new should not only give you some goodies but generate also fun and some random chances.

The Small Box gives you a chance of Diamonds, Xeno Substrate, Money Cards or Auto Miner Cores.

The Large Box gives you a chance of Diamonds, Xeno Substrate, Money Cards, Auto Miner Cores, Epic loot or HWS Ingots.
Make sure to collect daily to be surprised about some new stuff :slight_smile:

PTD - Personal Teleportation Device

A hybrid of a Patreon Goal and a cool idea from @Hayawen there is a new Universe feature in HWS Connect.

This PTD can be used to teleport to pre defined locations from me. For now ECC > EGS HQ.

  • it cost some credits and 1 HWS RP
  • you must leave your backpack behind!

The plan is to implement more locations such as Starter planets, to give you the option to get back in an unique way to help your friends, who joined recently.

Economy Rework I

Please see Davids post about it:

Reworked Shields & Config

A new shield meta starts in this new HWS 10.X season.

Please make sure to read the changes in the link above.
I’m very interested in the outcome!

  • Shield Management is very important now, since your cooldown and recharge time takes much longer. Plan attacks ahead!
  • SV Homing Rockets are Very Effective against Carbon
  • Boost of NPC Health (make sure to attack them with EWS in mind)
  • Reverted HWS overlimit modules in exchange of a global 70% damage boost

Reworked Gameplay

The Universe got some quick updates. The Orbits are now filled with Freighter and Carrier.
As well as new POIs.
Planets have more variety of POIs and rare resources are much more rare now.

The Homeworld System is once again pushed to one of the most lucrative places!

  • Sandwich layers are gone on almost all planets.

  • Little OAM rework

  • New PDA Missions got added for you to play and discover.

  • Shady Trader will buy Epic weapons from you. HWS cares about recycling! #gogreen

I don’t want to delay your gameplay any longer and hope I did not make any big blunder :see_no_evil: Sorry in advance!
That being said, THANKs for all the support, patience and playing on HWS!
Appreciate to see you being part of the HWS Community!

Your HWS Team


good work Rexxus keep it up meany thanks! :smiley:

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Lovely work as always =)

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Shady Trader will buy Epic weapons from you. HWS cares about recycling! #gogreen

in other news

Decreased Deconstructor return factor from 90% to 50%


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I am definitely looking forward to all the changes! Excellent stuff!

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50% of the recycled parts go back into supplying the universe with energy. helps keep the sun spinning to provide light in dark times. it is an adventure all. we never know what’s around the next horizon. together we grow and evolve to make gaming great again! HWS takes a lot of slack for the work that they put in. the server hosts listen to our voices. the game devs listen to the server hosts. stay strong everyone. alpha stands tall :slight_smile:


Because some asked: the PTD is coming ASAP once we fixed a little balancement topic :slight_smile: