HWS 11 Release Part 2 | PvP | Supergates | Features | HWS Trader | More Info

Hey HWS Community,

after a stressful season start, as always, it’s nice to see many players returning but especially a lot of new players coming to HWS!
Welcome all of you! As you saw with the new in-depth Tutorial, we tried to focus on new players to the game and HWS, to help them as good as possible.
For the next season we want to improve it even more, explaining our HWS Features and Gameplay with an interactive Tutorial.

So in this Part 2 Announcement I want to cover what I couldn’t in Part 1 and what you can expect now and for the future, the last HWS 11 Part 3 release.


With hopefully all PvP playfield limits in place and the updated HWS Config, you can dive into PvP again.
I tried to make it very easy this time limit wise.

PvP Planets

  • No CVs allowed to enter (only exception is Titan, our no limit playfield)
  • Class 3 Bases | 3 Faction, 3 Alliance, 0 Private
  • Class 1 SV | 20 Faction, 20 Alliance, 1 Private
  • Class 1 HV | 20 Faction, 20 Alliance, 0 Private

PvP Space

  • Class 5 Bases | 3 Faction, 3 Alliance, 0 Private
  • Class 5 CV| 20 Faction, 20 Alliance, 1 Private
  • Class 5 SV | 20 Faction, 20 Alliance, 1 Private
  • Class 5 HV | 20 Faction, 20 Alliance, 0 Private
    Exception is Titan Sector again

  • The rest of the limits stay the same (time per warning etc.)
  • There is no Block limit anymore and we have to see how all of that will have impact on CPU.
  • There are some experiments with CPU limits. Waterworld for example. You can only enter with a CPU Tier 1 CV there.


All of them should be ready by now.
I removed the workload of putting locations here:

I added 70 000 map markers on your map, so you should find them yourself easily now or type “sg:?” to see, what Supergate destination is available.

Overall a new universe means of course a new Warp network.
I can’t stress out enough that the intention to make Supergates free to use before was to get used to them. By now, they are used hundreds of time per day so everyone should know by now how they work.
The Credit and RP cost is controversial but intentional.
In the future we try to add more immersion and logic into that, making different Supergates cost differently, depending on NPC Faction Standing, Guilty, Origin, etc.

I hope there will be one day a brave Community member again to make a Supergate map for the community.

Features and more info

In Part 1 I couldn’t introduce all new features and infos so let me quickly go over them now.

  • Luxury Goods have the same logic as Alien Container. Once you have them in your inventory, they are converted into 100 000 Bank credits. This mechanic will be used for our Story later on more often
  • I removed any unnecessary map description info. So if you do not find somewhere “Tax: Yes”, then you can assume that there is no tax.
  • Teleport Monoliths have new / updated destinations. In PvP they have Turrets now, so you should not camp victims anymore. There are also Space Monolith variants available.
  • Homeworld has a special but new gameplay…
  • Remember:
    • Eden can be entered if you have LESS than 50 HWS RP
    • Earth X if you have MORE than 100 RP
    • Mars X if you have LESS than 500 RP
    • Paradise if you have MORE than 1000 RP
    • So plan ahead if your base should be built there permanently or not.
  • You can change your Origin freely at the HWS Triolith on ECC now. You lose of course all of your HWS RP if you do that, but keep this option in mind. Remember also, that you can set your HQ planet as start planet (useful for Fresh Start) with the command egs:setstarterplanet

HWS Forum Support Ticket

We decided to put Support Tickets on Moderation queue.
So each Support Ticket needs to get approved by us (Moderators as well - we try to get more)
Please just have patience until we approve it.
This is because toxic useless tickets were made last season. Such tickets will be removed instantly now.

HWS Trader

Because there were always issues or flaws with the HWS Trader logic here and there, we are trying a new logic about them and want your Feedback.
2 big changes actually:

  1. You can set the quantity you want to sell yourself! It is not hard limited by us to 100 / 1000 anymore. The price and volume will limit the buyer automatically

  2. The RP cost has then of course to be changed. Before it was 1RP per slot. Max. 49 Slots. It will be now 1RP per 100 000 credit price (rounded up). So expensive stuff will be of course also expensive RP wise. Same for opposite.

Overall I’ve heard a lot of feedback that many players don’t like HWS Trader. Items which are generated by a system, adding supplies out of nowhere.
While this is technical true, they of course forget the price to do that. And the price you have to pay for those “auto” items, are coming from somewhere, right!
But it was for many too cheap checking the statistics. Especially HWS RP are for many just something boring to collect passively. Similar like the Supergates, it should be now considered as a more serious currency. The fact alone that HWS RP can be converted to Real money even for HWS Ingots.

Part 3 Teaser


The next Part will take a bit more time I fear and will change some things in a bigger scale. I’m talking about the Commodity Trading / Economy.
Time was missing to implement all the new cool trade items like the Virus or artifacts.
Some Racom stations are also legacy and not up to date regarding travel distance etc.
Be prepared that things will change here!
I will also check all NPC Trader quantities and prices.
The new universe allows cooler hauler missions from A to B.
More to be announced.


Finally Events will start as well with Part 3! And not just activating the old ones but reworking them, integrating most of them in HWS Connect and adding new one as well!
Stay tuned…

HWS Garage

This is a bigger rework as well so expect them back in Part 3. Because of CPU we just have to see how and if reworking current ships make sense or adding completely new ones.


The Guide will be also hopefully updated and some other announced changes like the HWS Alien Factories etc.
Last but not least many new PDA Missions will come in as well, adding more repeatable PDA Missions to gain HWS RP - in combination with the new Protoz Story

That’s it for Part 2 and I hope you enjoy the new season so far.

Your HWS Team


Hey Rex

  1. Thanks for accepting my suggestions on xeno, all blocks should have a purpose now, when you got more time please update https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uxoPbrFKitNpAbOTHwXrMG4Ms1bHQsd1jzPt1v40kzw/edit#gid=0 to make it clear for everyone that xeno is plastic, so update cells:
    R15, R25, R31 and note under D1
  2. I think one private HV should be allowed in PVP for use as private miners etc…
  3. As for supergates I personally don’t mind the costs but let me suggest a mixed solution - keep costs in PVE (maybe even increase credit price a bit), but remove them from PVP and increase risk instead : remove SV-only supergates, and increase minimum distance from hostile player to make supergate jump - this should lead to more fighting in space.



:+1: what @CyIvIpak said :slight_smile:



Don’t like it because miners are only the friendly intention.
The bad intention is to spam HVs as stationary defense structures around bases.
Fight together, Drill together - as a faction :slight_smile:

It’s a bigger change and as I said, in the future for sure more possible with prices.
But be sure that more RP gains are coming the next days.

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Great point!

u dont know PVP - its a fact :frowning:

Looking good thank you for doing the rework on the universe its going to take a lot of time to explore it all…thank god its winter outside!


as for garage ships you can use old good red cores(in some cases) which are converted to yellow on recycle(so players can have them only on original ship)