HWS 12 | Important personal announcement about current state and the unfortunate full wipe

How about resources in blueprint factory?

Sorry just edited it, since I forgot that:
Ressources from Blueprint will be taken into OCD for all (if you have space)

What if we don’t have space? I usually just store my ores and the ingots won’t have a place to go…

some of us have put a few of the matrix and bridges in the factory. would these go in the the ocd as well or do we need to spawn extender wafers? If they cannot, I have blueprints for CV & SV extenders to empty the factory. sadly cannot go past block limits so multiples will have to be spawned.

!CV Extenders.epb (654 Bytes)

!SV Extenders.epb (656 Bytes)

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This is a disaster that should just be declared a false start for a12 followed by a restoring everyone to end of a11 EB and OCD.

Since you are not going to do that, what about those of us who are fed up with a12 in its current state and just want to come back after it is all fixed? I’d like you to flag my account to restore OCD and EB back to the state it was at end of a11.

They can’t do that. People would give all their stuff to their friends to hold and then want it set back to the a11 items


So I’ve got a handful of questions.

  1. What about epic armors/drills? both can be quite the pain in the ass to farm and I’d rather not lose them.

  2. How about increasing ultra epic stacks for so I can stash all the epic guns I’ve been hoarding on EU as I now have to use some of that space to hold other people’s goods.

  3. With this new reset, are killboard stats going to stay? both ingame with the new menu and in the HWS connect.

@zyranz Make a ticket, and request a refund.

my OCD is level 6 and all slots are full where do i put my stuff? Rather than making the slots bigger give everybody 500 aditonal slots for 1 or 2 weeks.


I, for one, appreciate all the effort you guys put into this game! I’ve been playing it since it was one 8-bit single player planet, and HWS is hands down the best server for content and community! Keep up the good work!

Constant starting from scratch is one of the charms (IMHO) of the game!


You have done what you have been able to, you will surely improve everything next time.
Take care of your health, the game is secondary.
And thanks for your work.

(sorry for my bad English.)


Hi Rex,

first of all you do a good job. Some things went bad, ok. That happens. We need a full wipe no discussion. Some other Alpha Games wipe the first 2 Month all 2 Weeks because of data corruption. With less changes. But that´s a other point. Your emotional video has shown us that you have learned out of it. I don’t blame you for anything, but thank you.

What i can´t understand is that you get pressured that much. We donate for the server costs yes, me too (a lot). But it´s “just” your Hobby to run the Server not your Payment Real Life Job.

To the pressure Point some guys are pissed, of course, who wouldn´t. But it´s not your fault.
To honor the previos work and some ressource losses/wastes you could give each player, who was logged into the A12-Server, some additional RP like 250, 500 or what you think. Perhaps that cools down the players a bit.

That should be easy to find, just check the new created Steam Profile ID.

Thanks and Regards,


You guys should consider shutting the server down from 17:00 tuesday, to 17:00 wednesday.
Then you have an entire day to prepare, meaning much less stress, and you can get everything ready, so people can start right away when they can join.


It is a very good idea, 1 day or a week if you need it.

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Wow, I’m speechless about the positive resonance. I didn’t sleep much at night and thought about how to make that video.
I needed couple of tries because I’m not confident in doing such things but in the end I just said it as it is without “hiding” anything.

Thanks a lot for your understanding guys! It means a lot to me and we really try our best nevertheless! Falling is quick and easy but for me standing up is what I try to master.

That is not true mate. HWS is actually what I’m committed to and dedicated my whole time to.
If you count my hours I spent for Empyrion/HWS you don’t see any time left for another job.
Sometimes, I help some guys with their website, in urgent cases I do my Web Developer freelancer tasks but I mainly live with the incredible support from you guys - the HWS Community.
Be it the Supporter Packages or even Patreon - something I really, have never thought would be possible and I’m super thankful for that.

So all that puts me under pressure indeed. I feel responsible and want to give you the best experience possible in Empyrion. That Tuesday was a crazy deadline again is probably true and yes, with such a great support from you guys, I will make it right this time with more than 4 hours sleep until then :slight_smile:

Jascha already created a big “help” package but if we see more is possible, I try to do.
I plan for example to create a dedicated PDA mission for the new season, that sets you instantly to level 25.


Quick and good reaction, thanks for all the extra work and I agree with dark, you guys must take your time without too much pressure, most of us will be waiting. :wink:


Thx Jasha ok i’ll tell my ppl to do it :smiley:

I Agree it is better to work with not too much pressure

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Then how about just reset the whole server back to that, which is what I’d prefer to see anyway?

Edit: Rex, take care of your health first. Server comes after that. Also, take the time you need. We can live without the server for however it takes to do it correctly without undue stress on any of your team.


All good Rexx, we got your back. Take your time and focus on whats most important in making the system work first, then work your way down to whats least important from their. Cheer up brother were here for you. Hit some punching bags to help you stay healthy. :boxing_glove: