HWS 12 | Important personal announcement about current state and the unfortunate full wipe

Dear HWS Community,

so the last week was insane. Not only we are done but I’m also sorry for @gareth and @dQgnflua and everyone else tried to help and keep things together.

But we found the root issues. We know what happened and how it happened.
Overall please watch my personal video (sorry, no sexy robot voice this time):

In text form just quick:

Two main issues happened which made the Database corrupt. And without a healthy database, your whole savegame is basically trash and it only gets worst.

  1. Too many POIs in one playfield
  2. I added new Stars into the universe, which re-triggered the generation of the galaxy. It’s like starting a game with a different seed.

Adding new playfields can still be done but you have to manipulate the database for that.
Sorry I didn’t know earlier… sorry we have to full wipe again!

We have to full wipe again to let the corrupt database behind us.

Planned Full Wipe is on Tuesday 23th June at 5PM

  • You will not lose your levels, your HWS RP, Credits, etc.
  • You will lose everything not in your OCD.
  • You will lose your structures (make sure to recycle them)
  • Everyone with level 1 will be able to recycle their structures globally

To prevent even more corruption PLEASE stop exploring new Stars. Stay in the center of the galaxy

As I said in my video, I’m sorry this happened!
I’m running HWS for more than 4 years by now but nobody told me how it really worked and we have to go through this together, learn together.
I don’t blame anyone other than me. Without an EXP phase and testing everything earlier, it was just cold water for me.

It’s really the most difficult release we ever had on so many fronts.
Health wise I’m not feeling that good either, so sorry in advance for slow reaction here and there.

Thanks really a lot for your understanding and going through this with us.
If you need help just let us know.

Your HWS Team

P.S.: Urgent changes to improve the universe can now be made. Thanks already for this great topic here.


It’s not your fault Rex. This stuff, like always, was not tested long enough or well enough in the experimental phase.
Eleon purposely didn’t release the server files to the public for so long during the start of Exp, for the sole purpose of testing the database. They should have ran more tests like this during that time and shared the findings with the public.
Once Eleon decided to announce the release date for stable A12 everything just felt rushed and not tested properly again, like all the other major releases.
They needed more time. A few of us tried to tell them it needed more time too.

So, sadly, I had a strong feeling that this wipe was coming the moment I started seeing all the tickets start popping up on day 1 of the season. There was just too much with the database that was never tested and shared properly by Eleon.

I want to reaffirm once again that this isn’t your fault Rex.
You were just doing what HWS is well known for, innovating and testing the capabilities of the game.


Hey Rex,

Stuff happens and you and the team are clearly working like demons to get everything working.

just to query a couple of things:

  1. will the players with level 1 be getting the equivalent of recycle 5 (all devices but cost per block) or blocks only?
  2. Will it be safer for players to put all personal credits in EB or are they fine to have them on them?
  3. A few people are asking about whether factory resources are kept, should they spawn and recycle or will factory be kept. I would imagine the former is less likely to cause issues later?
  4. Oh and the marketplace goods have been asked about. As these are virtual should these be left?

Thanks for your hard Work, RexXxus, Jascha, Hayawen and the Rest of the Team. You have worked so hard in the last week to save what Eleon messed up.


Stay strong, you are doing the right.


You did your best and you fought valiantly. Thank you for the hard work that you and Jasch both did.

I did have one question though. What are you doing with the garage ships?


Rex, I haven’t even finished watching your video yet, but I had to say that while not all players will be understanding, and some will be upset, for the most part, we get it. It’s frustrating for us, but we understand that this has been far worse for you than for us. You guys do a great job, but you aren’t perfect, no human being can be. We are playing a game in Alpha, these things happen. I can hear the stress and anguish in your voice, and I wanted to do at least a little to give you the relief of knowing that it is OK, and most of us understand.


HWS team you are al doing a great job
most of us will understand
Good luck and you all got this


“Not all storms come to disrupt your life. Some come to clear your path…”

It has been an “adventure” for sure. Glad this was discovered now rather than next month. Not one of us can fault the team for doing a stellar job keeping our universe alive. Not to worry, we are all here to help where needed.

Lots of issues were to be expected in an expanding universe. We can consider this last week as just a test and will be remembered a “do over” moving forward. Everyone can pause their endeavors for a short time while our playground is rebuilt.

For now I think you and the whole admin team will need much deserved rest to rejuvenate. I can only imagine how taxing this has been on your soul. It will be very difficult, but you will have to unplug and shutdown for at least a day or so. We as players will be fine. Try to not focus the negatives of the situation and look to the future possibilities we have to explore.

This game is a learning experience for everyone from the development team to hosting team to admins and players. All involved have regularly discovered what not to do. Stay strong everyone, we will weather this storm like any others the universe has thrown at us. Just remember, nothing worth having comes easy…


Keep fighting the good fight. You and your team rock. We will survive this. Take care of your health though, get some sleep, eat good meals, take a walk outside and get sunshine.

The one thing I would ask you look into, is for this wipe allowing CPU extenders to stack to a higher level in the OCD. I have been mass producing them and they dont stack in the OCD except for small quantities. Thank you again for all your work


Hey Rex,

Some suggestions

  1. I think you should give yourself more time to setup and test everything properly, Tuesday is a bit early.
  2. I strongly advise against doing manual operations directly on the database, it can cause so many unforeseen issues that DB could become corrupted again and another full wipe would be needed. If that happens you will probably want to kill yourself. Set up everything at start, ask Eleon to provide a proper way of making changes that you need and put all changes on hold until it’s ready.
  3. Few things to make this transition easier for players:
    a) Temporary EGS Recycle lvl 5 for everyone with efficiency boosted to 100%
    b) Assuming blueprint factory resources will get wiped apply to everyone for this single wipe Blueprint Factory -> OCD package
    c) If items put on market will get wiped then reduce fee for withdrawing items from the market to 0% for the transition period

The issue if it is level 5 recycle is it costs credits to recycle then (in EB) which new players may not have.

It’s all good, part of being in an alpha game things aren’t always gonna go smoothly. Thx for the hard work

If you lost ores, please always make a ticket. Its easy for us to track and even give it back. I just can’t do it automatically since the possibility of exploits is to high

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Yeah sorry I thought after writing it, it would be to easy to exploit and was just coming back to erase it now but you beat me to the punch :smiley:

What about players that wont have room for cancelled marketplace items in their OCD? With the epic weapons change from 70/slot to 7/slot I would need a completely empty OCD5 to store all the weapons I pulled out with hopes of selling this season? Can the marketplace not wipe and just stay up between wipes since it is virtual?

HWS Marketplace over HWS Connect will not wipe


What about Recycel and OCD? (Active from this moment on)

  • 100% Recycle for all
  • Global for all
  • No Cost per Blocks/Devices for all
  • Blocks and Devices for all
    So no need to upgrade recycle for this wipe.

Orbital Cargo:
Since resources have to be taken over to the next season, we upped the cap per slot of the
Item Category Common and Rare:
(This might change maybe a bit since I had to make a quick decision now. But only for your advantage).

Level 1: +10k
Level 2: +20k
Level 3: +30k
Level 4-10: +40k

Level 1: +5k
Level 2: +10k
Level 3: +15k
Level 4-10: +20k

After the wipe everything gets back to normal and at the end of the season the OCD will force its former slot limits. So make sure to take the over limit amount that we grant you now out of your OCD after the wipe on Tuesday!

HWS Marketplace:
HWS Marketplace over HWS Connect will not wipe on Tuesday

Ressources from Blueprint will be taken into OCD for all (if you have space for it)

Garage ships: Make a ticket for refund please
(Please be aware: refund means the ship will get destroyed directly. DO Not recylce or take NPC core etc out!. Undock every vessel, give us the ID and also the Name of the Original Garage ship please)


Hi Rexx no problem with wipe, but what about ppl that bought a Garage ship? will credit be refunded?

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Ressources from Blueprint will be taken into OCD for all (if space)

Garage ships: Make a ticket for refund pelase

Corrupt databases have been the bane of the gaming community, this is not the first and i am sure, despite all we hope to achieve, will not be the last.
Rest assured, our faith in you and the team to make things work goes undiminished. I have nothing but gratefulness and respect for the work you guys put in this server. I am new to this game, (Only played it for about 5 weeks) but here i found a home i want to stay in for the long haul. <3