HWS 13 | Eton is back | T.E.A.M. Industries Tower moved to ECC

Good Evening HWS Community,

Since 5PM 2 major changes happened:

  1. Implementation of Eton. It is again the good old “Capture the Base” Event Type. Destroying the Shield first by activating the 4 levers at the shell outside. Then invade the Metropolis Tower to destroy the Core at the top.
    It offers more strategy than the previous chillin in a room type.

  2. The HQ Planets suffer heavily from the high traffic. Once more the ultimate proof what the limits of Empyrion MP are. We really hoped it worked. Hoped, the Origins can come together and celebrate their own TEAM Tower. We tried.
    With the Server Restart, I will move the T.E.A.M. Tower to the ECC Planet. Hopefully it works without issues.
    The HWS Tax are famous and controversial but the ultimate “weapon” against Performance issues on a 500+ visits per day planet. So again, make sure to leave ECC once you are done with your TEAM business.

The Personal Teleportation Device got also an update because of the above!
You can teleport to TEAM with HWS Connect now!
Keep in mind your backpack will be wiped with that feature. Make use of your OCD

Your HWS Team