HWS 13 | EWS 2.0 | New Config - New Gameplay

Dear HWS Community,

one of my biggest milestone is about to get finished: the new HWS Config / EWS 2.0.
It is not finalized yet, and will never be I guess, but it’s accessible for you to test!
Please test very good, with your friends, alone, different situations.
As little teaser, like last time watch this if you like:

EWS 2.0 & New Config Gameplay

Please check out the updated sheet here:

Combined with that my biggest commit about it here:

But ideally you just check out all my Commits in the HWS-13 branch on github :slight_smile:

As short summary:

  • More weapons got added and with that more possibilities. Changing some previous mechanics like the Hitscan meta. It is now a more dynamic homing / choice of weapon meta

  • Shields have a high meaning but can be countered in good ways

  • Turrets on CV and BA got more sustainability

  • Bases should be stronger and more (team/tactic) effort needed to take them out

  • New Techtree additions and gameplay

  • New alternative weapon modes for handheld weapons and Base Plasma Turret

  • More challenging PvE adventures

Again, please let me know your feedback. Nothing is set in stone yet and after working the last 3 days 16hours on them nonstop, I’m sure I missed / messed something.

Thanks to Reforged Galaxy (Vermillion) for couple of nice ideas!

Thanks to @DarthMyrten for inspirations and great help about the MaterialsConfig.ecf and overall input for EWS 2.0.

I’m excited to see you all in HWS 13! I really hope all works out for us - I would say we deserved it, no? :slight_smile:

Your HWS Team


Changes to config look very nice! Very excited to test them

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Very nice. I like that flak is set to shred SVs. Also good to see terrain is no longer affected. Cannot wait to headshot those zirax with me shotty :slight_smile:

Love the CV torpedo idea. great for finishing off a slow or static target.

Also the player turret fired mechanic. This gives more of a value to multi crew too.

Couple of Questions:

Would ASTIC’s “passenger” mod work on HWS? Would really help the multicrew concept? (https://github.com/GitHub-TC/EmpyrionPassenger)

Also is it possible to have a SV variant of the torpedo? Perhaps it would take up all the weapons slots, so you have a torpedo bomber class SV? It would be nice to make SV’s useful in space CV battles again. Not as powerful as the CV launched Torpedo, but you gain the maneuverability of the SV. Perhaps the SV can have some sort of lower detection range, due to its small profile? Or a stealth module that comes with the SV torpedo launcher to have a very short detection range…

Anyway just some quick thoughts for consideration/discussion… :grinning:

OK, now we’re talking! :blush:


HWS only uses HWS mods so probably not :slight_smile:
Maybe one day the admins can make their own similar mod though if it makes sense, who knows.


can’t wait to torch those horrors in alien asylum :smiling_imp:

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I am disappointed to see HV and SV manually fired rockets got a nerf for metals and hull…

Edit: Oh nvrm the homing is still effective. Phewww…

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was thinking the same thing till I noticed it as well :slight_smile:

Actually, I am pretty disappointed that the epic laser rifle got a nerf against personnel. Big punch in the gut for freelancers. I appreciate that it’s good against shields, but I’m not gonna be charging a base on foot. Maybe one day if zirax small drones get shields, it might be more useful…

Mo shotty is da man when it comes to ground assaults :slight_smile:

I like the idea of these new weapons, but @RexXxuS, how do we find them in the item menu in creative so that we can test them? I cannot find them at all. I have copied the config files (master.zip) from Github, but I must be doing something wrong when putting them into the Empyrion files on my computer. Although I have noticed that the files in the master.zip are about 2 weeks old. If they are not the files I need where are the ones I do need?

you have to switch to the HWS-13 branch I think :+1:

Checkout this commit

Hi @RexXxuS. I am still having trouble downloading the files. If I download the Master.zip file in HWS-13 I still get the old files (I had tried that before by the way :slight_smile: ). I have even tried copying and pasting each of the file contents and saving them on my computer, but this causes errors in the game. Could you update the master zip file so that it is easy to download the correct files and install them in the right place. Thanks for your help.



unpack here for creative mode:
SteamApps\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Content\Configuration

Thanks very much @IceDrugg.

The full wipe is tomorrow, so yeah. Today/Tonight I will merge the HWS-13 branch into the master.

It’s ok now - @IceDrugg gave me the answers I needed. Thank you for your help @RexXxuS and @IceDrugg :smiley: