Thank You!

The following lists are by no means complete / comprehensive. There are unnamed individuals that are no less appreciated than the following folks listed here. Thanks to everyone who has supported the server either with donations / support, with feedback, forum participation, suggestions, bug reporting, community support, etc.

We are proud of our community and you all are a BIG part of the reason why HWS is and will always be the predominant place for Empyrion players.

Many thanks to these special helpers, for example as Admins:


Noteworthy mention and genuine appreciation go to this special group of folks for their contributions & testing:


Thanks to POI creators (e.g. Community Content Contest, Missions or Official Forums):

@Siege Inc.

Special thank to the creator and contributors of the Project Eden Scenario & Reforged Eden Scenario


All credits goes to the Original Creators

Check out the Guide for all relevant names and contributions:
Steam Community :: Guide :: Project Eden Configuration Guide A12

Special Thanks for sharing / helping / testing for the HWS Configs

@Vermillion (innovative ideas in his Reforged Galaxy Config)

Special thank to our Translators with translating the HWS PDA / Website into different languages!

@GEEKsogen | Russian Translation
@Paxxo1985 | Italian Translation
@area51 | Dutch Translation
Alcohol135 | German Translation

And last but not least, the Eleon Developer team - without whom we would not be here - enjoying their great game!

Your HWS Team