HWS 3.3 / Patch 3.3

Hey guys,

patch 3.3 is out and so we hope a new better experience is waiting for you. Not only because of the lag fixes also because of the big PvP change someone might overread in the patch notes.
We can now set a PvP AntiGriefDistance, what we did: 250 meter! So you can’t dig or build 250 meter around a PvP base anymore. This should prevent all sneaky base capturing methods and really focus on how to get a base with good strategy , good ships and man power.
Let’s see how this will involve in the future.

Have fun on HWS

Your HWS Team

And Automatic Ship Warp is turned on! Meaning: If your Ship gets stranded in the Pole/Green Barrier, it will be automatically moved out of there after ~ 4 minutes. No more Admin needed :wink:

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Looks like a really impressive update,

‘We can now set a PvP AntiGriefDistance’

That is awesome, Still a a lot of dramas with BA being so easily over taken but at least low level players with a drill won’t be able to take down a fortress! :smiley:

  • Fixed: Explosion damage kills player in SV cockpit. YES!
  • Fixed: Tools/weapons sometimes severely shaking when idle. YES!

However, the most crucial update. waited for months and months…it’s finally here…

  • Replaced durian plant with better model :wink:
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Very nice! Now if they get round to balancing weapons such that a single HV cant take down a 100 turret base we might have the opportunity to start colonising PvP space to give everyone a better experience.

New patch is fail as always but thats not so important. There is still a problem with number of turrets. Now all you need is to land few CVs with enough miniguns on each around base and its done, game will stop to work as it usually do. Not sure what to do with it, but something should be done.
Im not playing and not going to invest more time into this trash until someone will do something with it. Last time i played i crossed barrier, there was Thranirs CV which made game so laggy that i wasnt able to see where im flying. Not to mention that i wasnt able to get under 200m to see its Thranirs ship, I got this information a bit later.

I mean im not sure what exactly this PvP antigrief means but i understand it that you are not able to dig at 250m and closer, which leaves attacker only option to attack from air with ships, i like it. But its problem to attack anything in this trash game as above some number of turrets its unplayable. Everyone was thinking that minigun as hitscan weapon will be less performance demanding sadly its not true, as minigun does 3 dmg but in fast rate instantly so damaged block takes 3x number of turrets dmg every second and game simply cant keep up with updating block health when there are hundrets of turrets. I saw minigun dmg done 5s after i stoped to shoot.

God help us…

Reading your post made me thinking about a workaround for this “frustrating” situation.

As long as i know, the lag, right now, is a problem of the planets surface, not for orbits, because the “living” beings on the planet make the CPU load over 999999.

So i was wondering “We like to fight, we play to fight, lose, rebuild e lose again, we are not here to gather as much ore is possible, we like to use it…what can we do to get what we like with what we have?”

A really bad idea came to my mind, that i wrote on the discord chat, but nobody still answered…so maybe is REALLY REALLY bad and nobody wants to offend me :smiley:

My idea is:

0CV - 0BA rule on PvP Planets.

Yeah, exactly what you read, no “big structures” on PvP planets…only SV used to land, gather what we need from the surface, then back to the orbit where “we live”.

Yeah i know, is fun to build on planets and a lot of things, but we are still in ALPHA and maybe that colonizing the space, where we can easily fight and defend without quitting the game, can be a solution.

No? What you think? I’m totally out of the road or my idea can be made better and fun?

My 2 cents…

Thanks a lot for the suggestions.
But as far as I know —did not play for very long— pvp fights lagg in Orbit the same way.

fight laggs - didnt depend on area (space or planet orbit or planet). They depend on counting dmg… Thats why CPU dies, not Video…

Yup, more guns = more calculations = lag.

Eleon need some proper balance so we don’t get the 3733t 200 turret SV’s turning up and annihilating a base.

I hate to ramble on (no I don’t I love it) but right now the barrier to entry for big ships is too low. Making and defedning a base should be easier than a CV imho.

As a thoroughly made up example. If it costs me a million CR to make my defensible base (i.e. the proportion between the size/power/defenses is reasonable) then it should take 3m CR to take it down.

Why you say?

Because if I have a 1m CR base it likely has another 2m CR worth of stuff in it for looting and ergo - worth attacking.

Right now, as we have seen, it is too easy to spend 100k CR to take down big bases and just annihilate them for fun. If you had to actually salvage to make it worth your while the game will be improved.

guys im so upset because of one thing which will never change. Some ppl simply dont get it or dont care, in game in real life…its not important. So do i need balance or rule or restrictions? No, becouse i simply see that too many turrets lags so i dont build too many turrets. Clear as day. I want to play so i dont have something huge with many turrets especialy miniguns.

What i dont understand is if this is so hard to understand or where is the problem. Why someone see that something causes a problem so he decide to not to cause problem why other simply build something which stops the game.

Solution is very easy, probably some psychological tests before joining server :smiley:

Its always the way Elfias. Some people have a psychology that takes them in that direction. Whilst ever there isnt a restriction in place that they cannot get around, they will play in that way.

No limit on guns = more guns
No check on faction tag = abuse faction tag rules
No rule preventing x = do x even when it harms the game.

Thats why right now I support anything which puts the control in HWS hands. Like OCD and the new market proposal. Rexx/Jascha can impose the rules where Eleon have not.

Over time as the core game develops there may be less need for this but right I fully support a more HWS centric approach.

Agreed. Anyway i think that HWS is best feedback for MP so they should listen a bit and do whats needed on HWS. I think that its same like in case of Difficulity. Let the player decide what he wants to play. For MP let community decide.

Its good time to put some pressure on devs to make all this able to set in file differently for each server. It must be configured somewhere anyway. If they do the same for weapons they could get incredible help with balancing without any work and so on, simply it can be only profit for them.

Jascha is such diplomatic type so maybe its time to convince them to do it :smiley:

Talking only for me, i do a lot of “bad things” to the game because i simply don’t understand my error.

Some days ago i build my first “War CV” and i put a lot of miniguns just because they fire by themself and i’m not good at aiming…now i understand that it can f**k up the fun and i’ll find a better way to build my CV…

…but this is because i understood my error.

Believe me, that a lot of ppl plays the game, but don’t bother about the forums or discord chat if they don’t need support…and even if the need support, usually don’t read all the discussion about PvP, PvE, mechanics, etc etc…they just don’t know they are f**king up the game…maybe we need to teach them and make them understood the error.

I mean, lose faith in Humanity, but not in Gamers :sunglasses:

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Does this anti-grief on digging towards a pvp base count for weapon damage too? So, instead of using a drill you can use a plasma cannon to “damage” the ground away, since the terrain is taking weapon damage…

Good point, since most tunnelers consist of a bunch of plasma cannons, does the anti-grief just make the terrain impervious to damage?

For now yes… changes regarding this coming soon

Okay so if I make a base underground with just some turrets sticking up it is basically invulnerable???

well in the best case. In the worst case you have a dedicated mole near you, shooting his way 1 millions miles before through the ground x)

Looks like some people have lost it… i just put as many miniguns on my cv i could to prevent an SWP attack on my base with their monster cv, then you came and started shooting at it, even that Zappe told you that i had an base there, and when you lost you were raging hard in chat, saying very bad insults for nothing, why do i deserve to be called fucking idiot etc? i had not done shit…