HWS 4.0 / Alpha 4.0 prepare yourself!

Hey guys,

as I said it is coming closer and closer and now it is on the experimental branch. No secrets anymore :wink:


What does it mean?

HWS Marketplace

I know some like the Eleon Marketplace but once again: we turn it off and activate our HWS Marketplace again. You can sell your stuff globally with a 10% tax but can only buy on certain HWS Marketplace Shops. Spread in every PvE playfield. This is more player driven and fit better to our HWS story.
You will be able to see every trade in HWS Connect.

Blueprint Device Class

The performance seems very good now and in combination with the point below we will increase the Blueprint Spawn Class to 4 again. This means you can have structures with up to 1000 devices.
We will ease our device detection to the same amount. So 1000 is the last you can build even after you spawned a ship.
The max. blockcount detection will be removed as a test at the beginning and to simplify things.
The 50 devices on planets will be also removed due the point below.
But we need to see how lights, thrusters, etc. impact the performance first and decide then how to go further.

Turret device limitation

It is finally there. No hope for our tool but implemented into the game straight away: turret / gun limitations. We let the flamer flame but for people who want to know: you can only have max. 22 turrets now on your SV / CV / BA (bit less on HV). For example 4 Flags and 6 Miniguns max. For the smart PvP guys under you: more than 21 guns was not effective anyways. In that move the damage per second and turn rate of them increased. So they are still very deadly but reducing the lag party a lot.
If we activate this it also means that your blueprints with more than 22 turrets can’t be spawned on the server so make sure you build good ships according to that.

Offline Protection

One feature is missing for it so we don’t know yet. If they implement a delay when it gets active then yes. If not, then not, I guess.

Auto Miner

We want to see how the Auto Miner Device from Eleon performs so in that move we deactivate our Auto Miner. So it is up to you if you want to sell your HWS Auto Miner (e.g. am:sell:iron). But make sure to withdraw your ores and don’t feed it with pentaxid anymore.
The Eleon Auto Miner promise more exploration fun and ways to protect it from others. But some things are still questionable like what happens if no Deposits are on planets anymore. It will be kind of “first come, first serve”. But since we have a lot of PvP planets we will see. Also more terrain wipes gonna be happen I guess.
But if we see that it don’t fit good into HWS we activate our Auto Miner again.

Cargo Lock Codes

Quite cool: you can set a 4-digit code to your Cargo Box so other can enter it if they know the code - even if the rest of your structure is faction / private. We will play with this feature around later

That’s it for now. It looks very promising that these new features in combination with our new universe layout grants a long term fun for everyone.

If you have questions / feedback let me know.

Your HWS Team


haha…so many peoples blueprints will be, well F**ked.

makes for less lag and more creativity so i’m all for, even if that does mean 20 hours worth of building down the drain

Nice patch, finally some good news for this game :smiley:

Do you mean they have increased all damage and tracking speed of turrets ?

Because i don’t see the line in the patch note, and i’m all ok for limitation but a SV with 21 guns VS a CV with 21 turrets…guess who wins ? :smiley:

This will kill the experience for a single person factions IMHO. What will be left to do other than attacking other people’s bases while they’re offline (which I think is against the rules) in case we have OP off. If OP is on there is not much left to do at all.

I think this is another limitation set by the performance issues of the game itself, not meant for the gameplay to evolve. We have to have such limits, but they should be different for the different vessels. Otherwise this makes big ships indefensible.

I don’t think rules should be enforced by such a “same limit for everything” because the game doesn’t provide ways to do it otherwise. If someone is breaking the rules, this is not a reason to make everybody’s life difficult (and in many cases - pointless). Inescapable prison, as well as funds/resources confiscation is more than enough.

the CV :slight_smile:

It needs some rebuilding and understanding. Let’s see how it turns out.

@Sveto this is a survival game. If you looking for a campaign / deep story you have to wait. This game is about building / survive / fight. But with 4.0 HWS gives you a story which is challenging in that topic so have fun.

Hope you’re right :smiley: can’t wait for HWS 4.0 now !!!

I hope you’re right as well. We’ll see and the number of players will show what is best.

I have a question about the auto miner. If we need to sell our AM is this going to restore all the credits we spent purchasing it ?

If yes, we’ll end-up with a lot of credits over the limit of 250k that will be transfered after the wipe. Does this mean we need to buy donation package, so we do not loose our credits ?

Already been answered, we get the 25% back. If you choose to keep then it will lay dormant but if Eleon AM fails on server its might come back up so its a risk.

Incase you say 25% is too low, think of all the resources you got out of it, very much worth more than you put in :D…unless you upgraded yesterday or something lol

About the 22 turrets limit - is it only the spawn will be limited or somehow this will be enforced, so you do not add more turrets later ?

both limited within the game.

Finally, the requirement for adequate ships. a standing ovation :slight_smile:

Rly? :grinning:

Just when I released a 300 devices, 40 artillery turrets destroyer (named hws-destroyer) on the workshop :frowning:

I made it so 20 turrets are always tracking the enemy, it’s useless now

1000 DEVICES wow rex you like santa whhooooooo hhhooooooo lol what about faction cv limit on the same playing field ? will we still have our ocd and contents in 4.0 after wipe? will eb still be working as there are supposed to be atm to transfer cr ? and would a fly without wings be called a walk? lol :smile:

Will it be possible to sell our auto miners later on after deactivation 4.0 ?

Not quite easy and possible till 4.0, sorry buddy.

yes. I will make another and final “Pre-Full-Wipe” Topic soon.

This will be quite interesting. You can withdraw your inventory credits via ATM and have it as a MoneyCard. Giving this to people or loosing everything if you die :stuck_out_tongue: But our Elemental Bank will be still active where it is absolutely save and with 3% interest per day :stuck_out_tongue: Also the eb:send command works globally to send other people credits.

Sorry to hear man. I know that a lot of people are upset about their ships not fitting / working good anymore. The only consolation is maybe that everyone is in the same boat. :expressionless:

Nope. The commands are not working after we deactivate it.
To be honest: you can’t upgrade them, they have a max. 400 ore limit, they are slow and restricted. I am not sure if or when we will activate our Auto Miner again. But we want to give the new ones a chance, collect Feedback and make them better first.

Guys dont panic about ship weight. Thats real work in progress its good they finaly touched it. Of course that will change and they are asking for help with balancing it.

It brings some very important changes like shuterwindows are finaly not strongest blocks in game, so well, i have to remake my SV :frowning: but i never wanted to fly Windows ship anyway.
Most important is separation to S and L blocks. 2000 hp is much better than 500 and allows BA and CV to hold under fire, Hummel told it can get 4x-10x more, so up to 10k hp. I welcome this as finaly base will be a base not a house of cards which fals down in breeze. Also CV wont have huge hole in 4 layers of combat steel armor after 10 plasma SV shots.

The coloring is because of the change to linear, that wont look like that in future, it takes some time to change all to adapt it for new model so thats not issue too.

So dont be mad right now, its step in good direction, what you see in experimental is just very rough draft, of course it will be a bit painfull but i belive it wont be so bad as it is looking right now.

And yes AM simply no, thats like classical Eleon work, simply most terrible thing which would make one cry. Followed closely by T1 shotgun and new SV 500 hp wings.

And guys yay, they finaly added flamethrower :smiley: (after closer look you can see it has functionality of Multitool but who cares, it looks like flamethrower)

Number of guns, turrets etc. so far there is strong demand of making this fully configurable by admins, not hardcoded so lets hope it will be up to Rexxx to set it.

I think its just me panicking Elf lol.

I welcome the changes to shutter windows, That’s the kind of editing to BP that makes sense. Windows used as…vents just for extra armor, glad to see that change.

The increase in HP is really good, combined with less guns but super speed in turning and damage means SV will no longer take down base, i see why Rex now said a CV would beat a SV. At first i was thinking less guns where is the logic? but better HP blocks and better damage more response weapons will cut through SV now which is great…never seen a huge mother ship be taken out by a small ship in a movie…unless said said flys into the reactor core, bam…

Anyway, Yea im not fussed about lighting and that, they a fixes that will come…i would never stop playing or be too critical because the lighting is off lol.

Overall 4.0 additions and corrections are really good, if the thruster and weight issue gets dealt with i will be very happy and will defo think its big step forward, if nothing changes with that then i cant help but feel 1 step forward, 1 step back…not saying they are making it overall worse but adding good things and creating problems with things that already work causes stagnation and no real progression.

The AM is a huge fail, kind of expected. Maybe id reconsider taking away HWS AM lol, nerf it abit maybe…no gold AM but with Eleon version it will never get used.

For now i will wait patiently and wait until 4.0 official release. I had plans to make lots of new cool designs for 4.0 but that will have to be put on hold indefinitely.

Usually its you being in my shoes Elf, odd seeing such a positive post :joy:

Haha you havent seen my posts on Eleon, i keep my standarts there, nothing positive :smiley:

Nah i dont mean it badly, I just think that compliments about awsomness should be saved for fragile part of humankind, if someone is trying to develop, build or whatever and something is wrong on it someone should tell hey man but i think this is pretty f up if it is or if he thinks it is.

You was sceptical, well im too, as current experimental is simply total mess but i see that it can have good outcome if polished right way. Of course it can also be last drop and reason to finaly free space on harddisk.

Most of all btw i dont like this developer worshiping trend, i dont see a reason for that its just another job as baker is. And most of all im starting to hate EA, and new release unfinished game and leave it trend. Its like crysis when CD ROM first appeared, everygame was full of shitty sampled video as there suddently was plenty of space on CD for that.

Anyway, so far i have no reports about most important feature still absolutly overlooked by all:

  • Huge network optimization, actualy this is most important for us.

Yeah that’s the one I was hyped about :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not a great endorsement.