HWS 4.0 Hunter Tease!

Hello and Welcome to,


Who is xXx you ask ?


xXx (X3H Hunters) is not just any hunter faction. They are the pinnacle of the Hunter faction.

An incredibly wealthy and resource rich organisation that lives and breathes to a code…Respect and Honour.

They do not require payment for what they do, just gratitude and a mutual respect.

What do they do for you?

  • Someone you know abusing the Trader faction sign?
  • Constantly being victimized by another faction?
  • Someone not following the rules?
  • Revenge?

Look no further.

What do they do for themselves?

*Your faction upsetting people regularly, not for long.
*Your an alliance faction bound by laws, xXx will happily shoot first always if its the right thing to do even if you are a trader.

  • They are very much a proud hunter faction, they are looked up to by other independent hunter factions as they offer a unique service that only fellow hunters can use.

Hunter Npc

xXx (X3H) headquaters Is based on the hunter planet (Will be in 4.0 ;))

They can’t be missed

The prestigious HQ offers SV parking area for all independent hunter factions when coming to make a supply purchase.

The package is as follows, FInal confirmation will be given when 4.0 is released. (only available to HUNTER factions)

Cost to be confirmed by Admin. (minimal proceeds given to xXx 20%)

The Fleet

xXx are the elite hunters, They have a mass fleet spanning several orbits around the HWS universe…some examples

Here are what some fellow hunters have to say about xXx (in game tag 3XH)


xXx wouldn’t be able to maintain a high level of professionalism without the help of other factions, also we will not accept a contract off particular factions and also will not attack ally and neutral factions.

[WGT]thispolak - Combat Supplier/ NPC Trader Admin
ELT - Mass shipments supplier
INA - Intel

MDA - Server Friendly Faction
MAD - Server Friendly Faction


List will be updated When needed.

Why do i care?

PM if interested!

(only experienced players, Trust is a big thing here :wink:)

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Welcome to the Hunter faction mate :smiley:

I’m happy to know that i will have at least one neighbor faction on the hunter planet in HWS 4.0 :smiley:

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WGT will be fulfilling all xXx/X3h member needs for ships, ammo, supplies, everything they need including martian hookers. We are serious in our fight against swp.

I little lesson for LLT,

Don’t be so hasty to fire the first shot ;)…i was planning on leaving until i saw you come after me…No hard feelings tho :smiley:


Video does go on after but just shows a lot of destruction…you get the idea from this snippet…

Interesting… You may be getting a PM today with an offer.

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Loooling that. Unique! No, UNIQUE

Translate: We are based on pve, because we are scare to loose our farm

Something was not visible yet your mighty fleet. Perhaps he, too, on the PvE - so that they could enjoy, and not, God forbid, lose in battle

Translate: We dream to lose our ships for pay others. For our own is expensive

If shortly: We are posted nice pictures here, so give us money

An NPC package on a hunter planet, Where only Hunters can go and only hunters can buy…Not unique, perhaps your English understanding is not correct.

Hunter planet, Hunter NPC, Would be very smart to place a NPC supplier in PVP…people like you would destroy, nice one. Does that tower look like a farming tower or just a pretty building…?

The title says 4.0…of course they are not all in the HWS now (the large one i dismantled weeks ago), I have enough Money and resource why would i worry about losing a few ships…saying this becuase the other day i refused to wait 30 mins for your half destoryed ship with 4 rail guns to finish off what my own plasma cannons had done…

Pretty sure i’m one of the richest users on the server, why would i want anyone else to give me money?

We will wait and see in 4.0 Raiden, To be fair you are the weakest member of SWP so i’ll have no problems with taking you down…


In last week i lose one sv. Kill about… dont know, maybe 10-20 cv and maybe 20+cv
So, i dont remember your nickname, and actualy dont remember you

Yeah, i weakest member of SWP. But - you are just weak. Maybe rich - but we are correct this, i hope :wink:
Ofc you have no problem. No ships - no problem

Sjdowiee is not my in game name…

Well imagine. You’re asking people support and even hiding under false nickname

Not intentionally, Its done on steam name when i first bought Emph, myabe Rex can change it actually…thanks for pointing out :wink:

His ingame name is Achilles

Normally you could change your name here too. Just go to top right > settings and change your name there.
If it didn’t work, let me know

I’ve changed my name but the account name doesn’t highlight to do so.

If possible would like to have my account name as Achilles?

Strange then this setting didn’t work maybe.

Yea can’t click on it only just the name underneath i could change.Thanks!

Well, Achilles, nice :wink:

On a other note can this be reviewed

Reason why

Myself and every hunter needs RP for 4.0 to have any chance of affording rent on hunter planet. Not dying from game problems is hard enough lol…but as I need at least 15rp for a mid sized base this means atm I’m basically torn between going into battle and not gain any RP or sit around being bored to get rp/not login for 24 hours.

The other factions have it pretty easy I mean alliance nothing
Trader. 1 warp. Just warp pve to pve which they do.
Pirate. No pve. Do they ever enter pve??

Has to have a CV/BA in pvp for 24 hours
Has to have +10 kills every 24 hours
Has to warp 4 times in 24 hours
Has to enter pvp every 24 hours.

Would like to know your thoughts Rex


Yeah I will make the Reputation Point system more transparent and public since it will be very powerful later on.

Pirate will be changed by the way by “Having no structure in PvE at all”. So they kind of have to decide if they want to play defense pirate and live on their PvE faction planet or aggressive like SWP :wink:

Your suggestions are interesting though. 10 kills would also mean alien / POI though. Maybe too easy? Hmm… maybe this better for Hunter and has to have CV/BA for alliance in terms of role “Alliance need to protect people everywhere”. Hm dunno… tricky.
4 warps for trader would almost mean the whole 4.0 universe x) and 100 pentaxit x) Either adjusting the Trader supply package or less jumps. Hm.

These game development decisions are best made by you - the community. Well and the poor Jascha who needs to code it x)

Awesome just to clarify the suggestions were only alternatives for hunter lol

I think the other factions need changing but people who are in those factions have a batter say than me to know what’s fair

Either way I’m hyped for 4.0. The universe in itself with the new rent system and factions planets plus larger travel distance and hws marketplace…game experience will increase for me by like 70% sure others will agree…