HWS 4.0 Idea. In Pictures

As i mentioned in the Feedback for 3.0 these are my ideas, like or hate them i’m just trying to look out for everyone :D.


Feedback welcome!

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I took quick look. Nice to see ppl like us trying to think out something at least Rexx can see some inspiration :slight_smile: I so much dont like Alliance is only one faction with few pentax, its like noone have idea of what is it like to try to keep some space safe, all you need all the time, in every oportunity is pentax. At one side of universe some trader under attack - pentax. When you get there some is killing newbies on Eart - pentax. And we are not taliing about 40 pentax, we are talking about hundrets here usually for nothing, and im experienced player i know where to get it i still left Alliance, hours of collection pentax. Pentax everywhere, i dream about pentax :slight_smile:

With Regards your Pentax.

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I totally agree, I think the best way to keep it balanced is by giving the Alliance faction moon a lot of x2 blue crystals. Much like Earth outpost now. Other Faction moons will hold less and a lot more x1 crystals, Alliance guys are more likely to settle near a moon which caters for their long distance and regular travel needs!

sorry about all the spelling mistakes etc, didn’t have time to double check :wink:

Awesome and definitely my bookmark as soon as I start to make HWS 4.0! You guys helping us a lot and of course we want to make this game great for you, not for us (sadly we can’t play anymore :sweat:)
We really appreciate any feedback. And that is great! But of course Trader needs to be green instead of yellow :smile:

I like it in principle.

I think there should be more encouragement for people to group up and thus reduce the number of bases/CV’s the server needs to keep a track of. I would prefer if solo players (and I am one of them!!) got less resources than those who are grouped up in terms of the fa:supply.

The big kicker for me is waiting for Eleon to get their heads out of their asses and make multiplayer and PvP viable. I want an epic battle with 2 CV’s duking it out with SV’s fighting a dogged battle.Right now we get bricks with guns annihilating everything…frankly its boring.

Keep iterating, I can’t wait!!

Thanks for the feedback guys and cheers Rex for taking the time to look.

By no means do i expect or would ask any of this stuff to get implemented, just want to feed the fire of thought for the Admin team so they can consider things they might have missed otherwise.

Kalsius - Totally frustrating with Eleon, so much potential just needs a bit more consideration and the game could be awesome for so many people. Fingers crossed it doesn’t go down the same path as Space Engineers…

Nice work.

My initial thoughts on the planet layout is that Traders would never base so far form the alliance.

Perhaps put alliance and traders on one side. Lawless and Pirates on the other. and hunters in the middle.

I would probably just say put traders on the same planet as alliance. That’s would would really happen IRL.

Whoa, looking at the new universe there’s a lot going on here, first of all I enjoy that you’re actually going to have to get around and explore, and the fact that rare resources are now well… rare feels like it could add a lot more value to these things that just kind of get tossed around to new folks… (I’m pretty guilty of doing that…)

Elf, it’s a lot better than it used to be, I’ll tell you that much xD

Just had an idea about the issue of pentax, everyone knows where to find it…it’s not harder to get that even the most common resources…yet it’s just a pain having to run around clicking pick up over n over.

How about a blue crystal autominer? I know as pentax is required to fuel the AM people will say it’s too op, but to be honest you’ve had to pay for it by putting hours into the server. You could increase the upgrade cost so it jumps up like so…

AM level 1 blue crystal = 1 per hour = 0
2 = 2 = 20,000
3 = 3 = 40,000
4 = 4 = 60,000
5 = 5 = 80,000
6 =6 = 100,000 so on up to…

10 = 10 = 180,000

Total payable = 900,000

What do you think?

Also Statler I do agree with what you said about alliance and traders…just thought it might make for interesting play having pirates so close to trader planet patrolling the space around waiting to pounce!

Less autominer please!!! I would prefer they increase the haul from crystals to 3-4 than put more in AM.