HWS 5.0 After the storm

Hey @everyone,

puh… what a smooth release day… never had this before :slight_smile:
Devs never thought of breaking 128 slots but we did :wink: With the next restart they have a hotfix patch to be able to have 256 people. Challenge accepted x)


Anyways we are a bit tired of all the stress but obviously the next task is the updated PDA / Guide. Here are some quick hot informations you need:

NPC Trader

All people which have NPC Traders needs to call me as soon as they are in Elemental Marketplace. Then the base will be set to public and they can build their little room however they like. Choose your color code as you wish and prepare the LCD Screen Text already. Send them to me via PM then.

Donator Planets

Only from the guys which are currently online and have a tag are ready. Everyone else needs to create the tag first and PM me that tag. Till then all passive planets are set to HWS.

Guideline Questions

  1. Can Trader shoot other Origins? Yes
  2. Can I return to the Starter Planets? Yes. However keep in mind only 1 CV on these starter planets per player and we see how this grows in the future regarding laggs
  3. When will the starter playfields wipe? Only once per week now. On friday everything in the starting zone will be wiped. Type cb:wipe ingame
  4. NO camping in Elemental Marketplace. That is a no go!

More coming soon…

We hope you like the starter planets and have a great journey in HWS 5! :slight_smile:

Your HWS Team

P.S.: Don’t forget to read the 5.0 announcement


Is OCD not working in the marketplace intended?

no, sorry. Have to check all playfield individually and forgot this one. Done

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Aww but it’d be so funny when we killed someone on their xmas shopping trip…

Thank you Rexxxus

Went relatively smooth yes. No crashes nothing. But had a pile of bugs and lost some stuff due to bugs. Gareth even lost an entire blueprint.

Sadly I still got 0 RP… Can’t find that useless assault rifle, found epic rocket launchers and other epic weapons though. Used hundreds of pentax and went through the system twice.

Also now I see that the deposits are very small. So this is how you intended to balance the op hv-drills. But the deposits are so small now that I can’t be bothered to drill them. Got a few dozen miner cores though (they are common) so gonna automine my way through this patch I guess.

I wonder if/how/when POI’s respawn. They have autominer cores and epic weapons for RP but other than that they are useless.

I’m a bit afraid for that bug though that deletes autominers.

And just after the server restart I lost autominers + stuff in constructors…

And what about when i dont want a “little” room for my trader, what about when i prefer to build my own station? It was part of my gameplay to take care of my station, travelling over, filling up the fuel, the oxygen and the fridges, meeting there with customers, etc. Now i can sit in my base, wait till i get raided and do nothing else?

Whizzle you repeat yourself about “get raided and do nothing”.
So let me explain.

First of all it is like at work. If you don’t participate in important meetings than you have to deal with the decision outcome.
Having one shopping mall was the best outcome / decision there for everyone.
However, I write the Guide today and will make some (new) things clear. That means that we still allow NPC Traders but not in Elemental Marketplace.

This means (in combination with your get raided blame): that you can place yours on Neptune for example. Only Trader can enter this planet. If you are in alliance with the other Traders it means this is PvE. So make a new cool NPC Trader base with a little defense - just in case someone revoke the Alliance.

Other than that just play and with 120 RP you can build it on Zion. We want to encourage people to play more. Have a kind of campaign, story they can achieve. Or did you get to Peach in Super Mario also in the first second?

Last but not least we have a new idea for the PvE server which still allows you to CSW.

More infos soon.


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