Multiplel Faction CV's on PVE planet (continued)

You closed the other one with the answer “you can’t” but I still have questions.

– it is under our discretion that we might implement CV limits if the performance goes down

(Welcome to HWS 5.0!)

Sorry for being a pain again. But I’m confused now. I checked the rules like 4 times. Can’t find any kind of CV restriction in 5.0. I started searching for announcements and I found the one listed above.

  • So “you can’t” means we can only have 1 CV per PVE planet each?
  • “You can’t” also means that we can not set them to faction and they must be private/public?
  • Why is it not in the rules (God I really hope I didn’t misread again but I fear I did)?

Breach of the above = ships deleted? A lot of people will be losing ships then.

Now that we also need HV’s to mine people have more cores overall in 5.0 (1 HV for deposits, 1 HV for meteorites (same design is not a good idea), 1 CV, 1-3 SV, 1-3 BA)

Reference 1:

Reference 2:

There is no “rule” in the guide yet because I wanted to see if people are really that ego-centric, greedy and ignorant.
Not thinking a little bit about new players and their experience but instead all is circle around about their own profit and greed:

Reference 3:

So once again a rule hammer will be thrown to restrict something common sense logic for everyone because of few “I am the king and let him show the leak of rules”.

Once again for you and others the summary of the rules:

Summary: as soon as you enter HWS you enter a big, friendly, helpful, respectful community. Any way you cause damage to these principles can be punished.

Because of such nonsense words like these
Reference 4:

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I see. I missed/forgot the logic where we have to rely on others & each other not to be ‘dicks’.
But if this would work, then players would never exploit either and all make fair ships and don’t spawnkill, don’t combat log, don’t gank, etc. I already know this doesn’t work from 2.0 & 4.0 (especially in 2.0 so much abuse).

Even if 99 players are nice players and 1 is not, then at some point those other 99 will be like “wait a minute, I’m at a disadvantage because I’m nice?”. I can tell you from my experience in 2.0 that this feels terribly awful. And then the ratio will soon drop. I believe that a few people can do this. But I do not believe that the majority can be “nice” without rules for longer periods of time. They will have a bad day and mess it up for themselves and others and cause a domino effect.

So I hereby apologize and I will remove any core I don’t directly need (not that I had many). But I can destroy 1 SV and 1 BA I think on our donator planet. Though I really hate it not having a warp-ship to be really honest. Especially for farming RP.

I must also add to this that it is hard to remain “nice” when you enter a competitive PVP game. Especially when others are not always “nice” to you. “less rules = more (abuse)” I agree that this sentence is very negative but we probably can agree that this is sadly true.

And then there is "where to draw the line between being friendly, helpful & respectful and being a dick. Take this case:

Case 1:
Some veteran player mines all iron deposits on a planet that had only gold meteorites. But now it also has iron meteorites because he couldn’t be arsed to fly one planet further in the same system… He is being a “dick”. Should this player now be punished?

Case 2:
Some player wipes out the entire POI on the starter planet instead of leaving the spawns alive so that other newbies can also farm xp&food&medkits there. This player is now either a “dick” or a noob. Should this player now be punished?

Case 3:
5 pirates gank a single trader. Punish all 5?

Case 4:
I’m inside alien POI, someone finds my CV and starts shooting at it while I’m inside a really large POI… Should he be punished for being a total dick?

Case 5:
Someone lag-shots me, inside-out shoots me by accident or clearly sees me dc-ing. Yet he proceeds to destroy my ship. This is clearly not a case of being respectful. Punish?

Case 6:
Someone mines out the entire deposit on a PVE planet instead of leaving 20% intact for autominers. If this player is not a noob, punish?

Case 7:
Offline raiding, sniping base and what not. Punish for lack of respect for other people’s creations?

Case 8:
Spamming HV’s near BA to circumvent both the BA AND the turret limit on purpose. Also this adds a lot of cores to the server. Punish + retroactively?

To me this doesn’t work because of the domino effect + everybody having different morale ranges. But I probably said that too much already so I’ll just shut up and see how it goes.

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