Welcome to HWS 5.0!

Hey @everyone,

since version 5 is coming very shortly here is the promised announcement. (keep in mind that I have to work tomorrow but try to patch asap).

New Universe

Just few points:

  • the concept took us again weeks of time
  • it is under the codename “New Dawn” / “Bow” created
  • as you can see we have 5 starter planets now. Proper to the Origins we have. Make sure to choose the right one since you can only change your origin by “cb:reset” again!
  • The squares are representing your origin backup location - if you can keep it
  • a lot of special planets and orbits. For example Lucifer and Gabriel… worth to check them out :wink: (more info about them later)
  • the origin starter planets and outposts are restricted to the proper origin. This is the new Noob Protection.


As already discussed here one of the biggest change is coming. Make sure you know which Origin planet you will choose.

Origin colors

  • It is hard to force or check this automatically but we might give your special RP if everyone sticks to the Origin colors you see in the video. It’s way more cooler, right?


In the Starter Orbits you have lovely Marketplaces you can trade there

  • in the Origin location you have Origin Hubs. They are almost fully invincible. You can just capture them. Then you can trade / meet others there

  • this concept can be found here and there too and more in the future. Should create a ton of fun

New Features

New HWS Server

  • We will have a third server! With the release of 5.0 we start a brand new server “HWS EU PvE” to provide this universe but for more newer people or just people who wanna relax more. It is almost full PvE (Homeworld e.g.). Since it is really just to play Singleplayer in a Multiplayer environment it will be not connected via CSW to the others (would cause imbalance). It is again just a test if it will be accepted. If yes we maybe expand again to NA.

  • The two main server are now almost fully PvP because:
    – you have now Origins / Alliances. You can / should protect each other in PvP
    – a lot of playfields granting you enough space to hide

RP restricted planets

  • But to still have permanent PvE planets you have to earn it the real way now: As soon as you got 120-250 RP you can enter one of the four lovely Laggon Nebula Planets.

New RP get conditions

  • Every Origin have now the same condition to get RP. As seen in the video:
    – Guardians need an Epic Assault Rifle and warp 1 time per hour…
    – Hunter need an Epic Sniper and warp 1 time per hour…
    – Trader need an Epic Pistol and warp 1 time per hour…
    – Pirate need an Epic Minigung and warp 1 time per hour…
    to get 1RP per hour.

  • no other big profit for them anymore

  • guardians get also a supply package


  • Taxes are now only on Donator planet active as soon as one of the citizen there have 150RP or more.
  • Taxes are in the Homeworld Orbit (to reduce camping and lags)

Lucifer vs Gabriel

An old forgotten side-story is the fight between Lucifer and Gabriel. Which side will you choose?
The surface is built by the gods. It can’t be damaged but who dares to still steal their resources?

  • Conditions of Lucifer Planet:
    – PvPvE rotation system
    – Taxes

  • Condition of Gabriel Planet:
    – PvPvE rotation system
    – RP restriction to 70 (you can enter first if you have >=70 RP)

Eleon / HWS Marketplace

  • Eleon took over the HWS Marketplace completely so we don’t need it anymore. Maybe we activate our HWS Marketplace for special use cases again but for now there is only the ingame marketplace.

  • It is working 100% locally now. If you sold items in the Origin Starter Orbit, people have to come there to get the item for the best price. If you sell something in Elemental Marketplace people have to go there…

  • At the most important locations you will find Trading Stations. But trading can have some risks now…

NPC Trader

  • As seen in the video we have now a beautiful Shopping Mall made by Achilles. It is very smart built so everyone has enough equal room for their Traders and customer can orient themself super easy with the color codes

Global Scan

  • a very new and unique gameplay feature is now the Global Scan. We had this long time ago already but without deeper intentions. Now it is well implemented:

  • as soon as you have >= 150 RP a special ability of your Player got activated. This allows you to see which playfield has how many cores. This can only be checked in HWS Connect > Universe

  • However since this ability is so powerful it consumes RP from you. You lose 2 RP per day as long as this ability is active (if you have >= 150 RP). If you have < 150 RP again it will be deactivated automatically, you will see in HWS Connect again only “???”.
    (this is obviously not available for Freelancers)

  • This is working in combination with everything else. So only the very bravest and loyale player are sooner or later able to chill on the four permanent PvE Lagoon Nebula planets

New OCD levels

  • we have two new OCD levels!
    – OCD level 6: only then you can now store gold coins / gold ingots / moneycards / gold ore in your OCD. Price: 70.000.000
    — OCD level 7: allows you to use OCD in PvP with the given cooldowns. Price:!


  • you liked our Asylum Event? You like the custom POIs you will discover soon? It is just the beginning… prepare yourself for a lot of Events and rewards of course - including RP and Popcorn!


  • still needs to be rewritten but more freedom. More cleaner and simplified. We already gave teasers about it. Stay tuned.


  • as mentioned:
    – 20k Blocks
    – Class 3 blueprints and max. (500 devices max.)
    – 3 private BA + 3 faction BA globally. If you break the limit the last built BA will be set to HWS faction
    – it is under our discretion that we might implement CV limits if the performance goes down


We have a lot of ideas about what we can do next. Most obviously an Elemental Marketplace protection because parking is still NOT allowed there.

But there are so many more things in 5.0… it was… an incredible work for @Jascha, @Achilles, @Eleon and me. Everyone was at their limit I guess. Even if it is maybe still not perfect we think it is the best and biggest patch in this game yet.

We really hope you enjoy it and if you have any feedback let us know. There is always room for improvements, hm?! :wink:

Your HWS Team


"New OCD levels

we have two new OCD levels!
– OCD level 6: only then you can now store gold coins / gold ingots / moneycards / gold ore in your OCD. Price: 70.000.000
— OCD level 7: allows you to use OCD in PvP with the given cooldowns. Price:!"

So, what is going to happen to our gold coins, ignots, ore, and moneycards in our OCD going into this new game?


you can still get them out, but not put any in anymore


Better use all your moneycards before tomorrow

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“— OCD level 7: allows you to use OCD in PvP with the given cooldowns. Price:!”

what is that billions lol

woot !!!

poor noobs

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two question, looking at the new server map, two things called me the note:

1 - I realized that there is only one route to homeworld, ie it is only possible to access it from a single planet, I do not think this is a good idea, it will change, will we have more than one access point?

2 - the distance that corresponds to the direction arrows in the universe, will be the same as the universe 4.0


Confused - is Alienplanet the replacment for Alienworld that will wipe?

Just trying to figure out where we are going to get all our autominer cores.

Speaking of mining - are there plans for regular surface wipes to keep HV miners relevant or are we going to pretend they don’t exist after a week as all deposits will be mined dry?


This looks amazing and must have involved a ton of work. Thank you, I can’t wait to play!

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can we have an admin reply to this? I’m sure many of us have gold and cards in OCD right now


Our traders are close to the pirates, or the traders will suffer terribly, or they will give a little support to the pirates against the guardians in exchange for a little protection and a safe conduit … lol … kkkkk

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Can you clarify about the weapons for RP? It seems silly to have to carry around a gun like a pistol you will never use. ppl are just going to get upset when they realize they missed out on RP for last 5 jumps because they forgot to equip their epic weapon. I get that you are trying to add more features, but it doesn’t really seem to add anything good for gameplay in my opinion.

And I agree with what was said above, it seems really strange that you can only get to Homeworld via ‘lawless planet’. Maybe add paths from Lua/Ori?


I agree with what he said in part, but I think it would be better to equip any epic weapon or at least not inventory, for example I like the epic pistol and I hate the machine gun … I think only requiring an epic weapon is in the Hand or inventory would already be good …

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I have asked rex and achillies on discord about this and both have replied that you can take it out but you can no longer put it in untill you have ocd level 6


Here is another doubt that occurred to me, after I got the necessary Rp and enter this planet and build a base, in case I lose rp in any way, I am prevented from returning on these planets?
Could I just come back if I get the value of rp again?

Or once acquired the permission I do not lose it more?

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Mmm a pistol for guardians?.. Video shows a assault rifle. Maybe bad typo on here.

Btw awesome work made guys

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I dislike this RP building with warping every hour. I can spend hours working on things in one system.


I thought you weren’t traders anymore.

Anyway pistol has a long history for smugglers and traders…


oh im not but im curious about why we will use a pistol same as the traders… a pistol that we will never use.

Nice video btw :heart_eyes:

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This sounds awesome! Can’t wait :slight_smile:

I was wondering what the intention with the “Taxes become active on donator planet once a citizen in there has 300 RP” part.

It seems like everything else gets better when you gain RP, but this seems like a punishment for gaining RP and something that would make you want to not gain RP past 300?

Totally not complaining, just curious!

Great work on everything you guys :smiley: :smiley:


i agree i think the RP system is harsh maybe?
200 RP is minimum to get to pve planet so 200 jumps and hoping no DC’s is a tall order unless the netcode all of a sudden is super polished. its going to be a very long time to get those jumps in i think.
My opinion on the localized market i think is going to take away some of the socialness the market had as a global. just my two cents.