HWS 5.0 - Sneak Story Trailer

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What happened before… (HWS Story 2.0 - 4.0)

Prompted by an alien invasion of Earth, the brightest minds of humanity came together to study the foreign technologies left behind by the invaders and developed new technologies previously thought impossible. These new and improved devices came in the form of weapons, thrusters, and other assorted components to help them take the fight back to the enemy. And they did… Following the invasion and following counter-attack, the primary objective of humanity became a mission to seek out the aliens hidden among the stars and destroy them to ensure what happened on Earth will never happen again.
This mission was spearheaded by the Alliance Faction with support from the Trader Faction and through their conquests of alien territories, both of these factions profited greatly.
However, as hundreds of years passed, the mission’s main purpose was all but forgotten and the new Alliance was less focused on the fighting against alien powers that had become routine and more focused on personal gain. Because of this, the Alliance fractured into multiple new factions.

The Bounty Hunter Faction began to thrive as more and more pilots turned to the profession as a means of gaining wealth and fame. This expansion was also driven by the growing Pirate Faction that decided that they would rather steal from the weak around them. The traders continued to be the lifeblood of humanity and provide for those around them whilst staying out of the hostilities surround them. Those whose interests were not represented by any of these factions found themselves without a faction at all and became faction-less. Some use their status as a front to conduct pirate-like business without the infamy of being a part of the Pirate Faction and others seek nothing more than to live simple lives among the stars. Through this all, the Alliance Faction prevailed but is merely a remnant of its former glory. Because of the divide among humanity, the Alliance’s new mission has been to dispense justice to the Pirates and Lawless who turn their backs on civilization.
However, in the shadows of dead stars and reveling in an ever-burning fiery hatred towards humanity, the long-forgotten enemy lurks in the shadows and prepares… They will have their revenge.

Coming soon… HWS 5.0 Story Trailer

Dear Diary,

I write in the year 2377. We once believed we could stand united as one, that there was only one true enemy…we were wrong. We have been misled, we have been lied to. Within the deceit we have grown stronger within our one true Origin, We are the same. No more can we trust the others. We stand truly united to our blood line, for the sake of our beloved and the future peace I will protect them…for they are coming….


That music is good, bookmarked it for spotify.

But now, alien hype meme time!

Why nobody in this game memes -.-

Is happenning… is coming… I cant wait…

I forgot is time to start the hype train


LMAO i must build a device that can see in the heads of hws team lmao i picture robotech tv series playing constantly in their brains lol lucky we on the macross saga planet lmao…5.0 cant wait lol

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