Pre 5.0 knowledge: Origins!

Hey @everyone,

since I read a lot of posts that 5.0 is boring or nobody gives a crab about Origins I think I have to explain this before the release so no dramas etc. will happen during the game and answer some important questions I got. We think this is the most important feature in 5.0 and we worked hard for this.

What are Origins?

You can think of Origins and factions like parent and children.
Origin Alliance is the parent and all factions within the Alliance Origin are its children.
But each Origin has its own factions.

Factions within one Origin can be in allied or not. Here you see how it looks like if they are allied:

Regarding gameplay this means turrets will not shoot to each other and can’t destroy other faction stuff in PvP if you are allys.

However the Leader of a faction can revoke the Alliance.

Additional notes:

  • only leader of factions can start or leave Alliances
  • if you are in the same origin and two are starting a faction they are automatically allied per default
  • The naming convention is not needed anymore (e.g. a “T” at the end of your abbrev)
  • allied stuff can’t be damaged. Not even in PvP
  • allied ships turrets won’t shoot each other. You can attack in a group without fear of damaging your Ally
  • friendly fire is in PvP active though. So you can kill your mates with a pistol (might get you in trouble)
  • You can’t create alliances cross-origins. An Alliance Origin faction can’t start an alliance with a Trader Origin faction [to be discussed]
  • You can’t change your origin! Only if you reset yourself with cb:reset. So make sure what your journey will be.
  • We will release Origin related benefits before the release so you can read it all up before you actually start your journey

So each Origin is (as teasered here) independent. Yes, yes… you will see what this means in detail soon…

Hope this is clear now and you all know which people you can trust or not… :wink:

New name for Alliance

To reduce confusion about Alliance and alliances what name do you prefer?

  • The Ancients
  • Guardians
  • Coalition

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Your HWS Team


Couldnt understand one thing - We wonna create our Ally, and play vs others. Could we create a lot of Ally inside our Origin>? Or there gonna be one Ally for all, and u could play in/out it only?

No, within your Origin you can create different alliances. You can, you don’t have to.
So SWP can be allied with LBP but not with other Pirates for example :wink:

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So Pirates can’t attack other Pirate factions because they are all the same origin? What about Lawless or is that going?

Wrong. Read closely :wink:

Not a matter of Origins. It is a matter of ally or not. If not then Pirate vs Pirate works.

Can’t spoiler everything :popcorn:

We have no permission config? We can’t say: allow this faction to see our ships, allow that faction to use our structrures, etc?

So making alliance = super risky then with people stealing ships? It only takes 1 troll to steal the ships of an entire origin then? Especially with new police rules. And can’t dock all CV’s on donator anymore.
Even if you thrust everybody, some other alliance within the origin can unknowingly invite some alt account from a pirate and they steal all ships…
Solution: Set everything to private I guess?

What if leader doesn’t play anymore? We can’t get new leaders and we can’t even kick people out of the faction when they don’t login… None of this was in patch notes of 5.0 that I could see.

You have the option yes or no for alliances.
You have lock codes.
You have private or faction.

All you need.

The whole point of spionage / infiltration will be strictly handled in 5.0:
it is holy moly YOUR job! We decline every drama / cry about that just as a teaser.
Leader are now LEADER. They give the direction. They know the vision of everyone.
Admins are ADMINS. They are directly connected to them.
These two are responsible for EVERYONE. If you let a thief or worse in, your problem!
This is a little wink to PKA letting everyone and everything in the faction… rethink that attitude or deal with consequences.

Regarding offline members or inactivity… well also something what is up to you. Without communication nothing is fun anyways.
But as before we can do this with our tool then.


First off, I’d like to suggest renaming the current “Alliance” HWS-faction/Origin. It was confusing enough in 4.4 to have to deal with 2 different types of factions (game mechanic factions and HWS factions). Seems like in 5.0 we’ll have to deal with HWS Alliance-faction/Origin and actual alliances between different factions. It’s confusing. let’s come up with a different name for “Alliance”.

Suggestion regarding allying with other Origins

Alliance can ally with Traders and Bounty Hunters. Can’t ally with Pirates.
Traders can ally with anyone.
Hunters can ally with anyone.
Pirates can ally with Traders, Hunters. Can’t ally with Alliance.

Alliance and Pirates are natural enemies so as far as I’m concerned, they should never be able to ally. Traders are after making money and resources, they should be able to ally with anyone who supports them best in reaching that goal. If there’s a group of pirates with whom they can strike a good deal, they should have the freedom to enter an alliance if that helps them. Hunters will work for anyone who’s paying them. For that reason alone they too should have the freedom to ally with anyone they please.

Just my 2 cents.

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That will work.

So it’s gonna pay big time in 5.0 to use alt accounts to sneak into enemy factions. Thrust is gonna be issue number #1 for origins. Closely followed by setting EVERYTHING to private to counter it as much as we can. The problem with switching stuff between private<–>faction is that you need constantly faction-admins for it… And in the same playfield… Alternatively drill the core (ouch). They also didn’t fix that in 5.0 from what I could tell.

Sadly we can’t temporarily ally with pirates/hunters for a join mission or anything. I don’t see why we are not allowed to ally pirates for example. If we are so ‘stupid’ or thrust them enough to ally with them for a joint assault/defense, why not?

So hiring a hunter for protection or something is gonna be off the table. Instead we gotta hire other alliance.

Alliances in Origins only gives a “don’t take damage, turret don’t shoot” or it give full controll of structures like in faction?

That is what is in discussion. Pro: you can better role play (Hunter can protect traders). Con: more options for spionage.

Hmm… yeah, can now be confusing. What do you think of the name “Liberty”?

About your specific Origin alliances this is sadly not possible via ingame mechanics. Rules regarding this will be gone. It will be up to you which alliances you create or not.

Only that. Control over structures are still not possible. Only via code locks

Friendly fire is still active in PvP but turrets won’t shoot at vessels from allied factions.

As for the renaming “Alliance Faction”; how about Federation?

Federation is for me about too political (russia, world war, etc.)

Any concerns about “Ancients”? :slight_smile:

[quote=“RexXxuS, post:12, topic:2804”]
Only that. Control over structures are still not possible. Only via code locks
[/quote]Ooooh. All is well then :slight_smile:

[quote=“RexXxuS, post:12, topic:2804”]
What do you think of the name “Liberty”?
[/quote]Nooooo… I agree we need a name change. But not that one :stuck_out_tongue:

Nobody will agree with my suggestions probably:

  • Atreides
  • Coalition
  • Police
  • Libertatem
  • TinyDewDrops :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Aegis
  • The Cartel :stuck_out_tongue:

How about "Entente?"
Easily understood, and gives a bit of a historic WWI throwback.

And my personal vote would be allow anyone to ally with anyone else if they so choose. I can think of numerous reasons that an alliance and pirate might broker a temporary and shaky alliance to deal with a bigger threat or more devious pirates etc. Alliance, Hunter, and Traders allying with each is an imperative at points as well.

Maybe more simple - Union.

Unbreakable Union of Soviet republics :joy:

Syndicate (maybe a bit too dark)

Also, we don’t have to stick to one single word. We have “Bounty Hunters” as well.

“The Ancients” is probably best.

I like Coalition, Union feels too American for my tastes.

Ancients ? Ancients of what? With the same success you can call them Short, Long, Not young, Farting.

Coalition is the more reliable.