HWS 5.0! (Teaser)

Hey @everyone,

after a sleepless night and this whole day we want to present you HWS 5.0! So let’s start with a teaser Video, made by Achilles :slight_smile:

(it is 99% sure that 5.0 is coming tomorrow)


Could u make start more closer to evening?.. A lot of people couldnt start at morning, when we all need to work…

Nice! Can’t wait to get back in to start playing! Not a fan of the green for hunter, but I’ll live. XD Here’s hoping it will drop soon, and we can all get to having some fun!

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We have player living in over 10 different timezones. Every time can be bad for someone. We will see when we can patch actually since I am working tomorrow.

Should be yellow actually :wink:

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Are the colors set for our character? like we can no longer change them? and how strict are we gonna be about ship coloring? Personally I LOVE the idea of a color sceme for easy recognition. Gonna have to change quite a few bp’s though, as our faction ships are already red and black.

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Nice video.

Poll for colors, all vote pink for pirates please.

I see we are gonna farm aliens in 5.0 with that spawn rate lol. I remove the floor around the spawners and build a base underneath with turrets for infinite core farm! :wink: j/k prolly won’t work.

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Very cool, great work. I can’t wait!

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The full announcement coming soon but it is more of a better way of playing for you. However we maybe give RPs to people which stick to that theme.

Good luck.

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You made them indestructible? Nooooo… No more cheesing in 5.0?

Love it… Lets cancel christmas and live happy in 5.0

awesome lol so 5.0 coming in Tuesday morning lol ?



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at 1:53 those so called aliens look like pregnant women.

Lets be real, is there anything more terrifying than an angry pregnant woman? Well played Eleon for hitting the terror nail on the head.


Apparently so it comes in the form of alien angry pregnant women with pointy handy things lol.

Red and black for pirate :smiley: perfect, just hope pirates don’t get horrible faction stats again.

Mehhhh… I’d prefer no color coordination. That way I don’t have to recolor my modified BPs. ;-;

let’s call it guideline but it is not forced. Just a help for you to identify yourself better along the Origin later

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OOOH! would it be at all possible to highjack the coloring of the information names with the faction color? Itd be a significant feat, but would be a massive aid in recognition, without the expense of individual color choices.

For example if you roll up on a ship and the name is red, you can know immediately that it is a pirate.


nice i like that

Pirate in Red …nice mark to shoot then from a distance :slight_smile:

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