HWS 5.1 important big announcement!

Only good changes ! ty Rex and HWS team for your hard work :smiley:

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This means we gotta spend it all after 70m blackwing :smiley:

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Haha i’m already buying a lot of things time to time in EM, 60M is far enough :slight_smile:

Yeah but you gonna play conan exiles with me soon :wink: gonna raid som villages!!!

About the 70million cap. We entered into a contract. And now HWS has broken it. How many days/months/years are you going to be in prison for doing that, Rex? Isn’t hacking the same thing as breaking a contract? And we know what happens to those that hack? This is a one-sided deal. Some sort of HEAVY DUTY compensation is required to balance this out. To say that no one has reached 70 million yet is a flimsy reason to give to justify this change. Bad, bad decision.

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So i bought the donator package, and also the ‘Unlimited funds to keep’’ as i plan on settling on this server and in the future i will not have to worry about my money vanishing…but now you are ripping up that agreement and telling me i can now only have a maximum of 70 million ever even though i paid for unlimited…and this you think is right? i think you have made a massive mistake by 1) ripping up the agreement you charged money for us to receive a service, and now nerfing it and telling us ‘thanks for the money, now shut up and give me more’ then doubling the prices on everything else for ‘new players’…why would we re-donate after screwing us over on the product/service we paid money for what you was offering? isnt this illegal where you live? im pretty ure its against many EU service/trade laws for selling a service in exchange for money then changing the terms of the agreement as you see fit just with the missing words t the bottom of the page of ‘good luck loyal costumer, thank for helping, now give me more money or get off my server’?


Rex don’t listen to those Whiners, they seem to forget what a donation really is, and all those cost linked with hosting those awesome servers they play on.

Be already thankfull to have something back in return when you donate.


Class 4. This is not help - because people will be build ships without lights and with minimum devices but with tons of lag blocks. 200-300 lag blocks in the one ship (in may be 1 max 2 - class ship) can put down entire playfield. But other cant make good and awesome ships with stadart blocks. Devs must remove this blocks. Or make it max 60-80 triangles.

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we donated to help and get a service, i wouldnt of gotten the unlimited cash if i know 4 weeks after i buy it he changes his mind and tells us to suck it deal with it, never own more than 70 mil or you will lose it…its an agreement, he broke it, he is offering a service we pay cash for, he broke EU law, he is in Germany, his servers are in Eurpope, he is bound by law to the agreement we paid him money for hence he is accountable for breaking the law and changing a contract.agreement purely s he can benefit more rather than stating that new donators will be getting a new package and those who paid for a service he offered and paid for will stay…or full refund for a service i no longer receive!


@BlackSatar2 & @Kadean

I know these posts would come up and I am very concerned about legal stuff and overall making thoughts about changes.
So let me make some things clear first:

First and the most important thing is you don’t “buy” anything here. Every legal agreement about the whole “buy - return” topic is not taking place at all. In fact you donate. Completely voluntary and with the support in first mind.
At least this is the official fact.

We even made it clear at the top of the donation page

We might add or remove features you wanted. Even though we can discuss about it keep this always in mind

Second it is sad that you have so much hate for our work. Not appreciate it at all?!

I explained in very detail why we have to increase the prices and it doesn’t affect you at all. You have these packages for your lifetime.

70 million in the future is a lot and I picked this amount carefully. Remember it is just the cap after the full wipe. During a saison you can have 100s of million credits and just spend them wisely before a wipe is coming - which with more stability can soon take more than multiple months.

I understand your points even though they are completely wrong and filled with hate but it is really sad that you think so.



wow, we hate you and despise the work you do…are you for real @RexXxuS? Ive been sending bug reports, ive involved myself in discussions abut future features you have started on discord, i still play the game, i still play this server…my grip is…you having the limit to 70 million when we paid for unlimted…we can mine 1million gold in an hour…70 million ist a massive amount IF i mined it every hour, 1 hr a day for 70 days…this wasnt a hate speech, it was an annoyed speech about paying for something ive just had nerfed massively…i plan on staying n this server, as does many who donate…thats why we donate, because of the god work you are doing…but making a massive nerf on something weve paid for like that is just plaine wrong

Wow, I don’t know where you get the ‘hate’ aspect. Let me make it clear, I do not ‘hate’ what has been done or you. Geez! Furthest thing from my mind.

I certainly hope you don’t carry a grudge on a false belief that there was hate in my message.

Ok, changes can be made, but not sure that there was any discussion…Was there? If so, I missed it. That’s why I said it was one-sided.

Relax RexXxus, just discussing what you say you already knew that posts like this would come up. You’ve obviously had time to think about it and get worked up over them before the sh!tstorm. Now, we are just discussing what you feared. Be cool, be cool.

I still love you.

It was written or sounded like hate. I am glad if it wasn’t!

And yes as I said I understand your frustration but it was in the disclaimer that we might change stuff. Sure it was wrong of me to “promise” this in the first place but I think you understand that it is an alpha game, it is my first server I ever hosted so far and things just can change.

Just an example but what do you think how bad this was also for Google? They promised to never have ads on their search result page…

I checked everyone and no one had 70 million so yeah maybe my assumption was wrong that it wouldn’t affect people anyways.
If people would have it I would also implement such legacy rule like for the planet donator.

You’ve paid nothing. You have donated. Really sad to see this.

When I played I donated for this package I said to Rex at the time as a player… Weird how there is no cap. That could issues later on in game progression for new players.

I find it sad that it’s shows its not about ‘donating’ its about receiving bonuses. Makes me feel like what’s the F**King Point putting so many hours of my life if it’s not about helping support its about Purley getting bonuses. You feel like you have purchased something that is clearly stated a donation.

Perhaps we keep the options the same as before and shut the server down in 5 months when Rex decides that the effort, the money and time that goes into it is too much.

What use is all the credits or donators packages, planets etc then…

It’s pure human greed.

This has really got to me.


Plaets are for PVE’rs, Credits, really there is no use apart from buying stuff rather than mining it, but like i said, i plan on staying here, i will get over 70 mil credits easy, and now i lose what ever i have over…IF i knew there was going to be a cap, would i ove bought it…no…i would ‘DONATE’ and think nothing of it, yes there is the small print, yes we should of read it, it should be clearer, maybe saying ‘this unlimited packege may in the future be capped closer to release’ etc rather than being cyrpic and wide ranging…as for greed…you bumped the prices up by double, or nearlydouble…like i said, this isnt about getting stuff, its about buying the package, then being told unlimted is only tempory, Donator planets get to keep theirs lifetime, yes unlimited customers now get a limit thats easily reached befor a wipe…and cant tell us to spend it…spend it on what…the NPC’s dont work unless you spend 60 mins trying to pinpoint the co-ordinats

Dont state were greedy when you want more money for less all of a sudden and screw the players been here for a while now @Achilles we are stating were unhappy with the packages we bought, donated whatever being seriously nerfed for players wanting to stay here for a long time now feel why should we, they keep changing the rules/packages as they see fit?

Love the work you guys are doing, there is only one thing where i can see a problem and that’s dying in the middle of pvp space, and not being able to fresh start now. Please could you add power cells to the auto miner even a tiny amount just so we can spawn a cv and get back out, thanks. :smiley:

Also about the 70m credit cap, it makes sense becuase even then its 700k credits per day on pure interest that could easily spiral out of control over a few months people will end up with 10 bil credits very quickly.


Yes, they are donations. However; each donation package and even the last one with the heart has a carrot dangling in front of the donator. By doing this, it leads the donator to have expectations. Thus, the sentiment that if I donate, I will get something out of it. Hence, the confusion.

The donator’s focus is shifted because of the dangling carrots. It’s not greed, but rather loosley promised exchanges for donating.

Sorry I maybe meant selfishness/greed…

Basically from my point of view I can see how much real money this all costs for the server to run, how much time etc.

Why do people always feel the need to express such negative energy all the time. The crying about the limit being 70 million Ffs…so what. The devs make changes all time. Things change and yea we expect cries from time to time. I knew a few old players would look at the donations changing with half empty glasses but do you think we do this so we as people get money! It’s all the servers!

I don’t get paid… We all do this because we like to do something cool for others, allow people some fun and happy times playing games.

The donations reflect how much money is being lossed. Ignorance is bliss but someone is paying for all this and they ain’t no millionaire just a genuinely really nice guy.

People always feel the need to inflict drama when if you take a step back and look at the bigger picture maybe it’s just RESPECTFUL and better to just get your head down and crack on with it. Majority of people will but the ones that cry and so hate etc… Then those people to me are selfish and greedy…


This thread is unreal. Its a game and its a game in Alpha which you most probably paid between 10 & 20 Euro’s for. Not only that, you then find HWS server which is pretty awesome to be fair and for the Admins to have achieved what theyve achieved so far with it deserves a little respect imho. I donated and I donated because i wanted to contribute a little to sustaining this environment which we all choose to spend so much time in. Clearly its great to get a little back in terms of reward for your donation, but its just that. A DONATION. you havent bought anything, you’ve given away your money to what you percieve a worthy cause. If you’re under the misconception that you’ve ‘bought’ something, in my opinion, you’re just wrong, the disclaimer is there and always has been as far as i can tell.

I, for one, will continue to donate a little from time to time and as with the game changing with every update, I expect the Server will progress and change with it. Yeah, ive seen changes I dont like, but hey, Im still here and still having fun.

Utmost respect and appreciation to EVERYONE involved in making this game and HWS as great as it is. Keep up the good work.



I couldn’t agree with you more Dee.

All I was doing was to say that there was a mismatch in terminology/presentation. My only goal was to show that there is confusion and attempt to remedy that with something more clear. To make the game (and HWS) just that much better than it already is.