HWS 6.0 Community Story | Sneak Preview

Dear Diary,
I write in the year 2577. A lot has changed the past 200 years. I found allies and I found new enemies. Even the aliens came back but couldn’t fear us. I don’t know much about our enemies but they are strong and we must prepare. If we only knew where they are…
If it is true a new organisation came alive and spread their influence over the whole universe - Elemental Galactic Services. The services they offer got increased and if the rumors are true a new era of their Reputation Point system comes alive. But I doubt it and more years…

… You have 1 new PDA message …

>>> You are considered guilty for your actions! Prepare for revenge. <<<
>>> You have 15 minutes to escape! Your position got leaked! <<<

Oh well… …


… a dark room …
the creak of a fluorescent lamp pierced my ears, it was hard for the eyes to adjust to this darkness …
the smell of burned pierced deeper and deeper into my nostrils, consciousness did not want to remember the last minutes, the last hours something happened, something went wrong, again. I tried to concentrate, and remember who I am, what I’m doing here, and why again Im

suddenly the rumble ceased, behind the silhouette of the door steps were heard, who or something approached, I wanted to close my eye - I clenched my fists, I felt my breathing intensify, blood pressure helped me to recover, I was ready for a new, … something new that was hidden behind this door …
The door opened slightly, and a bright sheaf of light hit my eyes …


It was a dazzling reflection from the badge of the grammar police!

Actually that’s pretty good for a person who isn’t a native English speaker.


Captains log, date… who can tell anymore?

Everything’s changed.

We thought we knew it all. We thought we conquered this system. We thought we were safe…

What did we know? Nothing it turns out. And now we know even less.

Three days ago, all ship navigations systems failed. Measurements read as though we were flying through black ink soup. My girl, our ship, “Thea” – she’s lost, drifting without a purpose.

6 months ago we set out in search of new trade routes and rare goods. Things were going great and we’ve gone fat with goods that would make us all rich. We’d started our journey home only three weeks back when we started picking up radio signals and odd news reports from the Home-worlds. It appears one of the Scientific branches of the Trader Factions found an alien cache on Masperon and brought it back to the federated planets for investigation. We caught wind of forgotten technologies, and new untold secrets with untapped potential.

The last news report had a tally, some 213 different artifacts, data tablets, and modified/corrected theorems where discovered. Things like Night Vision implants, advanced circuitry for our structures including AI/Logic functions (doors that think?!), new cockpit designs, and more day to day improvements on life. Sounds like a great deal right? Where’s the catch?

Portals. Pandoras box. The universe biggest evil prank. News reports of discovering odd portal technologies. Some devices appeared life savers, moving people and their gear short distances. Others were even more promising allowing massive distances to be crossed in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately Some also transported poor subjects into harsh environments with deadly wildlife and worse.

And then there were what we’ve come to call the “boogy man portals” – benign looking little pads that sat dormant until video footage of spider infestations in research facilities started popping up. And then the goons came. The aliens. Seems they gave us a whopping Trojan Horse and we ate it and licked our fingers.

Fast forward to today. Last accurate reading placed us Dozens of AU away from Akua… good news is the terror is far away from here… bad news is we can’t see more than a few parsecs ahead of us, rerecording all of our explored territories. At this rate, by the time we make it back, I don’t know if there will be anyone left to make us rich.

<… pause …>

Captains log… we just ran across an ancient structure. This damnable space fog almost made us smash right into it.

It’s huge. A giant round wheel like structure… what appears to be an ancient space base with hangars and …wait… are those… teleporters?

READY THE AWAY TEAM AND ACTIVATE AI DEFENSE SYSTEMS!! We’re going to go squash some bugs and see what loot we can find… maybe we can an idea of what direction home is and get rich in the process…


When are we likely to see the new HWS v6 Universe?

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I’m predicting A few minutes after 6.0 drops. :slight_smile:

Exp 4 dropped and should be the final update before we drop 6. We shall see!

Never anymore.

But another teaser: if you have global scan active then you can see it in HWS Connect

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Mysterious hidden teasers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Wish I brought my other laptop.