HWS 6.0 | Teaser Road to Release | Elemental Galactic Service (EGS) | Part II

Hey @everyone,

well I don’t have really time but let’s continue to spread more Teaser (assumptions) around :wink:

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The Part II contains the next big feature in HWS 6.0:

Elemental Galactic Service or just EGS

As you might know already from the Community Teaser EGS became very powerful and big over the last saison. It didn’t stop them to increase their services for all citizens of HWS. So let’s dive into them.

EGS - Buy Reputation Points (RP)

Just as a reminder you can even buy RP with ingame credits. What might be more valuable in 6.0 probably…

Price = Amount * (RPPrice + (Player Bank + Player Credits) * (0.1)) (10% of your overall credits - this is a regional multiplier)

Amount = X (where X is the amount of RP you wish to buy)
RPPrice = 70,000 - base cost of RP - THIS may change. Depending in what EGS zone you are (in some Missions there might be better prices for it :wink: ).
Player Bank = you bank balance - 500,000 (hypothetical example number)
Player Credits = your player balance - 200,000 (hypothetical example number)
Regional Multiplier = 0.1 (10% for Elemental Marketplace, may be higher/lower for other areas)

As an example, where X = 1 RP Point (i want to buy only one RP)

1RP * (70,000 + (500,000 + 200,000) * 0.1) = 140,000 per 1 RP.

EGS - Set Starter Planet

You can set your Start Planet to your Origin Planet (yes they are back again - but different :wink: ) if you don’t want to go back to your Starter Planet if you die and choose “Fresh Start”.
That will probably also very valuable in HWS 6.0…

Cost: 1.000.000 credits

EGS - Save your ship (only as a new donation option)

A sub teaser to another Teaser - a new donation option where it is called properly

Keep Ships for Holiday

What that means is that you can save your ships and go to holiday for more than 9 days since 9 days will be still our wipe time and you still will have your ships back afterwards.

How it works is you type EGS:save:id:DAYS and this ship will be “conserved”. It will instant be removed in front of your eyes and waiting for you when you come back from the vacation and your call is “EGS:load:ID”.

General Info

  • it has to be saved at least for 7 days
  • the distance and structure owner will be check (same as for cb:destroy)
  • you CAN’T keep a structure throughout a full wipe / saison. You have to load your ship within your saison. Otherwise it is lost!

Now let’s move on to the bigger stuff waiting for you and having a big impact on your gameplay in HWS 6.0

EGS - Upgrade

You can upgrade your EGS status to reach even better services as its best! This is (for now) combined with the next thing a lot of you will remember

EGS - Recycle

EGS Level 1

  • everyone start with EGS level 1
  • command cost 0 credits + 0 rp
  • gives only blocks back
  • the % you get back of blocks is 30%
  • you can use the command only in an EGS Recycle zone

EGS Level 2

  • cost to upgrade is 50k credits and 7RP
  • gives only blocks back
  • the % you get back of blocks is 40%
  • you can use it only in EGS Recycle zones

EGS Level 3

  • upgrade cost 500k credits and 17RP
  • gives only blocks back
  • the % you get back of blocks is 50%
  • you can use it only in EGS zones

EGS Level 4

  • upgrade cost 1m credits and 30 RP
  • gives only blocks back
  • the % you get back is 60%
  • it cost you 1 credits per block
  • you can use it only in EGS zones

EGS Level 5

  • upgrade cost 7m credits and 70RP
  • gives blocks and devices back
  • the % you get back of both is 70%
  • it cost you 1 credits per block and device
  • you can use it globally

General Info

  • Your EGS Recycle upgrade levels gets reset after every saison!

EGS - No Guilty

To stop a lot of worries of you: of course we thought about a way to get rid of becoming guilty! I mean, who wants to be guilty, right? :slight_smile:

But EGS is at your service and never let you down - even for this shady business

However - you don’t become guilty for no reason. It is always, or almost always an active act of you and you have to expect the consequences. So it has a price…


It cost you both incrementally credits and RP. The more often you have to use the command the more expensive it gets! So think twice at what situation you want to use it…

First usage it costs: 100.000 credits and 1 RP
Second usage it costs: 200.000 credits and 2 RP
Third usage it costs: 300.000 credits and 3 RP
and so on…

But who cares if you can sleep in peace - yes, even you little Fake Guardian Pirate :wink:

General Info

  • You have to visit an EGS Zone to be able to use that command!
  • As soon as you bought yourself no guilty it still needs up to 15 minutes to remove your position from the Hunter Board. It is not instant removed from HWS Connect

That was Part II!

6.0 is around the corner so I hope it helped in forming better thoughts, calculations and feelings for you for HWS 6.0!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for HWS 6.0 Teaser Part III!
It is not over yet…

Your HWS Team


After some quick math I found that in order to break even for the different levels of the Recycle ability one would have to recycle approximately;

Level 1 0 stacks
Level 2 2.50 stacks
Level 3 22.00 stacks
Level 4 52.70 stacks
Level 5 249.17 stacks
(This is using 50,000 cr / stack)

Considering one does not see a 50% return until level 3 and it is not usable anywhere, it is still just as lucrative to bring a ship to the scrap yard.

Now that is the simple math. But when one considers that you’re not even breaking even until 250 stacks at level 5, you must also consider the profit that you’re giving up to get to that point. A person that didn’t pay for level 5 and just brought the ships to the scrap yard would have made 125 stacks profit. In order to actually break even from purchasing Level 5 you would need to farm about 891 stacks of combat steel. This would be about 44 20,000 block ships. Of course you do gain the advantage of being able to use this command anywhere, so that may help balance the cost.

The only improvement I would suggest is removing the ability for level 4 to recycle in any zone. I think that should be reserved for only the most dedicated players as it will add one more layer and a substantial amount of credits and RP to the ability. This will also encourage players to continue to use the scrap yard which is better for the economy, especially for new players looking to make some credits.

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Global recycle should require you to own the ship for at least 4 hours. Otherwise ppl will core/insta scrap opponents ships in mid battle (I assume this isn’t the intent).

Ship save is nice but I don’ t think most would donate unless it’s extremely cheap…

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Ready for Mind Blow?

I’ll defeat @Mysterioso in a glorious battle and take over his Class 5 60K block base on Homeworld and EGS Recycle it. Nothing says ships only. :wink:

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lol. Well that would still leave you 831,000 blocks short of breaking even :slight_smile: But good point about bases being a viable option to pay for that tremendous up front cost. In fact, that is probably the best use for EGS Recycle, since you can’t bring a base to the scrap yard.

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YES YES YES YES!!!11111111111111111111111 How we w8 this, and this comes on. Not so we want, but nwm. Better such, than nothing.

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Wasn’t sure to post a suggestion here so i posted one on the EGS Recycle thread:

I agree with Alex - i think.

Sign me up for lvl4 :slight_smile: - where do I pay my 1 mill? lol

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After some thoughts and feedback a second change was made:

EGS Level 4 also needs a zone to be working.
Only level 5 is globally now.


Looks great! :slight_smile: looks really balanced.