HWS 6.0 Market Research

Hello Community,

You see the title and like whaaaaaat, 5.1 just dropped man!

But perhaps 6.0 is not so far around the corner either :wink:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” Albert Einstein

Wise words, this didn’t save us from some pew pew pew when 5.0 dropped.

I’m not going to milk this, ill say it as simple as possible.

If i said ‘hey buddy, make HWS 6.0 universe for us…’ what would you consider to be crucial or not so crucial things you’d want in there or not want in there.

Maybe you think the universe is too big now or too small?

Maybe you’d like more custom planets?

Maybe you want to see X in the universe or Y?

Maybe you love this about 3.0 universe or 4.0 universe but hate this in 5.0 universe?

What do you want more or less or what what what!!, tell us…


“None of us is as smart as all of us.”

I would like to see


if possible…or

bullet points

Short reason/description

Lengthy discussion is hard to figure out what people are trying to say and is time consuming

This is not a discussion post where people can argue why they are right or wrong…boring drama, Just YOUR opinion and if we see trends of stuff or we like things then we will add to our list of

‘Considerations for 6.0’

Have fun

HWS Team


I would like to see cb:getmestarted to be ported from nova to live. I don’t believe levels have any purpose in HWS as they are currently implemented.

Levels at the moment feel like a placeholder. Something that Eleon plans to turn into something interesting and unique but at the moment is just tedious and pointless.

Mining with an HV gives no experience so you are forced to either mine by hand (gross) or grind on npc’s (also gross) just to get the ball rolling.

The “grind” in other MMO’s serve some sense of purpose. Skill training in EvE forces you to specialize so you can’t just do everything as well as everyone else immediately. This process takes months if not years. It also creates a market for characters that adds another level of depth to the economy.

In more traditional MMO’s leveling up is an opportunity to learn the capabilities of your class while participating in an engaging storyline that gives a sense of purpose to your character.

Leveling up in empyrion involves shooting raptors in the face for hours. I fail to see why we are required to do it.


To help new people out
I think the orbit of starter planets to be pve and there for anyone can enter but only the orbit to pick pick new people out and help. with a stay limit of 30 - 45 min.

For 6.0 things that would be really amazing: (Happy already without any changes but this would be a nice bonus :D)
Soz for wall of text in advanced

*A Score board for factions :stuck_out_tongue: (something fun for those looking to achieve something).
**Faction net wealth
**Faction net RP
**Faction player cores destroyed

*Something different about the factions bringing RP into the equation and balancing each faction in a way that is unique and strong in their own way. Hopefully people would spread out amoung all 5 equally. (Idea’s)

(Class Bonuses have been changed due to feedback, please feel free to change your vote.)

**Trader :
Pro (Has PvE Origin Planets (maybe more than 1 so they don’t crash) (with restrictions))
Pro ((10 - (Rp / 27))% Tax on all market orders caps at 1% tax at 250 RP)
Con: (Cannot enter PvP planets.) (can still get rare minerals from asteroid fields)
Con: (Limited to class (Standard - 1) ship,Ba,Hv,Sv) (Ship Class 3)

Pro (Gains 2 Helper Package per day, that they could give to new players to help them out or keep for themselves Cb:starterpack)
(Helper packs are 500 common 250 rare) and the guardian gains 2RP every time the pack is activated.
Pro (As long as BA exists on PvP planet (NPC Trader Packages grant (100 + (Rp/2.5)%) of normal package amount (Caps at 200% at 250 Rp)))
Con (Cannot Place (Physical) Auto miners on PvE)

Pro (Can Accept Assassination Contracts from Anyone, and one gets automatically generated randomly daily.)
Pro (As long as BA exists on PvP planet (Gains (1 + (Rp / 167)) % interest on money in the bank (Caps at 2.5% at 250 RP) ))
Con (Cannot Place (Physical) Auto miners on PvE)

Pro (As long as BA exists on PvP planet ( HWS (Virtual) Auto Miner Resources generate at 100 + (1 x RP)% normal rate (Caps at 350% at 250 RP))) (which is 525 common ore and 87 rare ore per hour)
Pro (Can Place (Standard + 1) Amount of BA’s) (8 Ba Limit)
Con (Cannot Place (Physical) Auto miners on PvE)

**Free Lancer:
Pro (Can Enter Any Origin Planet) with a ship class (Standard -2) (Ship Class 2)
Pro (As long as BA exists on PvP planet ( Can use ocd:get on PvP Playfield at a cost of 4RP per time but cannot ocd:put)) (OCD level 6 reduces RP cost to 2 and OCD level 7 reduces RP cost to 0)
Con (Cannot Place (Physical) Auto Miners on PvE)

Out of interest if you had to pick a faction judging on these stats which would you choose:

  • Hunter
  • Trader
  • Guardian
  • Pirate
  • Freelancer

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Their are many people playing this game in their own way, which is a beautiful thing and in my opinion could be taken a step further with bonus’s for different play styles. The reason why i think its alright for a single faction to have a pve area is so that they can focus on trading and supplying the markets with all sorts of things, without having to worry about something they don’t find fun (base defense, thrills of loosing everything) and with the negitive side of not being able to enter pvp and - 1 ship class, people living on pvp planets do not have to worry about being raided by people who cannot be raided back in return (revenge).

Thanks for reading this wall of text :slight_smile:.

Reputation Points

  • Ability to turn in Autominer Cores for 1 rp. This would be a great way of balancing out the death traps that some of the PvE PoIs are.

  • Ability to turn in Epic weapons for 1 rp each. Same idea as above.

Space Mining

  • Please get rid of the fog in the asteroid belt if at all possible. It causes massive frame loss.
  • Please get rid of the admin cores in the Black Hole structures. It’s incredibly annoying to surgically remove turrets from these as our CV turrets don’t exactly aim for them.
  • Richer asteroids if at all possible. Currently HV mining is a much better way of getting ore with lower risk.

CV Sizing

  • I really don’t think it matters what size is picked, people are going to be upset no matter what. And it seems size plays a very small role in lag compared to turrets.

Resource Gathering Rates

This isn’t an HWS problem as such but currently I feel that mining with anything compared to looting autominers is inefficient. That’s not to say that autominers are too good - they’re fine. It’s that mining is too slow. It doesn’t matter if you use an HV, or a CV or a hand drill. You will never match the generation rate of even a handful of autominers.

This is a problem because autominers are actually really dull as the can only be placed in PvE without being smashed within 10 hours.

At the same time we NEED autominers because right now they are the only reasonably paced way of getting minerals.

So what am I getting at?

Yes yes I know I’ve been a big proponent of autominers - but ONLY because even HV mining is garbage. Sathium mining was the only thing that was actually giving decent yields and now they nerfed that to pitiful rates as well.

Really currently you’re better off mining gold and buying all other ores which is really stupid.

  • Please work with Eleon to make mining rates and resource quantity in meteorites configurable by the server.
  • Then set the PvP meteorites and asteroids to be a very rich in resources so that mining iron with HVs and CVs or even hand drills can match the yield of a handful of autominers.
  • It should be possible to mine ~60-80k ORE per hour with an HV or a CV in PvP.

Galaxy Layout

  • I think currently it’s a bit too big and too spread out. Even 4.0 which was smaller rarely saw action on the outer rims. Right now there are too many systems that see very little activity. BUT… if HV mining was made faster as per the above that may change dramatically.

Thunder Dome.

I propose a system that you can only warp OUT of on weekends. All other times you can come in but not warp out.

On weekends the wormhole out becomes active.

Make it very rich with a planet full of gold and a WIDE belt with lots of gold. It should be a PvP system but finding people should not be overly easy.

If you are not able to reset the ore in the asteroids without a wipe, make it 2 systems 1 of which wipes and another that does not - but neither should be able to be escaped from on weekdays.

Why do I want this? PvP is too easy to avoid with CVs. People just warp out. And with the current massive universe and randomized warp in points, and now massive warp tanks, catching someone is nearly futile.

This way you really have to commit yourself.


I’d like to see a PVE farm planet that wipes daily. In advance of the knee-jerk “go to the PvE server” comments: No; I like a mix of PvE and PvP. One of the strongest features of Empyrion is the built-in ability to choose when you want to PvE and when you want to PvP.




Supporter factions returning to starter.
Not so all can desend and mine but only confirmed supporter factions can return to do their thing :slight_smile:

Less tree on elsyium.
Only planet I’ve encountered so far that effects my FPS notably and that is basically because every inch of the planet is covered in trees lol.

That is all :slight_smile:

With the current universe you can warp around for an hour and not encounter anyone. This encourages warp camping and setting traps rather than natural random encounters between ships.

If planets were consolidated into groupings similar to the donator systems it would make it more likely to have combat encounters between SV’s, and random encounters between ships at places other than warp-ins would be more common.

You could still have outlying systems with lower resources for folks who don’t like the risk, but it would make things more interesting for those who do.

Obviously a potential problem with this is having too many ships in one playfield, but having more than one central system would reduce the likelihood of that compared to the situation with Homeworld in 4.0. These systems could also have large asteroid belts similar to what Mordgier suggested to encourage more activity in space.

I also agree with Mordgier’s suggestion of having a system, or maybe two or three, with heavy resources which could only be exited on the weekends. This would encourage more action for those who want it, and also pull pvpers away from outlying systems so those who want to avoid pvp would have an easier time doing so.


-locked alliances for traders and guardians (these origins should be the foundation of the server, if you want to be a wheeling and dealing free agent who can fight your own faction play hunter/pirate/freelancer)

-more rotating pve/pvp planets with good resources, especially iron (players need a place to use auto miners, it shouldn’t be a donator planet only thing)


The reason donator planets work for autominers is that all of us know to NOT mine the deposits out. A rotating planet doens’t fix it.

The fact that iron is too tedious to get without autominers is the real issue.

As I understand the main issue is that then ALL origins are allied within themselves. This means all pirates allied with eachother - and that’s a non starter.

Every pirate would play Freelancer so they could raid other origins.


Yea i think you right, the rest of the factions seem balanced but free lancer is a bit op, not really sure what other bonus are availiable :confused:

This is quite possibly the wrong thread for this, but… In 6.0, I’d like to see the HWS virtual autominer called something different to distinguish it from the in-game item. Daily, someone tries to fuel the HWS autominer with the 10 autominer cores, wonders how to place the HWS autominer, wonders why am:buy:… didn’t add an autominer to their inventory. You get the idea. To avoid confusion, you could call it a mineral courier, call it a virtual miner, call it a mineral dividend, call it…


They could just watch the tutorial videos… They explain everything exactly how it works :wink:


Traders and trading,

I don’t have an answer as to what I think needs changing, so many things to balance against each other in this game, but I feel being a trader has become mostly redundant.

I LOVED being a trader in 4.0, to the point that I was spending many more hours than I should in the game each week. Thankfully I have an understanding wife. :slight_smile:

Since 5.0 I have lost my way, even leaving the Trader faction. Just an opinion, but as the other factions are able to gather resources just as quickly as traders there is little reason for them to buy from traders.

Resource prices are less than they were in 4.0 so returns are less while the trading system itself is more complex.

Epic weapon sales are mostly the domain of pirates as they gather them more frequently in the course of their playstyle.

Does not leave much a trader can differentiate themselves and actually be effective in the marketplace.

Just some random thoughts before coffee, so, apologies if it does not make sense. :slight_smile:



Offline protection. With a rule that no two faction can abuse this by protecting each others bases. As this was the reason for removal of OP

Unfortunately compared to other servers planet bases is quite non existent on HWS because people always get raided when offline.

Hmm to solve Offline protection you would need: (or something similar)

  • Once your whole faction logs off a 5 minute count down begins, if you receive no damage in this time offline protection activates.
  • If you log off and offline protection hasn’t activated due to someone shooting your base then every 60min a check is done to see if your base is still under fire if not then a 5 minute count down is initiated again for offline protection. If the base dies then the count down is terminated. (to save on processing power.)
  • Offline protection cannot activate within 100m of the edge of another offline protection.
  • Offline protection hierachy:

Eg: If your cv is parked in your BA then only the BA offline protection Activates, or if an allied CV already has a offline protection activated and you log off your BA offline protection Activates and your allies CV deactivates.

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I like the idea of “offline protection” but I hate how it works.

First of all - I think it should only be possible to have offline protection on a base. Not on a CV.

Second - It should not grant immunity. It should boost damage resistance and turret damage and grant infinite ammo to turrets and boost their range a bit.

Finally each hour of offline protection should consume large quantity of fuel to prevent bases from factions who are never online being killing fields.

That way offline bases are a huge pain to take down to the point of being easier to kill when the players are online.


Love that idea, maybe weapon range +20% or so to take 800m range guns to 1000 would be enough, maybe the shield doesn’t kill players standing inside it aswell.

This topic isn’t meant for responses to others but just quick regarding OP:
there way more problems with it @TheRaven - lot more.

@Mordgier idea is basically my idea 2 months ago :wink: Devs liked it too and will work sooner or later on a rework but with some more thoughts behind it.

Till then 6.0 will have something way more cooler than OP… :wink:

Go on…

  • Editable fields (Dev side) for more functions like mining, weapon stats, block hp so that admins can balance their own servers without disrupting or changing things for single players. (not sure if I should be posting it here, but I know this will help a lot.)