HWS 6.X update

Hey @everyone,

a little update before the storm…

CSW big improvement

@Jascha and me tested CSW today for some hours and Jascha coded big optimizations into it.

  • you can also warp with private structures now
  • you get now 99,99% near (above) your ship (~50 meter) warped
  • if you didn’t play on the destination server before the system will fetch your new ID and set your ships to private instead of public
  • the orbits will be 17 °C and 0 radiation
  • we are working on keeping the group names / signal / control panel stuff
  • maybe also the removal of Fuel / O2, even though this could count as expensive CSW cost (if you don’t withdraw before)

Help yourself commands

Not only for you some bugs can be frustrating but also for us, and time consuming of course.

So Jascha coded some nice commands to help yourself out of certain situations. (similar to the getshipdown command)

  • CB:Reset
    Since many new players reset a few times they have 3 free resets until the counter starts now

  • CB:GetShipHere:ID
    In case your ship is in the green wall and its not send out automatically (core is still outside of wall) and you cant reach the cockpit, or in case your ship is in Orbit to close to the Planet, this function should help.
    You have to be very close though to use it

More coming soon

HWS 6.X teaser

(You always wondered where your taxes go? How powerful EGS really is?
You will soon find out… on Golden Globe… )

Your HWS Team


We cannot thank you and the other guys involved in developing HWS enough Rexxus. Despite everything you’ve kept on going through thick and thin. I for one look forward to the fun ahead.

Best regards


looking forward to the new release =)

One question: what happends if 2 plaers CSW to the same destination? or if a player is still in CSW location as someone else is warping in?

I cant wait WIPE NOWWW :smiley:

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This is last time i ask for spoiler! Probably last time i ask for small spoiler :smiley:

…next time im going to ask for huge spoiler :slight_smile: exciting, thanks. Mysterious Gold Planet returns to universe! Its clear now!

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Replace CSW with normal warping with your warp drive and you know the answer.
Everyone warps, enters and leave independently. Except if you are in a faction; then everyone from the faction CSW

sounds good =) =) Just remember something in earlier warping =) =) maby i am getting senile :stuck_out_tongue:

“maybe also the removal of Fuel / O2, even though this could count as expensive CSW cost (if you don’t withdraw before)”

What do you mean by cost?

You should call gold planet Z’ha’dum so if we go there we will die.
Thank you for your hard work!

I predicted this!

Currently O2 and Fuel wipe from the vessel when you. CSW. I sort of draining so to speak, as a result of the cross galactic warp. Aka cost.

on the bandwagon of the EGS conglomerate, I would like to suggest something akin to a suggested exclusive or public trading with and against the server concept.

Linked a gsheet on a rudimentary method of trading vs the global EGS market. It includes both a =max((formula),(formula)) and a =min((formula),(formula)) which affects and varies trade goods prices with the rise and fall of global stock.

That in turn can be “managed” and/or “reset” according to RolePlaying alien incursions and actions or by the RolePlaying of the HWS team who are EGS themselves.

~will release the edit permissions to hws team if interested

Thank you @RexXxuS @Jascha I saw you 2 doing the CSW today! I’ve been doing it a lot as well. I’m glad you guys are putting us close to our ships so we can P menu them to re fill them etc. Great improvements! I figured it would be all set up nicely soon enough. The temperature change is amazing, keeps people from dying in PVE while trying to get to their ships/power them on etc. I hope golden globe is a PVP zone with loads of gold! :sweat_smile:

RexXus please add a new EGS service - EGS:DESTROY - destroy my own ship without any res back. And you can and come cost of it command. This command help to remove the ship wrecks! And keep the ocd clean )

Awesome job with the CSW @RexXxuS @Jascha . Keep up the good work.

“use OCD on donator planet” well now you’re taking it away from the donator planets? I thought that was something people paid for. I don’t get how you can sell these planets and then make changes to them like this? It was okay nerfing the resources, that was fair… Taking the OCD away is something people got them for. I personally do no own a donator planet but I know a lot of people who do, and one of the big reasons they wanted one was because of the OCD use on planet.

What are you talking about?

Donators can and will be able to use Ocd…

It was a discussion a while back but Rex decided it was for the best so no idea where you got this info from.

@Achilles I must be wrong or is Rex not taking OCD away after wipe for donator planets?

Colin you will have OCD on donater but it’ll be a new OCD separate from main one so you’ll have two OCDs essentially kinda like the na eu situation now

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Okay @Mario appreciate it