HWS 6.X.X Patch | Economy 2.0 | Tax 2.0

Hey @everyone,

since the 7.0 patch can be a bit delayed we can’t wait too much on the “showdown” day and regret any important changes.
So we decided to step into a continuous development / feature cycle.
But I am sure major season releases are still worth the changelog.

Anyways with the update on coming

Friday, 1th September

we will patch two big HWS features:

Economy 2.0

Everyone knows that HWS has a little inflation problem regarding credits what should not be the case. Not only RP should be worth for playing but also credits. It should matter if you buy an expensive Garage ship or whatever.
As a first big step we will change this behavior to get basically infinite credits alone from interest on the one hand but give players even more reason to play by the story line even after a new season on the other hand. Also to show our non-pay-to-win philosophy.

Changes (rest is untouched):

EB Bank Level 1

  • 1% interest
  • cost: free (everyone starts at bank level 1)
  • you keep 250.000 credits after a full wipe
  • interest limit 10.000.000

EB Bank Level 2

  • 2% interest
  • cost: 20 RP and 2.000.000 credits
  • you keep 500.000 credits after a full wipe
  • interest limit 20.000.000

EB Bank Level 3

  • 3% interest
  • cost: 30 RP and 10.000.000 credits
  • you keep 1.000.000 credits after a full wipe
  • interest limit 30.000.000

EB Bank Level 4

  • 4% interest
  • cost: 40 RP and 25.000.000 credits
  • you keep 2.000.000 credits after a full wipe
  • interest limit 40.000.000

EB Bank Level 5

  • 5% interest
  • cost: 50 RP and 35.000.000 credits
  • you keep 5.000.000 credits after a full wipe
  • interest limit 50.000.000

The big change is the interest limit and the dynamic keep credits after a full wipe now.
The first thing means you can only get the % value of your bank level of the proper bank level limit.


  1. You have 700.000.000 credits and Bank Level 5 means you get max. 5% interest of 50.000.000 credits = 2.500.000 credits (before you would have gotten 35.000.000 credits)
  2. You have 30.000.000 credits and Bank Level 1 means you get max. 1% interest of 10.000.000 credits = 100.000 credits (before you would have gotten 300.000 credits)


  • First of all it stops the so called “stake holders” - one guy getting money from everyone reaching 1 billion credits in few days. It is nice to see player communication and cooperation “behind the scene” but that’s it. It should not work like this in a survival game in this extend. It is more fitting for a bank simulation game.
  • Second it helps get rid of the big gap of “rich” and “poor” people by certain extend.
  • Third it brings back the value of mining gold and play for gold again rather than getting rich by almost nothing via interests
  • And last but not least as I mentioned you can keep 2.000.000 million credits only by playing the full story mode and upgrading your bank level rather than keeping only 250.000 credits by default. So you skip a whole donation option of 500k.

In combination with the still high upgrade price of the bank levels and reset of them each season there should be reasons to play for long term players.

Keep in mind that also the Buy RP EGS feature is also capped at max. 2,5 million now.

Disclaimer: we know that some people already got big advantage from it until now. There will be other things coming to fix this via gameplay (e.g. hacking) rather than resetting their OCD levels or Bank amounts

Tax 2.0

In combination of this Economy change and the change to three month per Season (Season I will be technically also a three month season) we change the formula of our Tax feature to punish rich people giving a cookie about the current Tax system and still parking happily in Tax zones like the ECC system and ruining a bit the fun of others by causing long render times.

Old Tax formula

Faction: All Faction Devices * 1000 / RP / Members (per day)
Private: Devices * 1000 / RP (per day)

New Tax formula

Faction: All Faction Devices * 1000 / RP / Members + Player(s) interest (per day)
Private: Devices * 1000 / RP + Player interest (per day)

Example (in combination with the Economy 2.0 update):

You get per day an interest of the max. amount of 2,5 million credits and have parked some ships in ECC Space.
This will just mean that the 2,5 million get on top of your regular tax bill per ship per day.
Basically just an addition of your interest amount or your faction members interest amount.
Remember that each player have to pay their individual interest tax per ship if it’s set to faction.

A big super rich faction for example will think twice now to park in tax systems. Poor guys on the other hand don’t have to pay additionally a lot.
We think the Player Interest is one of the best factor for prices and other calculations.

Keep in mind that we don’t have the automatic seize feature if you are in debt yet. But it will be the next logical step. So take taxes / debts serious.

Other than that I am working on the big HWS Connect update. It will be one of the biggest so far. Bare with me if it is sometimes under maintenance mode.

Your HWS Team


How do you get OCD lvl 7 Then? make no sense when it costs 700 000 000 … nobody would try it. Thats no long time play motivation^^ thats only crazy then.


OCD / OCD 7 changes etc. is on the list and comes later.
People need dreams in their life you know…

Yeah but pls dreams for people who must going to work :wink:

Dreams are achievable, what you are now proposing is not. Further your explanations for why you are making the changes you are, are the equivalent to punishing people for working together in a survival game… Which human civilization has always worked together to survive. Further, you want gold to matter, you need to stop making gold mining a condition in which death is an absolute certainty. By making the acquisition of gold, an extremely time consuming and difficult process, you have in effect, raised the value of the gold and thus inflated the market.

For example: If I must spend an hour to mine 1 million credits, risk PVP, and suffer five deaths by the environment or drones, then I will value the gold more than if I can mine 1 million credits in thirty minutes, while suffering no PVP risk, and encountering only a light risk of death due to the environmental or drone considerations.

We all get it, you want to make the game more challenging for those who are skilled players, but you keep focusing your explanations for what you are doing to make it easier for new players… New players quit not because of the market prices, but because they cannot survive the planets and see no sense in struggling from the get go.

Like writing a book, if the writer fails to hook the reader by the 5th page, the book will not sell. As Stunner said,

When people are struggling to survive ten minutes, they are having the equivalent struggle to read past the second page. So they close the book, and put it back onto the shelve, never buying it, and warning others against buying it too.

Nice ! I like it. but there is only one problem Rex, if you upgrade all your auto miners to 10 before wipe then sell them all after wipe you will get back around 2-3 Million, which is more than EB bank level 5, and it will only cost you 15 million I think to upgrade all to 10.

@Lokiet these changes bring new players closer to end game players, talking about game difficulty for new players is better written out in a completely different forum post no need to put it here, start a new thread.

@Lokiet too many strange and wild assumptions and associations to answer - again.

What is the point in selling your OAM only to buy them later again? You only get 25% refund. It is your fault if you do this before a season ends instead of a start of a season - again for whatever silly reason whatever.

AHH ok i see now I didn’t think of gold in OCD 6 then yes your right no point in selling OAM’s (ment new post not edit sigh ^_^)

I still don’t get you…
The content of their OAM is safe… why should they sell their OAM??
If they don’t need them they need to buy gold and put it in their ocd level 6. But that is a complete different story…
And yes, they should wait with the sell IF they want that otherwise they will lose it.

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Just to make sure I understand this, so the donation options to keep 70M still exists then? but now players can also keep 2 M via playing the game not just donations?

also I’m a little confused. So let’s say I start the next season with 70 Million and I’m at Bank level 1. It costs me 140M to get Bank level 5 ?! and it resets at the end of the season? I really don’t understand why anyone would upgrade even one Bank level, what’s the point, I’ll never get back what I invested in it. For this upgrade to be of any value to me, I’d have to be at well over 200M and early in the season such that with the 140 M upgrade, there’s enough time to get back to 200M and earn more. Maybe i’m missing something?


Yes, yes.

Yes. The price is at the moment bit high. With intentions.
Nerfing is easier than buffing. Especially with the gold some people stored in their OCD.
But for newcomers there will be other special ways.
What you can’t read between the lines is that there is not only the gold resource grind way in the future.
I want to push missions and co. more and more. Giving a serious alternative to play the game.

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Don’t get me wrong @RexXxuS I love these changes. I do have a lot of Credits and Gold stored, But I love the idea of balancing the game for new comers. I remember when I first joined and was excited about getting 100K in interest, where now by not logging in for two days I lost over 3 Million in interest and didn’t even slightly care :slight_smile: I love OCD and Economy and agree that Server should always create ways for new comers to catch up quickly to old timers and some of these changes you’re doing really help this (especially the 50K cap per slot for OCD so people pull but can’t store back).

In my mind, the best way to also address inflation is introducing ways where this money goes back to server. Ships / Vaults / Bases / Blueprints (OH please sell me PVP blueprints because mine suck haha), ability to upgrade slots in OCD, etc. I know these will be coming at some point

great work as always

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Yes, the biggest issue at the moment is my time management. Dealing with 5 high priorities at the same time.
But there will be soon indeed neat ways for spending money and play the game even more on a next level.

These prices will be thesame in the future? Or are these gonna be higher ?

OCD Level 6 - 70,000,000
OCD Level 7 - 700,000,000


One of the things I enjoyed about playing on HWS was being able to have money work for you at late game especially for those of us that have a very busy schedule and/or just don’t want to have to keep grinding all the time(No Man’s Sky?) when you already had to grind to get to late game, seeing that grinding is already prevalent in the vanilla version and now just forcing even more grinding to make money seems to make the bank feature pointless now.

In real life, it is initially a brutal grind but there comes a point when you can make your money work for you and banks certainly don’t have a limit on how much interest you can earn and they are in fact very happy to give you more interest, the more money you deposit.

I find this alternative grind with money very unnecessary and would be better off enjoying the vanilla aspect of the game along with the leisure of the OCD, but don’t find any more motivation to build up to 70 million credits when it’s still going to be a never-ending grindfest anyway and wouldn’t be worth donating for anymore, other than just to support the server.

Good changes. OCD nerf needs too because it’s destroy the challenge after full wipe. Don’t know how do you imagine OCD, but I think it’s a smaller backup to rebuild a CV if u get destroyed. I would allow max 5000 item / slot with 50 slot.

And OCD destroy the risk in PvP too.

Then play without OCD for a personal challenge xD

I fully understand what your doing here @RexXxuS but I must object to this. I have over 600hrs on this server. I have less than 30 Mil which I was going to use next season to get me up to 70 mil to get the OCD to store gold. For the last 2 seasons spent most of our time reducing class’s on our ships. Now being told even after all the grinding we cannot use our money to make more money we still have to grind. Its just makes me NOT want to play this game anymore. I know its Alpha etc it just feels the Devs and you hate long term players and all you want is new players. I kinda feel a bit sick as I have donated many times to this server, spent many hours here. Do we get anything for being LOYAL nope nothing but a slap in the face AGAIN. With this latest news I know of at least 3 people who will walk away from this game. That makes me sad.


Personally i dislike the tax change. Maybe make this ‘new’ tax apply to ECC only and have different tax bands for the other areas.

Private: Devices * 1000 / RP + Player interest (per day) Is very punishing on anyone regardless of rich or poor.

I believe it should be refined to: Private: Devices * 1000 +Player interest per day/ RP

Though i’d be even happier if the whole [+ interest] bit would be removed. It punishes those who have worked hard in the economy to raise a considable stake and portion of interest and once again it simply nerfs the top-end of the game instead of truly ‘helping out’ the poorer players.

It’s punishing the rich to please the poor, and instead it hurts both as those who are rich will be less likely to meet the less wealthy players coming through. I’ve been lucky that i’ve had the likes of Tesla donate things to me once or twice after a trade deal. But now i imagine the Ultra-rich will hide elsewhere, away from the traffic lanes and lessening their interaction with other players; a shame.

I certainly feel we should have FAR MORE of a prolonged discussion regarding the tax formula change than just a ‘here’s what i’m going to do in a week or two.’ As this will have a massive impact on the game; especially when you consider just how many playfields are taxed these days.

Thanks Rexxus for having the energy to make the changes though :slight_smile: But they do need further consideration before implementation. :slight_smile:

Also just add. If you didn’t nerf the banking then newbies be able to get in on it. We had at least 3 newish players join our bank. Which gave them more time to play the missions etc instead of the 100% grind only.

Back to the big factions taking ALL the GOLD again