HWS 6.X.X teaser | Goodbye fixed wipes, hello individual wipes | Guilty 2.0


Guys, what is up with you? You don’t want to read or what?

GUILTY is an automatic way of telling you that you did something wrong or just playing on a RP server!
It forces you to be more smart. No yolo trips. No coward trips.

HWS 6.X.X is a mainly PvP patch, since it was lacking a lot.

I dont like “killing a guardian = guilty” as i can not see if i attack a guardian or another origin.

Would be nice if guardians and their structures could get another color or something.

Pirates are more or less guilty by origin. Hmm i dont like this new “guilty system”.

E.G. how can a guilty player use egs “unguilty” as ECC is in PVE space where this person can no longer warp in.

@Ezze I don’t get why you’re complaining so much. It’s not like there’s no way to become unguilty just buy it at EGS. I’m sure you have millions stored away. It does make sense if you think about it. In real life the more crime you do the more reputation you lose up until your picture is everywhere so people easily find your location (aka guilty people have location revealed), and you can’t stay in public nice places (PVE) cause people recognize you so you’re forced to live in the criminal world (pvp) . You can then pay the right person in real life to create fake IDs (aka EGS no guilty). It’s a perfect system!

Last but not least if you kill a cop that’s instant guilty again like real life

now I’m back to sleep great changes @RexXxuS

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Just read…

Nothing changed - we had that problem before. As a guardian I become guilty when I kill a trader. Now all orgins have the problem, what seems to be more fair from a guardian’s point of view :wink:
But in any case I agree, that it would be awesome if we could identify a player’s origin by colors or maybe symbols or abbreviation in the player name.

I like the changes. It was not possible to make good use of the hunterboard before. Because everyone who’s guilty was hiding in PvE :wink:
Also, the last days I thought it is a bit boring to be a guardian, because it is very difficult to make progress in gold/credits and RP if you don’t get a lot from the black hole. For me after playing for several weeks as guardian there was no reason to choose that origin again compared to the benefits in RP or from faction supplies that other origins have. Now this changes. It will be very much fun to play out the guardian role now, supporting the good guys and hunting the bad guys. That was what I had in mind when choosing this origin and it feels a bit like a compensation for the fact that guardians are not the luckiest when it comes to gaining RP and credits! :slight_smile:

I like that pvp players can’t hide in a pve zone.
I do not like that pvp players are punished for pvp.


Guys it’s new try it out a bit see what its like first before complaining, if it doesn’t work then i’m sure it’ll provide valuable info into making it better the next time. But why fear we all have to play by the same rules so it doesn’t favor any player more than another, those who learn to adapt and thrive in this new environment will be kings :]

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All sounds great :smiley:

I love the idea of guardians being police. Would also love a better way to identify them though… anything player-introduced like “ok all guardians set tags in your ship name” or “all guardians paint your ships red + blue striped” will be abused by other origins and end up not meaning anything.

I must repeat : This will lead to griefing and exploiting.

An evil guardian could attack someone with a paper armor trash vessel, get killed in revenge and haha…nähnähnäh… have someone made guilty.

Even more fun than killing that guy.

At a closer look… guardians are no longer pointless with the next patch… muhahahaha.

Well i am guardian. Hope you got the message.


It goes both ways. I’m a hunter… if this guilty system makes people look at the hunter board more often then I’d be tempted to get guilty, park up somewhere nice and make my prey come to me :grin:

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Remember when NFA went Trader and killed other traders? Just because your origin, doesnt mean you have to ally or trust your own origin. If it forced you to ally in the origin, then maybe that would have made sense. But when other traders were shooting us, it doesnt make me trust people I dont know.

Theres only been one time I have seen guardians defend traders, and it was in blackhole in 5.0 … NFA was defended doing the POI shockingly…

I like the origin system because its different, but people will roll guardians not to defend others… people do whats best for them most of time. People didnt even read the pirate starter planet description and expect to be protected on an open PVP area.

Pirates dont care what your faction is, if were gonna play the RP card… then thats how pirates should be. They should gain RP for being guilty. They should have access to the CSW… if you want donators.

Its your server do what you want; I think you should make it PVE/RP and solve your problems.


@RexXxuS Why are pirates losing rep (even if it’s breaking even they should be getting +1 for doing their job) for literally doing their origins purpose? It is immensely counter-intuitive for pirates to lose RP for doing what their origins are suppose to do. Its fine it they are guilty but in no way shape or form should they lose RP for once again literally doing what their origin is for. People who risk going guilty should be rewarded in some fashion since they cannot hide and cannot go to PvE. I am just struggling to find the logic in giving them the RP hit when their is already so much negative aspects primarily your coordinates being posted every 15 minutes and unable to go to PvE. Side note the term guilty really should be changed to something else because it conflicts with the “guilty” tag people get for griefing and exploiting.

Secondly, I don’t think the whole no PvE thing was thought out. I can’t wait to go to a PvPvE planet like Homeworld and the moment it goes PvE go build a bunch of bases and spawn HVs in the middle of a guilty players base since they are not allowed on the planet and won’t be able to react or place counter defenses. The moment it switches bye bye base.

As someone pointed out this is just going to likely lead to griefing and I can’t help but agree.


And another issue is, how to tell if it’s a guardian ship or not? And what if we’re being attacked or griefed by a guardian? We get guilty just for retaliating and defending ourselves too? Only option is to run away? And that is if we can even distinguish whether it’s a guardian in the first place. This does sound counter intuitive imho…


Exactly Xzy. For Guardians this means “joker for free trolling”, if you defend yourself against a guardian attack… muhahaha bad luck for you.

Not the guardian is fugged but the guy defending himself against the guardian. For the guardian a PVP encounter is auto-win, no matter if he loses or wins the battle.

As you can not see if you approach a guardian or another origin fights become unpredictible and i suppose people will avoid them not to become guilty by bad luck.

Concerning pirates : It is really funny to punish pirates with RP penalty for doing their job.

Its EXACTLY the same as giving guardians -1RP for each pirate kill. Or a trader -3RP for successful sales… or +3RP for expired offer without sales.

Or a hunter drinking a beer together with his bounty…+1 RP.


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Hey Rexx,

I am trying to understand what the goal of guilty or not guilty is.

to me i think its not quite ready to go… here’s why.

different origins earn rp through different actions. they should lose rp for different actions as well.
if a guardian kills a pirate he should gain rep. likewise if a pirate kills a guardian he should gain rep.
their goals are opposing. a pirate should gain rep for being guilty not lose it.
either that or a separate faction RP that rewards them in other ways for following the story.

also a high rank pirate should be able to use csw - maybe impose an rp cost to do things when guilty.

you have created a black market and a guilty(law enforcement) sytem but for the strong pirate there are ways around these things beyond compliance. (bribes etc) your system does not yet support this.

I think that is the issue for pirate players. I am more guardian than pirate but I can see that the rp system will be very good guy biased. for that to remain a bad guy system of rp should be in place giving them options.

if you consider modern gangs that have a history, members gain rank by doing time or committing major crimes.
this shows their strength. strength is rank.

thats my thinking on it.



Other than the EGS bribe to remove guilty status?

Not sure how this will work Rexx. What happens if a Guardian trolls you and starts attacking you and your forced to defend yourself and end up killing him?

I’m thinking if your turrets kill him its fine but if you use your manual guns from sv will make you guilty? Just imagine this Guardian shots at you for whatever reason then you shot back and blow his ship out of the sky? Hmm then you become guilty what? That seems strange to me.

Thats exactly the point Israel.

As i am guardian i will see all of you in the new PVP space. Give everything, my ship is weak (86 iron), you can do it and kill me :stuck_out_tongue:


Let me update the current state after some feedback:

  • Pirates will NOT lose RP per day if being guilty but everyone else

  • PvPvE planets are excluded from the being warped rule if guilty

Points taken into consideration:

  • also exclude CSW from warp out if guilty?! On the one hand it would boost CSW and the “last option” people have to flee. But on the other hand it can be also used as a coward strategy
  • people mention that Guardian can troll now and willingly throwing their bodys into the death. You maybe don’t realize that dying has some penaltys? In theory it is correct but we won’t see it in reality I’m quite sure. And if so we will see it straight away and react if needed