HWS 6.X.X teaser | Goodbye fixed wipes, hello individual wipes | Guilty 2.0

Hey @everyone,

today we are again excited to present you the third and probably last teaser for HWS 6.X.X before it goes live probably next week (still a lot to do).
Again we think it is important to take away the “surprise” and announce these big new changes in addition so you can spread the word and prepare for it!
Let’s get started.

Goodbye fixed wipes, hello individual wipes

This is huge and we want to run another test pilot here within the first season. What it means:

  • NO fixed starter planet + starter space wipe anymore (every Tuesday starter space wipe / every Wednesday starter planets wipe)
  • INSTEAD an individual structure wipe counter of 168 hours / 7 days on all starter playfields!
  • with cb:wipe you can now see your individual structures which will get wiped in how many days in which playfield
  • however there will be a surface wipe on each Monday and Friday! Warnings will be displayed to pick up placeable devices such as Auto Miners, Water Generators, Survival Constructors, etc.
  • public structures will be not displayed and just wiped after 7 days after they got created

Except the surface wipe and the combined loss of placeable devices there are only positive aspects about it. If a guy joined on Tuesday it was basically over for him on HWS for this game session. Now everyone has 7 days for his own structures to move from the starter systems individually before they will get wiped. So if guy A joins on Monday and guy B joins on Friday each of them has 7 full days to leave and no fixed wipe deadline anymore.
Everyone has the same chances and play fun at the start now.

We call it the EAH Wipe Time and are excited to see it in action.

Guilty 2.0

Now what feature is potentially huge but didn’t come out that great from 6.0 is the Guilty feature. Mostly because it meant no big penalty for the guy who is guilty in the first place. Also questions how can other Origins become guilty etc.
We will change that with HWS 6.X.X!

  • Guilty people CAN’T enter PvE playfields anymore. As soon as they warp or go to a PvE playfield somehow they will be warped back to the last “legit” playfield they came from.
    For example you got guilty in Homeworld and warp later to Peacekeeper West you will get warped to Homeworld Space.
    ATTENTION: if you leave your cockpit straight after the warp to a PvE playfield ONLY you get warped back, NOT your ship. So stay in your cockpit.
  • Missions and starter systems are excluded from this rule. If you do the Elemental Bank Heist mission for example you can become guilty and don’t get warped straight away
  • With legit we mean PvP playfields. However after the change and in rare situations it can happen that you got / be guilty in PvE and warp / go to another PvE playfield. You will then get warped to the PvE playfield again you came from. This will be clean with season II.
  • The overall Sync time in HWS Connect got reduced to 10 minutes instead of 15 minutes
  • A Guilty guy, except Pirates, will loose 1RP per day now
  • Everyone who kills now a Guardian will become Guilty!
  • We will start to implement a lot of Guilty zones in HWS 6.X.X. Places / POIs with huge rewards but the decision you have to make if it’s worth becoming guilty for that!
  • PvPvE rotation planets are excluded from being warped if guilty

That is a massive patch to Guilty, especially the PvE and Guardian change. Guardians are the overall “Good” guys which reflects this change here. As in real life - hitting a cop will be punished straight away.

Make sure you have also read the other teaser:

If you have any feedback let us know and stay tuned for HWS 6.X.X!

Your HWS Team

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I’m hoping homeworld planet with it’s rotation to PvE is exempt from this warp away thing. If it’s not then homeworld should be 24/7 PvP

That sounds good to me. The Guilty people can no longer hide in PvE. Well done RexXxus!


What about going to ECC when guilty in order to buy getting ungiltyfied?

Good question and took away one surprise:
There will be one EGS building / zone in PvP to do this dirty job :wink:

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Could I get a fixed position on the hunter board^^?

Rexx, if I kill a Guardian and noone kills me despite that i’m guilty, I am loosing 1 RP per day. Is that correct? If so, it sucks.

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If a player is set as guilty will they still be able to use the csw as its pve?

Of course! Do you think being guilty should be living in flowers and rainbows?

The command


Will be your best friend!

you think so? It seems to me that the loss of reputation for a pirate for being in a hunterboard (for killing a guard) is nonsense.

CSW space is PvE which means: no. You will get warped back to PvP. If you hide in Peacekeeper or on your PvE Donator planet - nobody should be able to play sneaky again if they willingly played guilty.

In the human history no one can find excuses about the law or justice!
Neither the Pirates hundreds year ago, fighting against the Britannia nor Gangster nowadays fighting with cops.

Anyways if you just become guilty one time per day it will be +1 - 1 = 0

But if you overdo your rage you have to pay for it.

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Nice one Rexx, sounds good:sunglasses:

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So, if I see a Guardian now I should just pass by and avoid fighting, because if I kill a Guardian I’m not getting any benefits, only problems. If that is what you want, ok then.

Hey! Sorry, but I don’t find which planets will be wiped on monday. Can u give me a link pls?

And besides, RexXxus, if you want to make them really “good” guys, like cops, then make them the appropriate restrictions. Let guards can hunt without restrictions only on those who are guility). Or pirates)

If you want a PVE server just turn it to purely PVE; you can get rid of the “toxic” players. Those same people complaining about toxic players, are toxic themselves too.

  1. A guilty player shouldnt lose RP each day… instead gain RP each day because players can hunt him down.

  2. Pirates shouldnt become guilty, is this the same? Or if a pirate kills a guardian, do pirates become guilty? Because if pirates become guilty, this is doesnt make any sense.

  3. I also disagree that other origins killing guardians should become guilty… your gonna have people just roll guardian to troll other origins. Were gonna have to be able to identify origins in general, so people know who they are attacking. Do guardians become guilty? Do guardians pvp?

    Guardians could just jump out of their cock pits to troll other players and make them guilty.

  4. Also not being able to go to PVE areas, seems kinda extreme for guilty. Seeing as how you can find someones location… when hunting someone does their offline location show?

Great idea with the changes to guilty system. I love the changes coming in 6.X.X so far, I’ve been saying guilty players should not be allowed to enter pve zones for a while now. Previously there was no risk to getting set guilty because everyone would hide in pve. I think it will be more important to identify the origin of other players before engaging with them. It would be nice if each origin had different colors for their ship name so its easier to identify. Maybe red=pirate, blue=guardian, yellow=hunter, purple=trader and grey=freelancers. Then factions that are allied to you could still be shown as green instead of their origin color.

You didn’t read the full HWS Story I see. Ok then. Won’t discuss anymore.

Last week you complained about no PvP, today PvP is too hard for you. Your sentence:

Guilty is a hard thing bro. Love it or leave it No one forces you to become guilty. Fully optional.
We just saw that guilty had no meaning at all till now. Now people wake up. Good.

Guilty people have to live with ALL the risk. If you can’t escape you HAVE TO buy a “noguilty” ticket from EGS.
Combined with the EGS Stealth feature it is not that bad but the pure logic behind all of the changes are: Reputation Points will become more important than anything else.

If some people would want to troll others with guilty they would have done already. Furthermore we can see who is doing that and who not. Either way it is not a troll but just being stupid to do that.

The color thing is an old idea which we can’t force sadly. Not yet.

I am fairly certain i didnt complain about No PVP… there was a thread made about it by someone else which I did comment on… but I dont think I complained. We had that 8-9 hour battle other week. I have made suggestions and if your considering that complaining, some of it may have been.

This guilty system sounds more of a penalty for PVP, which is why I suggest you turn the server PVE. Let alone donors, lol… guilty donors wont have access to SAN?

So are pirates going to be penalized by the guilty system?

Not being able to use CSW / PVE areas is a huge penalty for pvp/guilty players.