HWS 7 | 19th October release | Teaser IV

Hey @everyone,

you can feel it in the air - the biggest Empyrion patch ever is coming!

Alpha 7 // HWS 7 // Full wipe on 19th October!

There is still a lot we have to do before the release but I’ll just squeeze in a little continuation to the Teaser from yesterday:

Origin Supply Packages

Everyone should know by now what this is, and am sure a lot of players are still loving them, right?
Did you know you can get three supply packages per week? There is one available on each of the 3 servers, they each drop once per week and they can be a massive boost to your gameplay.

For HWS 7 you already know that the gameplay has changed with things being slowed down a little and the overall “easy difficulty” got reworked to provide more depth.

With that in mind I changed the packages as follows:

Freelancer Supply

Alliance Supply

Lawless Supply

The packages will still provide a big boost but not as overpowered as the previous versions.

Please keep in mind that each package is not a 1:1 marketplace value comparison anymore but rather tailored specifically to the Origin’s benefit.

Donator planets & Donator space

As already announced we are moving 10 donator planets back to the main servers. This will provide 10 in EU, 10 in NA and 20 in Sanctuary.

The chosen ones for the main servers are:


  • Adastras
  • Rex Mortuus Est
  • Terminus
  • Kratos
  • Lángos
  • KTa HQ
  • Port Hope
  • ITA HQ
  • Hera


  • Auctoria
  • Concordia IV
  • Detroit
  • Fenrir
  • Op4
  • Magrathea
  • Primus
  • Esamir
  • Mogo

The choice was made relating to activity and the feedback I recieved.
If you are not on that list let me know and we’ll see what we can do. However, just to remind you: HWS Sanctuary will become quite an important part of the HWS Story :wink:

Planet duration

Overall it means that ALL Donator planets will “run out” with the next season (III)! (re-donate for keeping them per season)

Donator planet type

The type hasn’t changed much except for the new “Event Planet” . If you go for a dedicated Event Planet there are special conditions implemented which will all be coordinated with @RexXxuS

Donator Space

With HWS 7 there will be a new way of supporting us: “Donator spaces”. There will be 2 in EU, 2 in NA and only your faction / player / Origin can enter.
More specs, limitations and activation regarding the Donator Packages will be available here and also on the donation page.

Once again, we thank you for your support in keeping these expensive servers running. We couldn’t help notice that it was a little on the quiet side this past season, so all support for 7 will be very gratefully received.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned - the wait is almost over!

Your HWS Team


The hype for version 7 is sounding awesome, can’t wait to get my crack house back in business.

With a few long awaited features fixed that should entice more people to live in PvP it should get interesting once again.

Unhappy to see OP device there. Hating OP already. The main draw of this server (hardcore PVP for big rewards) is draining away and you’re going to be swamped with complaints about OP abuse.

Is it deliberate that you no longer get the required Epic weapon ?

Also, why wasting fa:supply slots with 1 water, 2 coffee, night vision goggles, farming junk …

I would not bother to collect this package just to keep a few meds and 999 fusion cells. It may be good for a beginner, who has no Rep to claim it :stuck_out_tongue:

What I’m saying is, once you can get off Starter and claim this supply, you probably don’t need it :open_mouth:
The Freelancer pack is especially bad, with no Sath, Neo, Zas, or Erestrum gel (the cheap looking green blob is gel ?)


Side note : what are the Epics required now for each of these new Origins ?

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Yes, the story will give you your epic weapon.
With this move we get rid of epic inflation (3 supply per server especially)

Freelancer are Explorer in their nature so they get these anyways - sooner or later. (Remember their missions + rewards also)

Please read again. I wrote which epic for what origin is needed.

Having OP back is a necessary evil, however it cannot be used as an abuse tool with the timer required for a private/faction to log off before it’s activated. I’m not one for OP, but if it helps people’s conscious that it is there then so be it.

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what is the point of having one small water bottle in packages?

Good question about 1 small water bottle, also, any news on the galaxy map? any previews?



It’s on the way! Really stressful on the last meters left and right. Stay tuned

Packages as they are now are nice for starting player, not sure if we can get rep on starter to speed up leaving, also if attack will fail and ill find myself unprepared and stranded without Home set. There is some usefull stuff, combat blocks, heavy armor here and there, but also worthless stuff or stuff in quanity which is worthless.
Now Im a bit lost what are these packages for? Dont get me wrong Im really just asking when we should use them or how to say it.

Purified water - it might be good in stranded situation on planet with bad weather, but i need 20 or much more for this to be help. Its just water so more wont unbalance anything. Bad Trip ok but nobody uses Energy Pills usually. Simply 1 Water is meh, but if more are in there it might have value in emergency situation.
Coffe - Same as water
Fusion Cells vs Prometheium - Again, if package is also meant to help me in emergency please add some fuel to Lawless…even 10 small cells, just to power up spawned vessel, so i can refine prometheium and escape.
Sprouts + Growing plots - I dont know what to think about sprouts, its such filler of space, growing plot might be good for someone who has 0, this is clearly only when starting, usefull only once.

Might be nice to have more kinds, coming at price of 1.10,100 reputation, or so. Starter supply, Common supply for situations like oh i forgot to take something so once a week i dont have to go through NEED to do chain for next hour, and Combat supply, with turrets, blocks, spare parts, ammo, being used while battle turns wrong way.
It would be still risky as all might end in hands of enemy, or it will allow me to repair some wreckage and fortify defense and turn battle.
Also this all could bring players like me who ignores whole reputation thing to start getting some.

TL;DR: Rexxx is there any chance that you might add something like more kinds of packages at different prices somewhere in future when time will allow it or you dont like that idea at all?

I don’t like that idea.

In fact I would like to have 1 explosive charge added so I can lay it at my feet.

Lol. <3