Pre HWS 7 Announcement! Please read!

Hey @everyone,

in approximately 7 days from now we can enjoy the new Alpha 7 => HWS 7!
As always this means: the end is coming!

  • All structures and players will be wiped
  • OCD is safe!*
  • OAM is safe except for the fuel
  • Credits are saved depending on your level or donation

You see there is a trap behind the OCD so let us make a quick cut:

OCD wipe patch

Erestrium, Zascosium and Magnesium will be wiped from your OCDs and exchanged with 1 credit per ore/ingot/powder.

Reason and Example


Our friend here in this example, is currently chilling with his loot from HWS 4, 5 and 6.
After the exchange he would get 2,1 million credits. (the “keep credit after wipe” limit is not affected here, it will be added on top of your kept credits)

Such decisions are always hard to make. Instead of just wiping your stuff we learned from the past and instead are offering 1 credits per type as already mentioned. Its never going to be a perfect trade as Zascosium has a higher value than Magnesium but we’ve decided its time for a clear cut and this way is fair for all.


… because Alpha 7 is changing the whole gameplay. Magnesium is now a rare resource, and along with Zasc and Erestrum, a lot of stuff just got really expensive, the focus being to concentrate on survival and the late game.
Due the new HWS universe layout and especially considering the motivation for long term players, we can’t allow people with 1+ million magnesium running around. It would be too complicated to create a separate balance feature to fix this “inflation”.
I could summarize as: OCD has its dark side and it if the game changes we have to adapt.

Some will cry maybe but I hope more people will see this as a good thing to fight for again, to trade for again and to play for again!

So let’s continue and allow me to dry your tears with good stuff!

HWS 7 Origin teaser

As some already have read the front page: we will have three origins and some new RP gains / changes:


  • 5 RP per warp per day

  • 7 RP IF you have 300 pentaxid in your inventory (and your epic (enhanced) weapon of course)

  • 7 RP per Guilty Kill

  • 7 RP for one grey Alien Container

  • Highest amount of unique PDA missions with a lot of rewards

  • -1 RP if you get guilty

  • Become guilty if you killed 10 Alliance player in a row

  • The Enhanced / Epic Laser Rifle is your Origin weapon

OCD level 7:
PvP cooldown put: 20 minutes
PvP cooldown get: 1 hour


  • 3 RP per Lawless kill (10 max. per day)

  • 1 RP IF you visited ECC once per day

  • 1 RP for living exclusively in PvE

  • 1 RP per warp per day

  • 3 RP for an HWS Marketplace trade bought by another Origin

  • 5 RP IF you have 77 Autominer Cores in your inventory (and your epic (enhanced) weapon of course)

  • 7 RP per Guilty Kill

  • 7 RP for one purple Alien Container

  • -1 RP if you get guilty

  • -10 RP if you kill member of your own Origin

OCD level 7:
PvP cooldown put: 10 minutes
PvP cooldown get: 1 hour


  • 3 RP per Alliance kill (10 max. per day)

  • 5 RP per kill (10 max. per day)

  • 25k credits per guilty kill (cumulative)

  • 6 RP IF you have 999 Gold ingots in your inventory (and your epic (enhanced) weapon of course)

  • 4 RP for living exclusively in PvP

  • 7 RP per guilty kill

  • 7 RP for one red Alien Container

  • Become guilty if you killed 10 Alliance player in a row

OCD level 7:
PvP cooldown put: 30 minutes
PvP cooldown get: 1 hour

Summary of changes

As you can see we’ve again focused more on each purpose of the three origins. While Alliance are easier overall to play, they get less than Lawless. However for playing Lawless you need to be LAWLESS, you have to hunt, you are a PvP lover.
The 500 meter range to spot structures now should help not to kill your own Alliance members anymore.
Freelancer however are everywhere and nowhere. They are good allrounders even though Pentaxid will be their coveted resource.
Overall the RP gain is almost doubled in comparison to HWS 6.

HWS 7 Universe

As already announced: we will provide the Universe Map again, but not yet :wink:
However let me teaser you a bit:

Origin Planet specs

  • PvE
  • no taxes
  • 0 private structures (it’s for your origin after all)
  • 2 faction BA + 2 faction CV + 2 faction SV + 2 faction HV
  • few common resources
  • friday surface wipe => to always provide fresh deposits for your Auto Miners to deplete BUT make sure to pick them up before the surface wipe
  • the planets are located in a PvE orbit where only your Origin can enter
  • they will have a PvE moon inclusive

PvP vs PvE

Don’t worry too much about these PvE playfields because overall we will have a PvPvE ratio of approx. 30% PvE and 70% PvP on the main server (accessible for everyone, without the starters).
With Offline Protection, more RP for stealthing and the story about HWS Sanctuary it is doable even for the Carebears, I am sure.

POI, NPCs and Story

What you will discover quite quickly; with HWS 7 we will wash away the old disjointed stories and from now on, try to create a persistent, growing story about what you do and what you will do.
That said a quick sneak peak:

Wake up clone nr. 177! Your sleep is over and you need to prove yourself to be worthy of your generation! You have to pass a couple of tests and strengthen your body. However we have bigger plans for you waiting out there…

All POIs got revisited and adjusted. There are a couple of stages: from easy / solo doable to hard / team required.
The universe is built in such a way that the further you warp the more difficult and interesting POIs will be found, but be warned, the reward will scale the same way!

NPCs (AI vessels, Freighter, etc.) will be reborn and integrated to the story. You will love them or fear them …

Resource planets

Let’s call them resource planets to simplify it for now but in fact, a whole new concept of planets will rise, the likes of which you have never seen before and probably won’t see elsewhere due some knowledge “acquired” from the Aliens.
For now just be excited for some unknown, high risk, high reward planets to fight tooth and nail for …

Hint: why do mountains have a golden surface?

HWS Sanctuary

Last but not least, Sanctuary will get a an overall boost and be integrated into the whole HWS story. It will be possible to start / play from there and one thing it will have for sure: a unique and rare resource you won’t find anywhere else in the Universe!
Fight for it, hunt for it, fly for it, trade for it!

I hope we got you all teasered up once again and you can finally see that light at the end of the tunnel.
Feel free to leave constructive feedback and thank you for reading!
See you soon in HWS 7!

Bonus I

After only a few days we’ve received 105 newsletter subscribers, which is awesome! Thank you so much!
More importantly keep in mind that Newsletter subscribers will get special hints in the future concerning treasures, rewards and the super advantage to always be informed first about everything :slight_smile:

Bonus II

On Tuesday we will have a Battle Royale Armageddon event!
The Armageddon planet will be back and with that … PvP! But not like boring stuff nobody wants to do - it is spreading out to the whole universe! So the approx. schedule of this pvp-wave will be:
Tuesday = Armageddon PvP
Wednesday = Armageddon + Peacekeepers PvP
Thursday = Everything PvP (except starters and Penthouses)

Disclaimer: this requires that the full wipe / alpha 7 / HWS 7 will be released on Thursday / Friday. If we are not 100% sure or there is a delay, we will also delay this event.

Thanks again guys - we appreciate your support, your patience for HWS 7 (I hope for 177 players again this time!) and more importantly for your time you spend on HWS! :bowing_man:

Your HWS Team


O! Now that’s really cool, as always thanks for all the hard work, sounds epic :star_struck:


Interesting changes - thanks again :slight_smile:

Not thinking of perhaps increasing the zas/eres conversion a little? they’re going from 30k to 50k an ore stack on market atm. The conversion is just 1k so 10 credsper ore might be better?

Alliance RP: the 3RP for a marketplace trade - is that per day or for every trade?

Looking forward to battle royale 2 :slight_smile:

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God job again =) =)

Really looking forward to get started :slight_smile:

I like the idea of converting the OCD to creds instead of just deleting them… But dont make them so rare we cant put them back when we get it… (like gold, boosts)

but one dislike, and not for the server, but the whole game… Removing magnesium to make simple bullets is just stupid… I think that is the most unrealistic concept iv`e seen… To fire a bullet, it need to ignite :wink:

Very very good work. Sounds good. I hope now I could find pvp again.

Hmm you mean if i kill as lawless an alliance i get 3 rp and for rest 5 rp. Or i get for alliance kill 3 rp+5rp? That means 8 rp?

Or could i kill 10 alliance player and 10 other players once a day?

And yeah noone need magnesium ere or zarc. We must fight for something! Lets see us in PVP playfields!

Great work @rexxxus, very nice, good announcement, thanks and well done!, cant wait for HWS 7

As announced, we have chosen 1 credit to simplify all the market fluctuations because in the end the market in HWS 4, 5 and 6 were different, some duped this stuff, some got gifts etc. etc.
As soon as we would start to classify Zascosium as 3 credits per ore the hate starts why and how etc.
Let’s keep it simple.

Same as for the trader at the moment: 1 Marketplace trade once a day to get the 3 RP.

No, that is not meant with it. Magnesium rare just means the OAM producing few of it e.g.

8 RP in total for an Alliance member.
80 RP in total per day. 10 max. of each.

Thanks guys for your feedback so far!

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Loving the 7 ! :smiley: , on a side note can u hint us with the fa:supply that goes along with the 3 factions module . just to take the decision on what to choose for whole clan before the release . cheers mate ! excellent job :smiley:

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Looks promising, thanks for hard work HWS! Looks like some fresh changes indeed.

OCD wipe patch
As much as i dont like loosing these again I fully agree with doing this. 1cr is not much and i need some clarification. Ill transfer 250k and to this will be added all magnesium, magnesium powder, zas, zas ingots, ere, ere ingots at rate of 1 cr each? Or ore is 2cr per each?
So ill start with lets say 250k + cca 1mil cr for all those 3 in seasson 7?
Also its obvious that everyone will now try to change these to other stuff like ammo, constructors etc. If they will throw them into factory in 7.0 they will got some nice amounts back. Hard to do something with this, any thoughts?

HWS 7 Origin teaser
Its different than I hoped for, but ill accept the changes. What had you become Alliance?

Origin Planet specs
I like Origin planets. Makes me feel like there is some planet for each Origin. Dont like its fully PvE all the time, i cant visit anyones home to have a tea or so.

POI, NPCs and Story
Titans, Yay! If there are no Titans im not going to play. Are they there?

Resource planets
Hint: When it looks like gold, shines like gold, weight as gold…its gold.
But where is some info about this mysterious planet capturing, explain yourself!
Knowledge from Aliens…that must be aquired from Eleon, they are Aliens.

HWS Sanctuary
Good to see this boost, Santuary needs some use, so im happy now. If there are no Titans im not going to play. Are they there?

Bonus I
I love Newsletters, keeps me updated.

So i just miss some info about capturing planets, and confirmation-explanation of ore-ingots credit rate.
So far im still worried, exp stuttering and increse of CPU usage up to unplayable is bad and theres too much silence, fighting AI vessels thats Internal Error festival. So what do you know we dont Rexxx that you are so optimistic about release? Please share. Sharing is caring.

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Now, just try it on the new alpha 7. A great job by the HWS team

Thanks @RexXxuS I am gutted that I will be on holiday at the start. But don’t worry I will be back in game 26th/27th Oct. Hopefully my team will have a base set up for me lol. But yes really looking forward to this.

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The Armageddon ALL OVER THE UNIVERSE will be also for the DOnator planets? Or like Penthouse they will be safe?

There will be a space squirrel around again

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YAY We get to build on the sun!!! :smiley: woo, better start farming some sunscreen SPF 1.2mil!

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Is this a total wipe, or just down to 50k?

Yay 7 is coming whoop whoop lol and they getting rid of Zak ere and Magy hahaha me I think ocd should be wiped completely lmao ,me personally I mite get my ocd wiped completely as in 6.0 I was goin on different servers with no ocd and it gave you a reason to mine,a reason to survive ,it gave you a purpose and what ever you built you worked for lol just a big downside that the other server owners were GOOFS hahahha but I always come back to HWS LOL nice work HWS team whoop whoop yayay


The best news for last month!

it was rare ALL the time, for ppl that live in PvP…

Fight?.. Or grind, grind, grind?.. Or NPC-donate-shops?.. idk, but I didnt see anything good in this “wipe”. Just need waste tons of hours for stupid grind.

Im not Vanga, but its looks like 80% of server gonna be Alliance… Why they NEED to live in PvE? Where dat sense of game? They gonna grind and build to the end of life on PvE, and we continue to watch EMPTY PvP-space, as it is for last 2 versions…

The best BONUSES I ever see.
But it conflicts with Alliance RP-system - if PK system become PvP - than this day, they wouldnt gain any RP for living in PvE? Or they got RP from PvE-start system?

Nice work HWS team as always, but i’m a bit concerned about what exactly Eleon did for this 7.0.

I just watched their new trailer and it seems to me a good trailer for the SP part as we can see 1 man in an empty “infinite” universe during 1mn30 :smiley:

Except the new Offline protection, can anyone know what is new / better for the MP / PVP part in 7.0 ?

I know i’m too lazy to read all the patch note :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback guys again.

Yes @smudgybear OCD has pros and cons. The three resource wipe is needed and should give that feeling back more I think. Especially since they are hard to achieve via trading / PvP now.

A major OCD rework is planned but needs some time.

@Blackwing and others: just wait and see :tea: