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Hey @everyone,

it turned out more and more to an announcement so here we go.

With the outstanding help of @A.F.T we have created a new Config file for HWS 7.X!
(others can still contribute via PM but since it is such a major change we can’t wait before short release and test then everything)
For everyone who wants to test the new Config, it is now on the official EXP server (and we won’t share it in the public anymore).

So what does this mean? Actually a LOT or not to say a whole new game experience! Of course it is still work in progress and the next season will probably focused on polishing our config until perfection but it’s not a little “let’s change this a bit, hm, and this a bit”. It is a NEW gameplay more or less!

Let me try to sum up some highlights:


  • Rebalanced -everything- what was just never meant for PvP
  • SV guns are shooting again (we had a bug that they consume ammo but do not shoot). With the Config it’s fixed now!
  • Battles won’t take forever anymore. Damages are greatly improved where needed - for any structure!
  • Bases are now what people would expect from them. HP of blocks and range increased, 4 Artillery Homing Turrets instead of 2 Non-homing ones and overall boost
  • Every SV gun should have a clear purpose now again! While rockets are slightly modified to deadly Torpedos, they have a high reload time and ROF now while others have other advantages
  • ROF and Reload time were overall adjusted to reduce lag and imbalance. Some good weapons have a high ROF / reload time
  • slower but heavy CVs (more to the expected Mothership style)
  • much much more but please test and read also @A.F.T summary


For PvE I need to explain a bit more since you know with HWS 7 we started to create a new story to HWS.
And to be precise a even detailed story envolved with the help of @WhizZLe !

HWS 7 Story Spoiler

Data storage:

We all remember the first words that were spoken to us “Welcome, Clone No. … - Your tasks are known to you and a fulfilling life awaits you. Good luck out there.” And we all know that these first words were a lie. None of us knew what his job was. None of us knew what we should do here, what purpose it all has. Sure, we had partial memories of our abilities, and we all shared a desire to make a home here, but why? What brought us here?
When the first of us awoke, they immediately started to set up the information centers, hoping to get answers. Unfortunately it quickly turned out that the data storage was damaged. God damn, I do not even know my own name. Did I have one? Or am I just a clone destined to work, a drone to do its job, with no more than one number?

The corruption of data storage had far worse effects than partial memory loss, some of us damaged the moral compass. The preprogrammed goodness in man was extinguished among them. I remember we were all a big alliance with the same goal. Damn, what goal ?!
Those with this disturbance of consciousness became smugglers, pirates, outlaws. Only a few remained neutral and became freelancers earning their living by bounty hunting or other odd jobs.
1 Million Astronomical Units (AU) removed:

… - This is my last entry before we start the big journey, the journey to ensure our survival. Overpopulation, pollution and all the evils that result from it force us to take this step. Even the moons of Jupiter have reached it now. For centuries, we’ve lived in this filth for a genetic mistake that makes us degenerate. Only by cloning can we compensate for this error, but the side effect is a plague passed on from the normal to the clones.
If we do not want to totally destroy the human race, we have to look elsewhere for a home, far from the normal ones.
Our probes have discovered a few star systems that have planets in the habitaten zone. And like everywhere else in the universe, they are uninhabited, except for plant and animal life in the prehistoric stage. We have to try it, we have to try our luck there, even if we leave everything behind what we created here. I can not wait to get out of the clone chamber and finally breathe fresh air for the first time in my life.

Many of the alien races that live here are peaceful minded, trade with us, and seek diplomatic relations. Only one not, the Zirax. For a long time we asked ourselves why they hate us so much. At first we thought it was natural to make war, after all, they were the dominant race in this part of the universe. They first sent drones to attack our bases, but later that was not enough. They came in person, with powerful warships and thousands of foot troops.
We did not know that they came only because they wanted to go back what belongs to them - the land of their ancestors. When our colony ships arrived, they wanted to get in touch, but there was no one on board who could answer, because we were still asleep as genetic material in the clone chambers. One of these contact attempts destroyed our data storage.
We also did not know that we had carried out the first strike - one of our 4 colony ships crashed and destroyed their most important sanctuary.
And not only that, after our other ships landed and the first group of clones were reproduced to prepare the planets, they attacked their reconnaissance ships.
They believed they had stopped us until the second process of replication began and flooded everything with people. Not the Zirax are the attackers, we, we are the invaders spreading like a cancer in the midst of their homeworlds …

So in combination with the new Config, ladies and gentlemen, we enter the era of

HWS 7.X - The revenge of the Aliens

  • Green and Red ION Alien Turrets are now Homing! (The projectile follows you) The damage was bit buffed too. The Orbital Spire station for example is now a very dangerous place! Do NOT fly with a SV there and really prepare for this “Endboss”! (The reward will be high though… mysterious hostage NPC Trader¿)
  • All Drones got a bit more HP and some bit more damage (but still not OP)
  • A lot of templates got adjusted! Some ammo is very expensive now, giving Traders now a REAL purpose of trading and looking for the BEST prices because the PvP guys will be knocking on your doors!
  • Epic Weapons need now also Gold Ingots to craft, making it more valuable to trade instead of self crafting (instead of removing the possibility to craft we think this gives people who can’t do POIs a better option)

It is a massive massive patch guys, even if it looks just like Solar Panels. And KEEP in mind that we can change Config properties with each restart. Do NOT stop to give feedback along the way!
But also don’t think we or better to say @A.F.T just adjusted some values as he wished. Everything is precisely calculated and tried to make everything a purpose in a bigger picture.
Try not to blame too early!

Even late game with the new PvE gamestyle it gives even the biggest bored SP guy a whole new experience. We hope so at least!

The only thing what is missing now is that everything of the PvE aspect comes together now and to be honest I don’t know if we can finish it for 7.X. Time is just rushing so fast…
But what you can really get excited for is that not only the starters have the Prof. Void Story but also soon EVERY playfield. … Just stay tuned guys!

Freelancer RP boost

Freelancer will get a new RP gain feature:

  • If you have structures in PvE AND PvP you get 3 RP per day


We / @Jascha patched / fixed EGS Recycle a bit so you can now recycle your Garage ships with EGS Recycle Level 5 and get the Alien Core in your inventory / OCD! (and keep in mind you can store Alien Cores in your level 5+ OCD now)

Elemental Bank Level 5 boost

Almost forgot: a new EB level 5 privilege is waiting for you!


No need to visit the two Bank zones in the universe anymore - stay lazy and with that command the Cash drone comes to you!


First of all: we really really THANK YOU all for your support recently! Quite few donations came in, helping us SO much maintaining the servers and keeping us very motivated for all of you!

I have also finished all Donation Options for now to the new Donation Page. Special thanks here for @DeeExpus for the images and design suggestions and @Fulgrim for suggesting the Resource Packages content.

Let me know if you like them.

The last big request is the “Keep Structures / Garage Warranty” Donation from the community. But to be honest it’s way more complicated than you think. Mainly because CSW! Every time you CSW you get a new ID which makes it impossible for us to keep track of the ship => warranty.
We are still thinking / working on an idea for that though.

Alright, turned out to a bigger one than expected but I hope you got excited for the next season and beyond! Sure there are still some major points open like Anti Grief, OP, overall flaws here and there but if you look at 2017+ I think we can generally call it improvement - Eleon and HWS.
At least we think / hope so! :slight_smile:

As always - feedback is welcome and see you in space!

Your HWS Team


Is the egs recycle alien cores working now?

See above please:

Yes, what I mean is : Is that currently working or will it not work until new version?

Ah, no no, it is patched NOW already.

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Well done HWS team, thanks for all your hard work! Changes sound really good!
Looking forward to it!

I blame AFT.

: )

Lol i tryed sunday to recycle my ship and i did not get it​:sob::sob::sob::sob:

I just recycled a HWS ship with recycle 5, there was no alien core.

You probably closed the window then. I reproduced it with your same ship and I got one.

Updated the first post guys:

Elemental Bank Level 5 boost

Almost forgot: a new EB level 5 privilege is waiting for you!


No need to visit the two Bank zones in the universe anymore - stay lazy and with that command the Cash drone comes to you!

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I took all out of the window, then close it… maybe iam crazy dude but iam sure as FK that that alien core was not in it.

Could it be that it gave more then 35 devices, alien core not with them?

I don’t know. Jascha don’t know either yet. I restored your ship and tried it myself again. It really should work but I can see it didn’t for you. Strange. I gave you for now an Alien Core.

Ty mate, much more ships to go on our faction so ill let u know if anything goes wrong again.

the outstanding help of @A.F.T

@RexXxuS, @DeeExpus - I don’t believe AFT,
he is drunk every time and he use bad bad words every time in voice channel …
… however bitcoin going up to 100k$ and AFT can have a chance to change his behaviour …

Get him more vodka, enough till be changes the chainsaw to insta-gib damage.

Tested the new Baseturrets. My class 4 SV could not hold up more then 30 seconds when attacking a base head on. (Before i could stay for 5-10 minutes.)

Those Arty rounds hurt… But i love it.

Well done @A.F.T


Oh now we with guys try to decide for what we can use the dead plants… And now i know! We need to make a broom from it and put it into you ***** (think yourself).

Yeah! But i keep making more more smooth balance. Now even HV arty have some correted shell (you can avoid it but if you make some little pause - you take a 100% hit). And tomorrow i will make some another good things.

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