HWS 8.X Released! New Universe | New Gameplay | New POI | New Story

Hi HWS Community

Alright, finally the proper Announcement now!

First of all, as some of you experienced it live, massive thank you to the max. player count again!

I can honestly say that I didn’t expect this due the low count of players before, some hate here and there!
So many players were waiting and coming back only on HWS means a lot to us!
This should hopefully show many out there, why we have such a high Vote count as well…

Anyways, I want to make it a short but very informative announcement this time because some things are still on the todo list.

Start experience and issue

No surprise, if 40-50 players are on one planet it laggs for some weaker Computer or Terrain is not instant loaded or teleportation / joining takes some time.

For the next season I will make sure to have more Starter planets to spread the workload and give you a smoother experience!

Starter Ship

Since some players just want to leave the planet as soon as possible there is now the command


also available for Alliance and Lawless on the Cryo planet. (Freelancer have their own).

You can spawn it only once so make sure you time it right!

Freelancer Start

For me the biggest reward was to see how good the Freelancer Start were doing this time!
Very smooth without the need of buying a ship anymore!

Lawless Start

While “camping” is allowed we will update the Prison Teleport Start POIs to give you the option to teleport back to the Clone Chamber and choose a different Biome. Just in case you want to play also a different Biome.

Prototype Start

The Feedback so far is great and I hope I didn’t make it too difficult.
Please let me know how I can improve it even more.
Note: Once the Planet Vessels are FINALLY fixed for MP, I will integrate them again, to give also HV/SV a challenge on that planet.


As we saw in the last season already: Supergates are a feature which should be included by Eleon in the first place. To discover new Oribts with your ship NOT with the normal K warp is a nice addition (also aka Wormhole).
So I wanted to give you even more destinations and logic behind them.

Supporter Playfield Supergate

As some have “found” out, the Donare System is aligned like a Clock. Your only task is to find out which planet is yours. I did this with intention to give the players who owns a planet a proper way to “remember” their spot but enemies a little obstacle to not know it straight away.

PvP Supergates

The Supergate in Black Hole is new and the whole travel routes are a bit different now.

Please give me feedback on that!

On the one hand Supergates should not be totally open and you yolo jump everywhere with it. On the other hand maybe I missed some important travel routes.

At the moment it is for example like this:

  • ECC has 2 Supergates - below and above the planet
  • The top Supergate brings you to Homeworld
  • The Homeworld Supergate brings you to Black Hole or Titan or Armageddon
  • The BH, Titan and Arma Supergate let you only travel within this travel net. Use Homeworld to get back to ECC for example

Trade Commodity / Trading in general

A very new system BUT a system I was not able to 100% integrate to HWS 8.X because I ran out of time.
It is a very very complex system if you want to make it right and at the moment the default NPC Trader and some old values don’t make it that good.

What is not ready

I have to release soon a “Economy Patch” where I will rebalance / remove / add certain items for certain NPC Traders. In general I will map all NPC Traders properly to the locations ( for example for all the CCC Trading Stations ).

The Commodity Trader in Walla, Cebo, Atlantis and Binomi are also at the moment only accepting your commodities. No Trader out in the universe offers them to you to buy.
Thus creating such a cool feeling to buy cheap and sell expensive is not that available YET.
I work hard to integrate it the next days.
It’s a soft change, which can be applied after a server restart

However the Golden Globe NPC Trader is ready!

What is ready

Basically, on almost every planet you visit you can see in the Map description something like this


And the idea behind it is

  • If you see Economy = Rich it means there IS a special NPC Trader available who sell / buy to very special conditions.
  • Average means there might be a NPC Trader or there is a resource crust or in general profitable resources
  • Poor indicates none of the above conditions

So as a hint: the NPC Trader on Golden Globe (you might know already where he hides) will sell / buy Gold and Auto Miner Cores at very nice conditions. But maybe there is also more…

What is ready also is already the relationship of the Atlantis Trader and the Stone Statues you found already here and there! (and hopefully you didn’t place them on your Base / trash them :wink: )

Once the whole system is fully integrated not only good Traders can get rich very nicely but also Hunteres, Pirates or worse will have a lot of new objectives how they can play PvP!

Limits & Taxes

Few things changed here greatly:

  • We have now a 7000 Cores limit per playfield - all thanks to DSL
  • We have no Taxes anymore except on ECC + ECC System + CSW and the Supporter Planets if reaching 1000 Cores
  • Most orbits have now no limit anymore
  • The overall global limit is 2 faction and 1 private structure.
  • Make always sure to press M ingame and check the info at the bottom right

HWS Garage

It’s crazy how many players waiting for it and poking me non-stop but on EU and NA everything is ready now!

  • 1-2 new ships might come in a bit later
  • the current 5 new SVs and CVs will be described nicely HERE as soon as possible
  • the HWS Showroom will be reworked due some issues in Space…
  • PLEASE give feedback on the prices and the ships in general! Are they too cheap / expensive / too strong / too weak etc. It became a bit overwhelming for me to check everything 100%

HWS Photo Shooting tomorrow!

As announced here, we will have tomorrow our very first HWS Photoshooting at the EGS HQ in ECC around 9-10 PM!

PLEASE try to make it at that time to the EGS HQ!
Ju and I will see how we align so many players the best way…

HOWEVER if the Doodle is right and we get 70+ players on the Photo it means we have 70+ players on the playfield which is mind blowing for Empyrion!

Do NOT bring your Class 2-7 CVs to ECC or I will show you my real power!

Excited to see you all on the Photo! :slight_smile: :camera_flash:

That said, relieved, exhausted and glad it worked out better than I expected… I hope you had a good season start, although some lag issues here and there (it gets better over time) and you will enjoy quite a lot of new things in HWS 8.X!

Please let me know what you like or dislike even though give it a good time to validate.

Thank you all for playing on HWS!

Your HWS Team


I saw those gold ore floating around and thought man what a mess then I looked closer and saw it :wink:
Can’t wait to get on!


That was alot of Fun Rex \o/

Just my few cents as still a newbie:
The first 2 hours were awful, 15 minute lag spikes.
From there on I had more fun than the entire 2 weeks in previous season together.

I even skipped dinner and played 10 hours continuous through the night and early morning.
Great work


Yes thats a helluva cluster of golds. Should prove popular.


so it was announced 1 day ago any news? :slight_smile:

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Setting up the new HWS Garage takes longer this time… 3 hours on it already… only for EU :sweat_smile:
Once I’m done with NA I might have time for it… otherwise tomorrow…

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Wow. Running a server is pretty hard work. Then add in extra features and forum posting. You guys have really outdone yourselves. Makes me enjoy the game even more knowing that it’s a child you care for than just another job.

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Maybe I was asleep the first time I read this posting or too excited to just jump in. Here is some feedback I currently have

I got off in less than 5 minutes. Some others have too so please don’t shoot me others. In light of egs:spawn maybe the beating won’t be too hard.

So I come crashing down in my escape pod between two Red bases. I decided to accept my fate and land in one of them only to be killed before I can even take a drink of water from my escape pod. When given the screen options for spawning back in the game one of them was the Origin Decision building. Given how violent my death was and the pelting acid or radiated rain was at the time my mood was to skip the challenge of the day and go explore the more peaceful Universe. So as I chose the Origin Decision building I gazed at the ships others had left behind in their struggle to survive and thought to myself I’m glad I didn’t go through that.

Then I went to the portals, selected my origin, and left through the portal.

I’m liking the new setup. Keeps me on my toes. No more just going from place to place but having to remember which supergate to take to get somewhere and which one to take to escape from somewhere.

The Donare supergate system is nice. I originally thought it would make more sense to have part of the planet name as the warp destination but what you setup would be more “secure” for pvp :wink:

So far I’ve collected a few statues. I’m taking my time on getting my base setup and ship ready for defence. Even the PvE locations are proving to a lot more challenging in terms of how many mobs are coming at me. I’m going through more health and other related items pretty quick if I can’t make it back to ship. The Space Mole seems to complement PvE POIs that don’t have guns. :wink: :wink:


I bought the Nautilus and Leviathan while looking for a ship to use as my trader ship and discovered they have Portals. I’ll have to consider a way to take advantage of that for trading :wink:
They are good looking ships. The handling is crazy on the Nautilus though :open_mouth:

I’ve gotten some feedback on the Space Mole. Adding a Repair Device for armor and tools would be helpful. Also some are getting stuck after dying and spawning back in the medbay. I can work on some improvements and resubmit if you’d like or leave as is for the season.

Sadly I might not be able to make it. Was just asked to help with something irl for the afternoon (it’s afternoon here :wink: ) But here is an old photo again from when I came out of the cloning chamber. Again the blue tinge was only temporary they assured me so maybe you can work some photoshop magic and place my handsome mug in the photoshoot :stuck_out_tongue: