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well I never mentioned it, but as I know that rexx should be following this topic, I will take advantage, I never felt happy with the Eb interest system it, it does not act in a real way, as it would a bank, Banks custom oblige your customers to spend every day there to have a coffee with the manager of your account, I mean is that as much as rexx says that they do not like a passive gain and I understand this, but I think the simple fact of someone to be putting money in Eb already should yield something, even if it was a minimum interest, nothing that will leave no rich, but somehow eliminates the feeling of loss, I think, I just think that above a minimum value deposited in the bank acc any user should receive a 0.5% passive interest daily, this in case he does not view the bank or do not use or forget to use the interest command.

Or cb:gohome with inventory

I am hoping that this is not the same sort of RP that we are used to? otherwise it kind of throws a whole new light on the recent ocd changes where 90% of my stored good will be deleted in exchange for money I wont be able to use because I cannot log on, and RP that would be lost in a single mis-click…

I knew this would come up…

I try to make this more clear in the future.

So, nope.


from which level would we be able to use the command eb:interest ?

See here: Elemental Bank (EB) / Market Zone

It’s not sneaky, it is logical. Why should I add redundancy, if I only want to highlight changes. If you forgot how OCD works, look here: Orbital Cargo Drone (OCD)

And I don’t have to rethink anything if you don’t read my words above, saying I reverted it back already. Otherwise you could have spared this rude comment.

Thanks for all the other feedback though.

As I said I must resign for now to go in very depth details why I have to change EB and OCD and what is coming next.
There are currently new complications for HWS 9, I didn’t know before.
Hence a lot of my planned work went down the hill.

Anyways, the new OCD and EB levels and their implications will be observed in HWS 9 closely.
Smaller changes will be made from now on (EGS Recycle needs 10 levels too though - later).

In my opinion (and the insights I have) Empyrion is progressing from now on quite fast and to “be ready” for that, I want to simplify our features for a lot of new players there will come. (consistency about feature levels, no redundancy features, easy to understand workflow, etc.)

Just try to be “ready” for changes, no matter how hard I try to be backwards compatible.
Especially some Veterans could rather say more often “thank you” the last 2 years and what they got for their time by now than being on rage here.
As some said very smartly here already: the more you rage, the more I couldn’t care less. :slight_smile:
See you in HWS 9.

(I will barely check Forum / Discord from now on)


I have a suggestion that can be quite unpopular, but could solve many issues of most player’s concerns.

Why not allow carry over of what a player has accumulated in their EB to the following season from the previous season?
Keep in place the EB level to reset unless arrangements have been made to keep the level. This way, no one’s efforts are in vain and the game progresses with the exception of new streamlining RexXxus in putting in place?

Very simple, yet accomplishes happiness. Efforts put forth from previous seasons allow for continued goal achievement and players will feel like nothing is lost.

Just a suggestion.

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Another alternative to solve the gold storage problem:-

How about each OCD level can store a maximum amount of gold.

  • Level 1, No gold
  • Level 2, No gold
  • Level3, No gold
  • Level 4, 1 slot of gold
  • Level 5, 5 slots of gold
  • Level 6, 25 slots of gold
  • Level 7, unlimited
  • Level 8, unlimited
  • Level 9, unlimited

This would give each ocd level a purpose and take some of the grind out of getting to the next target.

Yet again it would be more coding for Jascha


I think it would be nice to have some sort of credit keep that is permanent but more expensive and weak than the EB. With no interest. It could actually be a EB competitor (a second bank with different rates) with the next features and changes:

  • Much more expensive.
  • No interests whatsoever.
  • Worse credits keep (let’s say, keep 100m credits, 1b price).
  • It doesn’t wipe.
  • You can stack it with EB at the same time.

Maybe roleplay it as a shady dealer kind of bank, that can skip taxes and wipes, but it’s obviously shady and expensive. Upgrading it could become the way of reaching higher OCD levels without the need to store gold, or spending money in several EB upgrades through multiple seasons, but with a slower pace. And if one takes multiple seasons off the game, you wouldn’t find you lost all your money to several wipes to the EB.

What do you guys think? :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems like a pointless change to the entire system that has been in place from day one to eliminate gold storage especially for people who have spent their time and credits to do so as well as ruining the economy of the game already that is entirely based around gold. Almost every part of the new OCD seems like a welcome change but to move gold around and change how it function seems short-sighted and unnecessary.

I know you said you’ll barely check forums and discord for the time being, but are we still getting the teaser for faction changes? :smile:

This isn’t eve online, this isn’t “if you can’t risk it don’t use it”.

Your ideas are unpopular, naive, and selfish.

What gives you the right to dictate to all of those people above you how to play?
How did you arrive at the conclusion that you are 100% correct and only your opinion matters.

What you’ve said above is quite revealing. It shows a deep hatred for veterans, players who’ve supported HWS since its inception. It shows an unrelenting drive to make everything more difficult, less fun, and overall less productive.

Everything you’ve suggested so far has worked off of the conclusion that NPC traders are the way to go, have you ever considered some people don’t want to go around moving cargo all day?

Come to think of it, if NPC traders are causing such an upset on the economy, why aren’t we nerfing them?

Let’s nerf NPC traders.

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You are certainly not the minority here, you are the silent majority. Thank you for speaking.

= dead server


A veteran of well over 6k hours has quit the NA server recently, giving out everything he owned because of these changes.
OCD losing the ability to store longterm gameplay would be the death of HWS.

Lol, I’m not the one disagreeing with RexXxus changes and threating to abandon the server. In fact, I want the original changes that RexXxus proposed to stick, and not the “gold storage OCD”, “interest generator EB” and all the random crap people wants for no effort at all.

So you want to play a creative server, not a survival one.

So you want to throw the entire work RexXxus has done for HWS 8 and HWS 9 completely away? What for? To keep playing the same idle gameplay with EB interests and a non-exhaustible OCD?

The silent majority doesn’t even use HWS features. I think RexXxus have said this so many times.

No, the silent majority just see’s how outrageously insane your idea’s are and how there is no way a sane person could even begin agree with you.

To quote Billy Madison:
"At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul

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Can you guys stop trying to use the “silent majority” thing, when you guys aren’t the majority at all? Most players in this server don’t participate in the forum or discord, or use HWS features at all.

Ungrateful ingrates… Thanks Rexxxus

Hi @Fasgort, one of the silent guys here, busy enjoying the game, but I have to interrupt my fun to prevent the loud minority from ruining my experience next season.

TLDR: I’ve seen the loud few ruin things for the majority who are busy playing the game and enjoying it SO MANY TIMES. I quit those games, I don’t want to quit this one, please be careful! (Ex: Folks saying nerf this nerf that, who don’t even use it or even play the game!)

I started out on HWS playing PvE mostly, now into light PvP. I have only played HWS for this season and the vets in TAW and the friendly players in in-game chat have really helped me along. I like the HWS-specific features and I use them on a daily basis.

I’m really good with HWS as-is overall this season as far as the tuning of the HWS-only features go. The features are what make the server stand out from the others. The tuning of those features is a MAJOR factor in why I’ve stayed on this server.

I see a lot of chatter from few people who don’t play the game regularly on the communication mediums (forums/discord) about how things should be, while the rest of us are busy enjoying the game.

The initial EB announcements were a deal-breaker for me if the methods of obtaining credits remained the same, and a lot of players it seems. I held my opinions back because I figured @RexXxuS knew something I did not about upcoming game mechanics that would cause an imbalance, but since that has moved I’m a bit worried that this may be a case of the silent majority (who are busy enjoying the game) not speaking up while the loud minority spoke up way too much. (Sorry for the tag rexxxus, I think you need to know, though.

Wiping every 3 months or so is not a trivial thing for a player, the features make that much more bearable. Keeping up a server that is so rich with extra features that I use daily that it actually makes the base game bearable (at least for me) is not trivial either. So, a balance is found with the keep EB level and other donor options. I chose to get a lot of those because I use those features daily to make my gaming fun (fun gaming - WHAT?!?), to support the server. It’s a good trade-off and worth it for me, and helps keep the server I enjoy playing on running.

Keep up the good work RexXxuS and Jascha and please keep in mind that those enjoying the version of the game that you have created may not be posting much in the forum compared to the talkative folks in discord, we’re busy playing, and I think most of us like it as-is, but I don’t speak for everyone.

Glad that’s over with - back to gaming! If I wanted to write long paragraphs I’d just go back to work!