Orbital Cargo Drone (OCD)

The Orbital Cargo Drone is an HWS exclusive feature and it is arguably the most useful tool available to players. With the Orbital Cargo Drone (OCD), a player can store their assets (some restrictions apply) in a virtual Cargo Box accessible via the HWS Connect interface or in-game commands. Items stored here are safe and they persist through wipes! (*see note at bottom of this section)

Note: You have to log in for HWS Connect to actually update. Otherwise, things like Structure Commander might show the wrong info.

There are 10 upgrade levels determining the cost of each level, the slot count, and the number of items that can be stored in each slot.
See details below.

Note: This video is some years old and slightly outdated. Not everything said in the video still applies.


Example: If there are 999 Fusion Cells your hand-slot 1 and 500 Fusion Cells in your hand-slot 2 you can type ocd:put:1, wait 10 seconds, and then type ocd:put:2. Within a minute or so, you can check online on HWS Connect to confirm that you now have 1499 Fusion Cells in OCD Slot 1 - if it was empty when you entered the command. The items are then available for withdrawal when the player chooses to GET them.

Hint: You may also type ocd:put in faction chat to pull up a deposit interface or use HWS Connect for easy access

OCD Commands

Visit https://cmd.hws.global or check your PDA > Guide > HWS Commands or type ocd:? for all available commands

Patrons have more OCD features and commands!

Orbital Cargo Drone Categories for HWS+ EU/NA

HWS Reforged Eden (HWS RE) Note

On HWS RE OCD works a bit differently to be more aligned with the spirit of the Scenario.
OCD Categories are also different and to be set yet since the Block IDs are different from HWS+ EU/NA.

Orbital Cargo Drone Categories for HWS RE EU/NA

Note: We might change / rearrange items / categories over time

Note: Trade commodities, regardless of rarity, and damaged weapons/armors cannot be put into the OCD at ANY level.

Note: Boosters inside Armors, which you put in the OCD, won’t be saved. Put the Boosters out of your Armor before you put your Armor in your OCD.

Orbital Cargo Drone Upgrades

* OCD Level 5 is no longer a requirement to store alien cores; any level can store them.

Patron Benefits

Being a Patron helps keeping HWS running and playable for everyone.
As a way of thank you, we offer convenience benefits to our HWS Patrons.

Stop your order straight back in your OCD instead of your Backpack

Sell items from your OCD straight to the HWS Marketplace

See the HWS Marketplace prices straight in your OCD for your items


Fighter Origin OCD Ability - Global OCD:get

The Fighter Origin or HWS Master+ Patrons or as bought Master Origin you have the ability to use ocd:get globally! However, same as OAM it cost a fee, if you are using it outside an OCD Zone.
The fee for HWS RE is:


The fee for HWS+ is:

OCD Zone

Most of the times you need to be inside an OCD Zone to be able to retrieve and put your items into the OCD.
Such Zones are invisible for now and have different sizes from location to location.


The most popular OCD Zone location is at the EGS HQ and EGS HQ Outpost in the Homeworld PvE System > ECC Sector.

Your own OCD Zone

We also offer a convenience Support Package, where you can automatically create your own OCD Zone around your own Base Structure.

Once bought, you go to your desired Base that should have the OCD Zone around it and type:

do:oz:id (id = your Base ID, found in HWS Connect > Structure Commander or with console command: “di”)


  • if the base is removed, your OCD Zone is removed too
  • the zone area is about 50x50x50 around your Core
  • you can buy unlimited OCD Zones and stash them until usage
  • every player can use this OCD Zone, you can’t limit the usage to you or your faction
  • the OCD Zone can only be created in a PvE playfield
  • the zone can’t overlap with other zones such as a Recycle Zone for example

OCD Tickets

If you want to get your items out of your OCD in PvP or PvE, but you are not in an OCD Zone, then OCD Tickets are for you!
However, right now you can buy OCD Tickets only with PvP Tokens.
1 PvP Token = 1 OCD Ticket.
So use your OCD Ticket meaningful!

HWS Connect Grid / Backpack View

With the new HWS Connect update, you can manage your OCD much easier.
You can get items, sell items, and see how close your slots are to be full easily.

You can also enable Grid view for the Structure commander, or in the HWS Garage page.
Grid View

Backpack View

General Info

  • If you didn’t login for the last 7 days, your OCD will not be shown in HWS Connect due performance. Just login again, run around a bit and it starts to sync again.
  • Make sure to not put weapons with ammo in the OCD. The ammo will not be stored in the OCD.


Note: At the owner/admin’s discretion, some items may be removed or reduced between seasonal wipes in the interest of balancing gameplay or for other reasons.

Note: You can request a complete OCD wipe to start fresh again, without your old items, which might spoil your gameplay. Just contact @RexXxuS