HWS Administration / Police info | Official NA (full) admin application

Hey HWS Community,

a little announcement about 3 recent things.

1. The Role of the HWS Police in PvP

In this topic it was discussed already and how some see the role of it.
I try to make my stand point clear about it.

HWS (I) do not allow any admins at all to play the game “regular”. This means mainly participating in PvP. PvP is where emotions can quickly cause damage to others. And since we are all humans, emotions are easy to come anyways.
Combined this with special power, it mostly ends bad.
I am aware of other servers with admins playing there but I’ve know that corruption is going on there already or in general never ends positive in the long run.
I also know that this is “not cool” and causes no long term admin relationship. Because “who is so crazy and invest so much time in helping others, without being able to play the game like Jascha and I”, right? :wink:
Still, this is for the best interest of everyone and the only way to grant a good Community for years.

The HWS Police (HWP) is a hybrid of Authority and “normal gameplay”. Almost a compromise.
Nevertheless, PvP is for the HWP not allowed as well. PvP in terms of real Player versus Player. Or even more clear: taking sides with someone!

HWP Can do

  • Police Members can mine on Golden Globe for example
    • with their own ship, without an Admin core of course
    • can get attacked but have to escape just as any other player would do. No teleport commands are at all allowed
  • They can also do PvP events like “Free for all”. Try to kill them (mostly an Event with rewards)

HWS Can not do

  • Fight together with other Alliances against other players in PvP
  • Asking for help in PvP

This would break the Neutrality rule of the HWS Police.
If this kind of gameplay is requested, then the member has to leave the HWP faction.

There are interesting ideas, that the Police becomes a Role Play factor. “Keeping the Universe clean of Pirates” or so.
But that is not the Police we have in HWP (yet). The HWP has some special command abilities to teleport around the universe or teleport players a bit in the air, to get them unstuck in glitched buildings.

Overall the HWS Police has the intention to help Jascha and me with Help requests from players.
So one day we maybe rename the HWS Police in HWS Helpers and everyone in the Federation Origin can start their own “Police” roleplay game, to hunt Pirates.

Rumors and Discredit someone

That being sad, the situation from yesterday should not repeat but it does not mean all other unproofed rumors are true.
We have the ability to control the Police and as far as I investigated no corruption or power abuse was done! No one was lured, baited or betrayed here.
It was just a misunderstanding / lack of information about that topic.

So to whom ever this is addressed: try not to accuse / slander someone without proofs - ever.

2. A new HWS EU Ingame Admin

For some this might be a surprised but overall a progress for over 10 months by now.

Welcome and thanks for helping @BlizzardCrow!

@Archangel and @BlizzardCrow are the only 2 guys who have met me in real life in Berlin back in the days! :slight_smile: (@Ju and @Jascha are not included of course :wink: )

BlizzardCrow is actually German as well, so we talked a lot about HWS and how we can improve it. This was months ago, where he was also in the HWS Police.

Now, he kinda decided to “stop playing Empyrion” like a regular player and concentrate more on helping the players but also Jascha and me with Tickets and ingame help requests.

Jascha and I appreciate this offer and granted him ingame Gamemaster permissions and move on over time.

The ultimate goal would be to help me especially with stuff like translating the PDA to German, hosting and managing Events. We will see :slight_smile:

3. Official Public NA (full) Admin Application form

For the first time after 3+ years, we are going with a public application form about a HWS NA (full) admin.
@JUNIPER is currently the only Full Admin and is helping from time to time - thanks for that!
We saw the volume of HWS NA and with a better server soon, there is more need for help during we sleep.

So everyone who has honest intentions of helping us, with my philosophy of running HWS in mind and know what all of that means, can please send us the form here:

Thanks in advance for everyone who is interested! :bowing_man:

Your HWS Team