So, here we are!

I am part of the HWP, that means police!

First of all, some info about what we do and not!

We are here to help you, when you have problems, that means you are stuck, cant get a fa:supply, or others. Stuff like that! We are also the people that wakes up during the night to help a noob when he fail to read the amazing good guide from the start of the game!
We can jump from system to system, we can go where not everybody can go! And we do this, ONLY to help people! Yes, we adm:warp sometimes… We do have a irl life, so sometimes we adm jump to ECC just to get that extra pointl. We dont have to, but yes, we do!

What we don`t do:
Abuse our powers for our or other friends.
Judge people by the hours we played togheter
Abuse our power in general.

What we do:
Have friends ingame
Have allies
When you do a mission, we help others… This meaning we almost never have time to do the hws missions!
Also, we never have the time to go to GG and harvest gold, do to the time we spend on other players! We do this out of free will! We use of our own ocd to help new players that failed! This is from us! We never get this stuff back!

And therefor comes my question!
As Police we are Federation!
Should we not be able to fight as federation? or with other allies? Rules are clear, we can NOT use our adm ships in a fight, and we will not do that either! We will also retire from a fight to help others on the other side… Because that is our job in this server!
We die as everyone else, we respawn and use resources as everyone else. Should we not be able to do pvp with our friends as everyone else?
We are police to help you guys. We have no benefits of this! (yes we can adm warp, but cost like 10 fuel to do the same)

Hope for a discussion that rexx can folow and give us, because we want to join in every part of the game!

Just remember, we are neatrual (i belive i can say i am the biggest pro for russians on this server)
We are here for every player!

Please discuss!


I think you should be allowed to fight others if you want. I see no benefit from you guys getting less “permissions” concerning playing, when you freely choose to help others.


I have 2 ideas which both sound good to me. The first one honors the current idealism of HWP a little bit more.

  1. I believe it’s fair if you’re allowed to play as Federation to fight Pirates etc.
    It would give more meaning to being Police than simply helping newbies.
    However, It’s complicated when choosing side. Several factions have both Pirates and Federation members with several different roles they play. Which side should you choose?

  2. I know Police in HWS has major limitations to their gameplay especially when it comes to PvP and honestly I’m not a fan of that. My 2nd idea would be to give HWP more freedom to choose within their own will how they play PvP, regardless of Origin they decide to fight against. Limitation here should still be being “the good guys” aka not focusing new factions or joining a side without thinking of their morals.


Maybe do it like before. Leave your adm SV/CV on ECC police station. Spawn your private (as player) SV/CV and go fight how ever you want. Pirate, Federation or both.

As long as you dont use adm ships or abilitys.


i did this today budd @Opiceni_Macor, and @RexXxuS was pepred with pm`s :frowning:

i think i killed one with my none admin hv!

Why i made this tread!

I had a great time in pvp on GG… Fighting some Russians… And on discord we had a good tone about it… He laughed about my hv looked like an american wagon… full of holes.

Then some complained about me being there, reason i made this tread!

Hope you all will share and make team mates say what they think!



Oh well. You did what you did.

I said in comment i agree with it. But when HWP rule about it is changed or removed.

You as HWP, who should be role to others “Not to break server rules” broke it.

But im glad you had fun. Long time i was not in PvP. Miss it actually XD

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He didn’t break any rules. He’s allowed to fight. Just not in admin vessel.


Not anymore:

Police are not to engage in hostility, ever. Defense is permitted as a LAST resort providing repeated warnings are given, but under no circumstances should a hostile player’s ship be destroyed or looted

There is no exception for HWP to go and fight into PvP with any kind of ship adm or normal.
Or i cant find or its hiden that new rule you say about @Dr.Dark

so or so … if anyone from “HWP” want make pvp he needs to leave (looks like in rules) complete the HWP i mean ally with some big factions and fight others is a Thread agains the “own” HWP rules.

HWS Police (HWP) A10 HWP rules… so HWP is now Hostile on the server … means no Trust level anymore … thanks :frowning:

HWP accepts all alliances really, so if you don’t want them to be a threat try requesting alliance? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe a solution would be HWP are allied to everyone by default*, but people can choose to cancel the alliance with HWP, so HWP would be allowed to participate in fights?


I agree that HWP should be able to fight in PvP.
But against pirates not for the pirates, with that said even against pirates that are flying under Federation “flag”…

After all he is HWP Police. Police should be fighting against such factions :wink:

But until HWP rule change about them getting involved into PvP. They cant, and should not.
Atm. He as sub-admin has shown to HWS community its ok to break rules. :grimacing:

HWP should stay 100% Neutral no Alliances nothing. And never stay as Agressor or Fighter on any side on a Battlefield… like Rules say

@Dr.Dark why the hell you write for DQ ? can you stop agument pls under his name ? or i missed anything that he is your son that you need to prefent him from Damage ?.. let the comments like it is and wait till Dq awsner … i will not reply more now on you @Dr.Dark cause you have nothing to say about this … cause you just a normal player thanks for the understanding :slight_smile: cheers

I can understand where your coming from and i’v been wanting admins to be able to enjoy the game too. Because i think its not fair that they don’t get to do what we do. There should be a balance between helping others and enjoying the game you love. So i support admins playing as a faction. However, “if” this happens their will have to be very strict and clearly stated things that they are and are not allowed to do in clear writing. And in different situations.

I think that once admins go into fighting in pvp they should be counted as being off of using any and all admin powers no matter how minuscule you may or may not think they are. It should be clear. While your fighting you can not use any admin powers and if you wish to help others while you are fighting you do this at your own risk like we normal players, without any type of admin powers. There should be a clear time period in which they are considered off meaning off-duty or on meaning on-duty.


hmm will look into police roles a bit… alot here to think about, will re-iterate the rules maybee.

HWP was born to help get the load of the admins, but regarding PVP… will think about it and talk to staff about how we proceed from here.

Thanks for the thread guys.


what you mean with “we agree thats all” means you and Dark like so buddys that he can write for you ? (if its like that maybe its more behind the back as only writing…) … … like i said "police"should stay neutral friends in rl not count … but looks rly that you choose now a side … thats not rly ok means like Dishonord Police Badge… or i read something wrong @dQgnflua @gareth ? if that is the point you should rly think about stay in police… and i make good subjects … and no one have to tell me “stay in stay away” what ever … its a open forum …

Ok I think that ALL Admins/Mods/Police should be able to participate in PVP. Simple as that.

But I believe they should fight as their own faction/alliance and only do it against those who don’t mind going up against them (obviously in non adminned stuff)

One of the biggest drawbacks in my mind for all Admins, Mods, and Police (Oh I also had someone try and tell me that as a HWS ‘Helper’ I shouldn’t be fighting on GG, nice try :wink: ) is that they aren’t allowed to PLAY THE BLOODY GAME! No wonder people get bored and bugger off.

As a Mod on minecraft I was still allowed to mine diamonds and get involved in PVP events as I was trusted to do so in a responsible manner and not abuse my powers.

The key issue of this is trust. Frankly, I understand how Rexxus feels about this as he’s been burned in the past by a couple of mods and admins, but frankly I think we have an incredible group of mods and admins on EU at least, I can’t speak for NA as I don’t play there.

What doesn’t help is when certain factions try and sow distrust between Rexxus and other police members and mods or even fellow PVPers. Especially when these factions have a long long LOOOONG history of breaking rules and sometimes even breaking the core game mechanics to get their way.

So forgive me If I have difficulty trusting or even respecting the opinions of those warning about abuse when they are the abusers and are lucky to still play on HWS.

Therefore I believe that Police and Mods and even Admins such as Rex himself should be free to rain hellfire on his enemies as long as they’re not abusing their god powers to do so. I’m sick and tired of supposedly hardcore ‘big-man’ PVPers feeling so absolutely wounded by an attack by a single person and trying to sow discord as a result.

Oh and btw, Dr Dark is entitled to his opinion, and trying to silence his opinion or anyone elses is why I have such little respect for your own words Senor ODD of Flicky, if you can’t survive the opinions of others then perhaps PVP is not the place for you…

Practice what you preach.

Also as a little aside:

He’s not wrong, DQ and I recently came to blows over discussing the conduct of some members of HWS’ Russian gaming community (RED), he was defending you guys whilst I…not so much. So to any members of RED/OPG and so on who are in outrage at this, remember that this guy is in YOUR corner. Think about that before hanging him out to dry. Otherwise you’re painting all the Mods with the same brush when they’re all different people. Just as all the players from Russia, England, America are all different people.

TL:DR Let the Police and Admins take part in the actual game. Otherwise you’re forever going to have a problem with MOD retention (keeping people active as Mods). Sure you’ll have some outrage from the normal channels but they’ll learn to live with it. It’s your server Rexxus, not anyone elses.

Best regards


he have a right on his opinion but not the Right to Write for other people …(like wannabee police) (or faction boss)… read before you agument with such stuff like i want “Silence his opinion” no … its not his Opinion he write under the name of DQ and this is not Correct ! And i can choose self who i Reply and Who not ! There is no Way that you can Judge it… thanks & cheers :slight_smile:

I would completely agree on that. The police has to be 100% neutral. It should be disallowed for the police to choose a prefered side, which you already did dQ.
You chose OPG / U_T as your buddies. Ive seen you spend hours of gold mining on GG so i dont know why you complain about never being able to go there.
I’ve seen you try to lure players into the planet when your “buddies” were bored. You tried that in the global chat with others as well as for me personal in a private Discord chat.
While hanging out there you ask other players to bring you some o2 because you ran out of it or just ask them to protect your ship because you have to go afk for a while.
Always while your “buddies” were around so why didnt your best friends simply protect you or provide you some O2?!
I can send everyone the full discord chat who wants to read it. dQ was trying to hire me as a fighter for GG while 10 OPG / U_T players were bored on GG without an enemy around.

You have chosen your side month ago no matter what you explain here using your best words.

Its like with exploits. Its human to use all sorts of tricks to get an advantage.
A promise to not use your admin powers can not be enough in this case.
Either you have admin powers and stay neutral or you choose a side and play your game how you wish without any special powers available to abuse.

I think he was just trying to be helpful :slight_smile: But we can agree to disagree here otherwise I fear we’ll end up down the rabbit hole.

I can’t reply to the rest of your accusations but I disagree with this bit in particular.

One of the KEY issues this server has is with Mod/Admin/Police retention (keeping them), In my mind, there are many reasons for this but the key reason is that they can’t fully play the game due to being forbidden from playing PVP.

This is actually the exception to the rule compared to most other servers and communities, and naturally many of those communities have some abusive admins but not all of them. To assume that by letting people participate in the game with the wider community that they would suddenly become power hungry maniacs just doesn’t flow with my logic.

Instead, I think it would ground them and help them better understand the game AND what to watch out for when it comes to exploits and so on by being better versed in PVP.

I think this is important. I’d go even further, and have an [ADM] faction for Admins and Mods and the HWP faction for police and have a thread where PVP factions can say if they are ok with their bases/ships/members being attacked. Naturally it takes a while to see a faction tag so there will be some firing on those who might not agree with it, but it thanks to shields that’s only a huge problem if its a sustained assault on a faction that has not signed up for it.

Best regards

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