HWS / Alpha 9.7 Test Run | Eton Event

Hi HWS community,

few notes:

HWS Connect v5 preparation

We restart the HWS EU server machine at the moment to test a new web service. Will be back soon.

Eton Event change

After a lot of feedback and too many inconvenient bugs / limitations the game offers, we have to be creative in other ways - again. Hence the Eton CTB event got reworked a bit:

  • a new PDA Mission is available as soon as you enter the Eton System (you have to restart Empyrion to be able to see it)
  • biggest change: you can’t spawn HVs on Eton anymore. The PDA mission is telling you that you need to fly with HVs from the orbit (docked to CV) into the planet. Or, you build a HV via Elite Builder League on Eton :wink:
    It will slow down everything a lot but kinda brings back my original intention of SV combat and First Person Shooter with handheld weapons.
    I increased the Event reward overall to reflect this change as well.

For now it’s a temporary idea, until Eleon fixes the Land Claim Device / RegenAfter bug. But if it’s fun to play like this, we keep it that way.
Try it out few weeks and let me know your feedback please.

Alpha 9.7 | Important Multiplayer Test

Today at 8pm I would like to call for a new EXP Alpha 9.7 test run! Eleon switched from UNET to RakNet again. Internal refactoring can be good or bad.

Please login to the Eleon EXP Test server!

As always: everyone who connect from 8pm to 9pm, will get a big reward on the HWS server!

Your HWS Team

It has nothing to do with the balance of power.
Now just a large number of CV will stand at the planet and portals, and again who more - he won.
I thought that there would be a reduction in the limits of the technique. 20 hv + 20sv too much. For starters, I would cut to 10 and 10 for the alliance.

CVs can be fought with CVs and SVs.

HVs inside POIs can’t be fought in a good way.

Since the gameplay is much slower now and needs careful preparation of docked HVs - landing / flying into Eton, the limits are maybe not a big problem anymore.
If you lose your HV now, you can’t just spawn a new HV again.

Let’s see.

This is great. On NA we had to deal with one player crash landing into the tower at the start of the event, running in and spawning special HVs that fit inside the tower. One person could hold off an entire faction and capture all the points. It was several months of this happening!

Looking forward to trying this out.

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I improved the HWS Metropolis one more time…
To enter the easy entrance you have to find the 4 lever around the main tower first now.

And inside some reworked turrets are waiting for your HVs.
The red marked turrets will ONLY shoot at HVs.

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Even better!

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@RexXxuS we were unable to bring our CV dropship into the Eton planet on NA.

Update: We were unable to get our HV to drop in from space as well. (The planet would bounce the HV off and not let it in)

To get an HV into a planet, you have to fly towards planet from far out. Then you press I so the vessel doesn’t stop and Do not press W/A/S/D.

Did you do this on Eton? I was told our HV was bounced off/rejected like how a CV is.

Technically that should not happen and I saw on EU Hovers just fine.

I can’t had a reason to do it yet, but today it makes sense. It should work.

You can’t normally fly directly into a planet. If you press W/A/S/D it fails.

Is that new?
I didn’t know that tbh

Maybe a suggestion; could each faction be allowed one CV to land the HVs on planet?

Otherwise we will play around with how to get the planet to allow our HVs to go in from space.

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I just saw this. Thanks!

It’s not new. It’s always been like that :stuck_out_tongue: